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  • Jan 22nd, 2021 @ 8:10am

    law enforcement hiring - and firing

    Seems to me that law enforcement, given their defined role in society, should be somewhat more rigerous in their hiring standards than the general business environment. Most 'good corporate citizens' don't have most of their employees carrying lethal force, with the expectation they will use it at their determined need. So right away, we can see that law enforcement officers need careful and continuing training to make sure that their perceived need for lethal force places that as the 'last resort' and not the 'big easy hammer in my hand'. Next, since the law enforcement community has employees moving from organization to organization, the tracking of disciplinary problems and resolutions should follow those employees, so problem employees can't just 'bail to another company' where they continue unprofessional behavior. We give law enforcement officers unusual power over other citizens, we can and should require higher standards of professional performance and behavior - and their performance to those standards should stay on their records throughout their career. If those requirements are unwelcome, then a different career choice is recommended. How many of the Polk County problem officers had similar problems at other agencies before joining the Polk County Sheriff's crew? We should know that - and those problem people should have been avoided, or overseen very closely until deemed reformed. Instead, we see officers fired at one locale soon rehired at another agency, where their unprofessional abuses continue.

  • Nov 13th, 2020 @ 8:51am

    another Trump scam

    The real reason for all of Trump's election invalidation efforts is revealed in his fundraising emails to his Cult of Trump supporters. Read the details, and Trump is soliciting donations from his gullible fool supporters for a Trump Campaign 2024 slush fund, and to pay off his 2020 campaign debts, and to fill his own pockets (as he leases the 2024 campaign office space, hires his family as 'advisors' to the campaign, and sells them $3 glasses of water, etc. Trump is just trying to extract one last bit of cash from the gullible fools who believe that son-of-a-millionaire, self-described "billionaire" Trump is not one of "the elites" taking advantage of them all. Fools and their money are... constantly targeted by Trump and the "conservative" grifters surrounding him.

  • Oct 20th, 2020 @ 7:15am

    but don't call it "socialism"

    Corporate welfare is 'the American way'. The Best Government Money Can Buy has come through once again for their masters... I've often thought, when I read about the games corporations play, setting city against city, county and state against others - all bidding tax subsidies, free land, and outright payments to "create jobs" - that we would all be better off if we just gave the money to unemployed people.

    If a state is going to spend $3 Billion on subsidies to a major international corporation, "to create 13,000 jobs" - let's instead just give each of those 13,000 people $230,000 and see what they can do with it. Or maybe $200,000 even, each, and a year's training in business creation and money management. Almost all of these taxpayer giveaways (Amazon, I'm looking at you!) are to corporations that hardly need the money, and most over-promise the "jobs created" and the tax payback, and heavily under-deliver. It is all a scam, so of course Trump is right in the middle of it.

  • Jul 23rd, 2020 @ 2:44pm

    a rule of thumb...

    I've concluded that anything that is "opt out" is probably against your interests. Every policy, every "end user agreement", and almost every "class action settlement" that you have to opt out of to not participate, generally appears to have been crafted to look out for the big player's interests, or send the bulk of the money to the lawyers... If the "privacy law" is seriously going to protect individual privacy, then all data collection, and all data use and sales must be "opt in" - the default must be "no collection" and "no sale".

  • Jul 21st, 2020 @ 12:09pm

    Make all the 'rules' you want...

    Go ahead. Make all the 'rules' you want. If the police keep stonewalling any investigations, turning off body cams, planting evidence, and telling lies to get warrants - even when it is against 'the rules', who is going to enforce it? Try to fire a cop for misbehavior up to, and including the death of those they are sworn "to protect and serve". The police union will show up, protesting all the way. Scaremongering politicians will gin up support on a "law and order" platform that's really all about scaring people into voting for them. "Who guards us from the guardians?" is right where we are now. Who, indeed?

  • Jul 2nd, 2020 @ 7:18pm

    a bumpy road to the public's interest...

