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  • Jul 1st, 2016 @ 6:42pm

    Basic Definitions (as David Drozdowski)

    To write this article, you must not know what you're talking about. The term is not intelligent property, property that is intelligent. Intellectual is describing what TYPE of property it is, i.e. property of one's intellect, not its level of intelligence. It doesn't even acknowledge what the word property fully means. Yes, it can mean a belonging, an item, e.g. a house or land, but it can also mean a characteristic. It's like somebody saying "I still have all of my faculties" and somebody saying "What, you don't employ any teachers." That would be sheer ignorance wouldn't it, because having one's faculties is a different meaning that the faculty of a school, etc. So this article is ignorant and invalid, a straw man. The property or properties of somebody else's intellect are absolutely legitimately called intellectual property or properties, and they are not anybody else's.

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