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  • Aug 19th, 2010 @ 4:13pm

    Re: Attention Economy

    Sure,ATTENTION is the most precious resource as from attention we get creativity and most importantly LOVE
    abundance of any commodity leads to more free time which in turn improve it quality and attention depends more on the quality of time than it quantity
    eventually the new economic would drastically change our perception of time to the point where the scarcity of time itself would cease to be a problem
    we can buy time
    that's why we live much longer and much better than our ancestors
    but as long as we don't learn to share this most valuable resource equally and freely we are going are all going to suffer the agonizing scarcity of real attention.
    people loose time because they fight over it
    people loose time because they try to save it while manipulating other people into believing false attention
    our economic of scarcity is largely based on time manipulation
    when people would learn share time honestly which also meaning paying real attention to one another than we will have a life based on an abundance of time
    this is not an easy concept to grasp but it seems that we this way or the other we are evolving toward that goal and the economic of abundance is just a necessary step toward the existence of real attention.
    and when u get real attention there is no limits to what u can achieve/

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