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10:44 District Court Rejects CDT's Challenge Of Trump's Ridiculous Executive Order On Section 230 (9)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Complete MATLAB Programming Bundle (0)
09:31 USA Today Publishes Yet Another Bogus OpEd Against 230, Completely Misrepresents The Law (56)
06:24 Consumer Groups Say The FCC Just Blew $9 Billion To Deliver Broadband To Already Served Rich People (16)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (0)


12:05 This Week In Techdirt History: December 6th - 12th (1)


19:39 Cyberpunk 2077's Stream-Safe Setting Option For Its Music Failed To Keep Streamers Safe (27)
15:31 Content Moderation Case Study: Facebook's AI Continues To Struggle With Identifying Nudity (2020) (11)
13:38 Apple, Cloudflare Join Forces To Encrypt DNS (8)
12:00 Can Broadband Policy Help Create A More Equitable And inclusive Economy And Society Instead Of The Reverse? (9)
10:48 House Passes PACER Bill As Budget Office Says It Will Cost Less Than $1 Million A Year To Provide Free Access To Court Documents (23)
10:43 Daily Deal: Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Tests And Course Bundle (0)
09:34 Supreme Court Says Muslim Men Can Sue The FBI For Placing Them On The No-Fly List For Refusing To Become Informants (14)
06:16 Deep Dive Shows FCC's Covid Response Was Largely Theatrical Nonsense (19)
03:16 ICE Withdraws Demand For Journalists' Sources After Having Its Unconstitutional Demand Outed By BuzzFeed (15)


19:52 Nintendo Hates You: DMCA Takedowns Of Game Music Continue While Nintendo Offers No Legit Way To Listen (19)
15:35 Tillis Release Details Of His Felony Streaming Bill; A Weird Gift To Hollywood At The Expense Of Taxpayers (51)
13:48 As A Parting Shot, Tulsi Gabbard Teams Up With Paul Gosar To Introduce Yet Another Unconstitutional Attack On Section 230 (73)
12:23 AZ GOP Goes Full Bullshit: Claims It took Down Violence-Inciting Tweet Over Copyright Concerns (37)
10:50 New Report Shows Cellphone Encryption Isn't Really Stopping Cops From Searching Phones (9)
10:47 Daily Deal: The Complete Web Developer Coding Bundle (0)
09:37 Not This Again: Senator Tillis Tries To Slide Dangerous Felony Streaming Bill Into Must Pass Government Funding Bill (35)
06:17 Stupid Cable TV Retrans Feuds And Blackouts Make Their Way To Streaming TV (17)
03:14 TSA Oversight Says Agency's Suspicionless Surveillance Program Is Worthless And The TSA Can't Prove It Isn't (8)


19:55 Nintendo Plays 'Control Inception', Cancelling Splatoon Broadcast After Teams Protest Canceling Smash Bros. Tourney (20)
15:38 Content Moderation Case Study: Scammers Targeting Scrabble Chat (2020) (6)
13:52 Open Season: FTC & 48 Attorneys General File Separate Antitrust Lawsuits Against Facebook (11)
12:03 The FCC, 2.5 GHz Spectrum, And The Tribal Priority Window: Something Positive Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic (5)
10:51 German Court Orders Encrypted Email Service Tutanota To Backdoor One Account (16)
10:46 Daily Deal: Body Glove Waterproof Activity Tracker (1)
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