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  • Oct 20th, 2020 @ 5:28pm

    Monopoly practices (as martin)

    As a regular schmo I am quite pleased with the lawsuit against Google, the idea of surfing the web came about in the early days of Alta Vista, Lycos, dogpile, etc., and there weren't all of these results sent back to the USER filled with fucking ads that are a waste of time and is not something on their search agenda. In those days the www was much more limited in size so that we could get the results we were searching for, but we could always find odd, interesting results beneath our search results. One could click on that link, then go back after looking at that website and checkout what was beneath the last link, then click another link down the way to surf around on, and so on. The fun has been removed from the search experience because everything has been categorized, organized, corporatized, incentivized, and boredom-ized... Perhaps, if Google is brought to heal the tech market will open up again w/ different startups to offer new search engines programmed for a niché, then marketed to be fun again, but at least we will have a choice. Now, GOOGLE is in our faces ABOUT EVERYTHING, the fucking BOSS and they simply don't understand about sharing the space, and by definition that is a Monopoly.


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