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  • Sep 20th, 2020 @ 7:06am

    Re: 3 Cheers!

    I really liked your post as well!

    In terms of "tech, law and freedom" , created my account for to reply to this article.

    I don't see why it would be too difficult to pass legislation create a standard of informed responsibility so that any public platform be asked to label each post as "publish verified" or "not publish verified" therefore opinion. Even if someone pulls a link from a new source and posts it, their post should be labeled opinion. That could be part of the educational process and legislation aimed to not hamper tech growth but respect our constitution and responsibility to ethically inform the people.

    I just don't see why that's too big of a deal. We have to react somehow as stated their exist types of legislation due to things like copyright laws, child abuse and moderation to stop abuse. It's sad, but it is a problem that are people are ill informed, but tech is evolving so we need to evolve with the times in such a manner that protects and educates our people and our freedom. And that's ok. We know that Russia influenced our social media on websites, you know we monitor because otherwise you mentioned it turns to "spam, harassment, and abuse". We know our open forum has been used against United States interests, so it seems like it wouldn't be too difficult to come up with different ways to discourage, separate and inform.

    I am stymied about what to do about algorithms such as google that can be influenced by politics. I don't particularly want to stymie development of such platforms, however we need some innovation here between tech, business, and law. They are verging on monopoly status, so as you state perhaps google does not hold full responsibility here. Perhaps, we do. As we have always done as we define and protect our constitutional rights and freedoms.


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