    I can't help but think that, should a restraining order preventing publication be made permanent, that while Simon & Schuster was driving the truck around picking up all the advance copies, it would be a true shame if one were to fall off the back of the truck along a particularly bumpy stretch of the road. A further shame if some unscrupulous party scanned in one of those dislodged review copies, and put the scans online somehow. Wikileaks, if you're listening...

  • Jun 22nd, 2020 @ 1:43pm

    Re: turning the cameras off...

    The cameras should come with an on/off switch. But that switch should do nothing, and the camera should record continuously, in either position. "The way you behave when you think nobody is watching..." is the kind of cops we -really- have. It should also upload the video recording, real time, to secure servers controlled by the civilian police review board. Cops don't like these requirement? Find a new career.

  • May 9th, 2020 @ 9:02am

    no coincidence

    "Even if this is all legal (which is not certain either way yet...), it again reinforces the belief that the powerful live by different rules and are able to game the system for personal advantage, even as they're supposed to be serving the public interest."

    This isn't a "belief". This is a fact. Any rational analysis of "justice system" data will show this to be evident in the data.

  • Apr 13th, 2020 @ 2:30pm

    might just have to try some of that...

    Damn, I'm WFH and practically living on sandwiches now that I have to eat my own cooking. I might just pick up a pack of this 'near-meat' food product, just to see how it tastes compared with endless ham-bo-sands. Every school kid should be learning what's in those tweets... how come schools don't teach 'critical thinking'?

  • Apr 1st, 2020 @ 7:59pm

    Re: Anonymous comment - 'nothing to hide'

    Problem? I'm a cop, and I 'suspect' that you have illegal drugs and weapons in your home. So I break down the door without a warrant, and lo and behold, I don't find any drugs or weapons. Too bad about your door, you behave now, you hear?!

    If you ignore the rights afforded someone because upon ignoring their rights, you discover they are a criminal, based on groundless suspicions, then you are approving ignoring -everyone's- rights, so the search for criminals can go on. If you want -your- rights protected, you have to defend those rights for "criminals" too... whether you break any laws or not. And if we look hard enough, I'm sure we can find -something- to take offense to about you. Without rights, we can look as long and as hard as we want, without you having any recourse. "If you have nothing to hide..." protect the rights of those who do, or you have no rights, either.

  • Feb 10th, 2020 @ 3:46pm

    Re: Re: Quick Reference

    I don't know... it works well both ways. Certainly the police agency is running a scam, a racket, a con job. And, for 'president', the Great Leader in the White House is doing the same thing... all his life right up to today. So I'd file this one in 'Freudian slip' and just appreciate it. Who says 'irony is dead in the Age of Trump?!'

  • Nov 1st, 2019 @ 8:24pm


    I missed what this had to do with anything in the article. Or do you just go randomly posting self-pleasuring comments on website?

  • Nov 1st, 2019 @ 8:22pm

    (untitled comment)

    "Perhaps rather than suing his critics (he sued a number of other news organizations as well) and running fundraisers for Trump or appearing on TV as a Trump supporter, Murray should have been focused on actually helping his company and its employees adapt for the future? "

    What are you - nuts?! This guy is a "job creator", a wealthy and powerful person, not some whiny 'care about my employees' liberal. Sheesh!

  • Jun 17th, 2019 @ 5:43pm

    I kind of like this sentence...

    I kind of like this sentence. So often, we see "white collar" criminals being sentenced to what sound like large fines, and they get no time, or a 'hand-slap' of time in prison. In the case of corporate criminals, the corporation (actually the stockholders) end up paying, while the executives who engineered and oversaw the crime stay free. The deterrence value seems really weak, when these criminals get caught at all. Sometimes, who knew, they end up going on to greater things... like the presidency.

