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Japan-UK Trade Deal Shows How Controversial Digital Policies Can Be Slipped Through With Little Scrutiny Or Resistance by Glyn Moody 11-17-2020 3:32 AM (8 comments)
Surprise: Latest Draft Of The EU's Next Big Privacy Law Includes Some Improvements by Glyn Moody 11-11-2020 3:26 AM (3 comments)
To Prevent Free, Frictionless Access To Human Knowledge, Publishers Want Librarians To Be Afraid, Very Afraid by Glyn Moody 11-04-2020 8:21 PM (48 comments)
As EU Starts To Draft Its Most Important New Online Law, The Digital Services Act, MEPs Want Basic Rights High On The Agenda by Glyn Moody 10-23-2020 3:34 AM (4 comments)
COVID-19 Is Driving The Uptake Of Chess -- And Of Surveillance Tools To Stop Online Players Cheating by Glyn Moody 10-19-2020 3:48 PM (20 comments)
How Linus Torvalds Invented Today's Work From Home Paradigm In 1991 by Glyn Moody 10-14-2020 8:44 PM (38 comments)
Open Access Faces Many Problems; Here's One That The Indispensable Internet Archive Is Helping To Solve by Glyn Moody 10-05-2020 3:45 PM (5 comments)
Germany Drops Idea Of 'Pre-Flagging' Legal Uploads, Which Could Have Stopped EU Copyright Filters Blocking Memes, Parodies, Quotes And Creative Commons Material by Glyn Moody 9-30-2020 3:31 AM (13 comments)
EU Still Asking For The Impossible (And The Unnecessary): 'Lawful Access' To Encrypted Material That Doesn't Break Encryption by Glyn Moody 9-25-2020 3:23 AM (17 comments)
Copyright Companies Want Memes That Are Legal In The EU Blocked Because They Now Admit Upload Filters Are 'Practically Unworkable' by Glyn Moody 9-16-2020 3:27 AM (66 comments)
Academic Study Says Open Source Has Peaked: But Why? by Glyn Moody 9-03-2020 3:05 AM (18 comments)
Virtual Reconstruction Of Ancient Temple Destroyed By ISIS Is Another Reason To Put Your Holiday Photos Into The Public Domain by Glyn Moody 8-26-2020 3:48 AM (10 comments)
England's Exam Fiasco Shows How Not To Apply Algorithms To Complex Problems With Massive Social Impact by Glyn Moody 8-17-2020 7:54 PM (31 comments)
Scientists Forced To Change Names Of Human Genes Because Of Microsoft's Failure To Patch Excel by Glyn Moody 8-11-2020 12:07 PM (45 comments)
In 10 Years Of Existence, The Long-Running French Farce Known As Hadopi Has Imposed Just €87,000 In Fines, But Cost Taxpayers €82 Million by Glyn Moody 8-06-2020 3:24 AM (39 comments)
EU Plans To Use Supercomputers To Break Encryption, But Also Wants Platforms To 'Create Opportunities' To Snoop On End-To-End Communications by Glyn Moody 7-29-2020 3:32 AM (27 comments)
Japan's Top Court Says 45 Million Twitter Users Must Check That Anything They Retweet Is Not A Copyright Infringement by Glyn Moody 7-23-2020 12:05 PM (23 comments)
Fan Uses AI Software To Lipread What Actors Really Said In TV Series Before Chinese Authorities Censored Them by Glyn Moody 7-15-2020 7:26 PM (30 comments)
Top EU Court Says Online Platforms Must Only Provide Postal Addresses Of People Who Upload Unauthorized Copies Of Copyright Material by Glyn Moody 7-15-2020 3:32 AM (14 comments)
Sci-Hub Downloads Boost Article Citations -- And Help Academic Publishers by Glyn Moody 7-07-2020 7:46 PM (16 comments)
Top German Court Rules Facebook's Collection And Use Of Data From Third-Party Sources Requires 'Voluntary' Consent by Glyn Moody 6-24-2020 8:03 PM (18 comments)
Privacy Concerns Lead To Deletion Of All Data Collected By Norway's Contact Tracing App by Glyn Moody 6-18-2020 3:10 AM (7 comments)
Australia Triumphs Definitively In Long-Running Battle With Big Tobacco Over Plain Packs For Cigarettes by Glyn Moody 6-15-2020 7:33 PM (44 comments)
After Taming Open Access, Academic Publishing Giants Now Seek To Assimilate The World Of Preprints by Glyn Moody 6-04-2020 7:54 PM (24 comments)
Corporate Sovereignty Lawyers Prepare To Sue Governments For Bringing In Measures To Tackle COVID-19 And Save Lives by Glyn Moody 6-01-2020 10:36 PM (36 comments)
It's Impossible To Opt Out Of Android's Ad Tracking; Max Schrems Aims To Change That by Glyn Moody 5-18-2020 7:35 PM (15 comments)
Everyone Agrees That Contact Tracing Apps Are Key To Bringing COVID-19 Under Control; Iceland Has Tried Them, And Isn't So Sure by Glyn Moody 5-14-2020 3:23 AM (56 comments)
As More Students Sit Online Exams Under Lockdown Conditions, Remote Proctoring Services Carry Out Intrusive Surveillance by Glyn Moody 5-07-2020 7:31 PM (20 comments)
EU Joins In The Bullying Of South Africa For Daring To Adopt US-Style Fair Use Principles by Glyn Moody 4-30-2020 3:34 AM (10 comments)
Reluctant To Block Embarrassing Coronavirus Material Held On GitHub, China Targets The People Who Put It There by Glyn Moody 4-29-2020 3:38 AM (26 comments)

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