    Now we get someone who probably stole ten or twenty times what the fine is, and has that stashed offshore somewhere. But they aren't going to get that time back. Seems like a stronger deterrent. Next time we get some corporate CEO or executive VP guilty in a "white collar" "no victims" crime, the fine needs to fall easy on the stockholders, and the CEO and executives need to do a few years inside.

    I like banning them from corporate leadership afterwards, too. It's time CEOs and executives have some literal skin in 'the game', so they respect 'the rules' a little more...

  • Apr 29th, 2019 @ 11:48am

    Republican politicians at scale...

    "it's difficult to separate Nazis from some Republican politicians"

    Or it could be that the AI works just fine, and sees things exactly as they are...

  • Jan 1st, 2019 @ 7:05pm

    sheriff is a 'Tillerson' moron

    So how does this sheriff feel about gun control? All this hyper-sensitivity about school shootings, but our 'leaders' are willing to do nothing about the root of the problem: too many guns in too many places.

    Maybe the only "solution" for gun control is to give in to the NRA. We all go around armed, all the time, and everywhere. We shoot if we think we see a 'bad guy with a gun' because we're all 'good guys with guns', aren't we. Too bad about any 'collateral damage'. In a few months, the people who survive will probably be so sick of the constant fearfulness, the constant ducking that we can get some really useful gun control enacted. Meanwhile, I suppose we can keep arresting kids for making videos. Maybe if they'd worn cowboy hats, and said "fu**ing injuns" instead of whatever other racist epithet they used, the sheriff would have chuckled and gone back to his Fox "News" show.
  • Dec 27th, 2018 @ 5:41pm

    Deputy Ortiz

    For the sake of the taxpayers of San Bernadino County, I sincerely hope that it is now "ex-Deputy Ortiz". Why continue the employment of a clearly under-qualified law officer? No matter how good his police skills, he's proven his judgement sorely lacking. Find a new career, former-Deputy Ortiz, for all your citizen's sake.
  • Jan 12th, 2017 @ 8:16pm

    some people just shouldn't be cops...

    There is always another one coming along, another 'tough guy' cop, proving that some people just shouldn't be cops. Police agencies usually have a slogan with some variation on "protect and serve"... but there are too many cops whose only interest is in proving how much better -they- are than the "dirtbags" they are supposed to be serving. These are the cops who beat people up, shoot unarmed people in traffic stops, and throw their authority around for entirely unrelated issues - like telling a person in a traffic stop to put out a cigarette. Abuse of power just to make themselves feel a little more important, a little better than the citizen they are supposedly "protect and serving". Some people just should not be cops... and the rest of the cops need to let them know it, instead of covering for them. This guy is one who should have been uncovered and convinced to change careers years ago, when he started smacking people instead of doing his job professionally.
  • Dec 13th, 2016 @ 9:37pm

    safety first?

    "The interdiction team was dismantled because of increased personnel demands, including increased focus to reduce Iowa traffic deaths..." Wait - what?! The Iowa State Police are going to stop collecting cash forfeitures in order to focus on "traffic safety"?! This sounds like smoke-screen spin to my cynical judgement. I doubt that a piddly $60K settlement is enough to make up for the reapings they must surely have grabbed over the years. Perhaps the judicial scrutiny (must not be giving the courts a big enough cut...) have something to do with it. Since when has law enforcement been about enhancing safety, and "protecting and serving" the public? Unless we perhaps consider a seizure to be a form of 'you've been served!'. Anyway, its nice to find one such illegal seizure forced back to the rightful owners by the courts, which are usually all too willingly complicit in this literal highway robbery.
  • Nov 24th, 2015 @ 6:53pm

    stem cells offer some potential as well...

    There has also been some research with using stem cells from various sources to treat the particular ailment I have somehow acquired, age-related dry macular degeneration. There have been some clinical trials that show improvements in vision capability for those who had severe degradations, and I personally hope this avenue is developed successfully before I can qualify for one of the 'severely impaired' studies. Of course, if there's no big profit potential in it, it doesn't seem too likely the new Pfizer will be pushing it.

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