Verizon CEO Actually Recognizes That People Want To Cut The Cord

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While many in the TV business were recently patting themselves on the back in pretending that TV had “beaten” the internet, and people weren’t interested in dumping their expensive cable plans, at least some folks are recognizing where things are headed. Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg, who has always been more of a straight shooter than some other execs in the industry, is admitting the obvious:

“Young people are pretty smart. They’re not going to pay for something they don’t need to.”

Such a simple sentence, and yet one that so many people are in denial about.

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Comments on “Verizon CEO Actually Recognizes That People Want To Cut The Cord”

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lol … I had comcast for an ISP and they capped me. Waited for sprint 4G to be in my area. Got an EVO 4G, cancelled my Comcast, cancelled my Verizon, never had a TV (Why do you need a TV? All you really need is a big screen).

Now I have unlimited bandwidth on my computer. Yay for technology. I’m also paying the same, if not less, than I paid previously.

Re: Re: lets see

i tried that, but sadly the DSL service where i live was horribly slow. i watched all the TV and stuff that i wanted (bit torrent just don’t care) but it was difficult for the whole family to play online games at the same time.

so i canceled DSL and have cable now, but i took the highest connect speed and the lowest number of channels. i did this because i had no other choice.

though, now that i have worked with the cable company’s business service to get broadband for my hackerspace, i am wondering what it would take to get business service for myself at my house and not bother with cable television at all.


It isn't that we don't need to pay for Cable

It is that there is a lot of stuff on Cable plans we really don’t want. If they sold it by network (a la carte) at a reasonable price (seriously $60 per month for some channels I can only watch on my TV?) such as $30 per month where we can watch all the channels we want to watch on our TV, phone, Ipad, computer and any other device released as they are released.

Then I can see why I would pay for Cable. Otherwise when my triple play runs out (it is running out next month) I will continue to cancel my cable and only pay for internet and phone (but without all three the only one I NEED is the internet, where yes they will continue to over charge for less service because they have monopolies in individual markets. Sucks for me but I will be damned if I have to pay $60 just for cable TV.

Dark Helmetsays:

Re: New Respect

That’s my first thought too. So let’s make another fair statement. His was:

“Young people are pretty smart. They’re not going to pay for something they don’t need to.”

Mine is:

“Emerging executives are pretty smart. They’re not going to keep trying to sell us something we don’t have to pay for. They’ll figure out another way to give us something that we’ll want to buy.”



I cut the cable a year ago because I needed to save money, but there definitely was a void. I couldn’t get HTPC or Boxee to work on the old pc that I was trying to set up as a media pc. Geexbox was interesting but not really viable as a cable replacement.

We use Netflix, so I just got a Roku box. This thing is awesome, and only $59. I have 3mb dsl service, and it streams all the Netflix (and other stuff) in really nice quality, and for no extra fee! My wife finally stopped complaining and we have been watching and discovering lots of new things.

Now we no longer miss cable.

Another ACsays:

Re: Roku!

We use Netflix for the same purpose. We cut the tie to Satellite a while ago. Don’t have the Roku, but the kids have a Wii and we use it. Currently pending on the HTPC but as soon as it is up and running, we will use it. With FIOS internet @ 15Mb down and 5Mb up, I have plenty of bandwidth to stream media into the family room. FIOS offered the Triple Play, but their DVRs currently suck compared to others and we were just not watching it enough. Now my kids have been introduced to classics like The Pink Panther, The Inspector, Inspector Gadget…They think it is great!


Re: Roku!

Well, boxee will probably eventually be running flash and that just doesn’t run well on a primitive old box. DVD rips and over-the-air TV recordings can run well on an ancient cast-off box but Hulu can’t. It’s using a more “modern” encoding and is terribly put together.

Something like a Roku gets around that by having speciality decoding hardware and actually using it.

My $200 HTPC decodes BluRay rips just fine but can’t handle Hulu because of Flash.

Re: Re: Roku!

Well, boxee will probably eventually be running flash and that just doesn’t run well on a primitive old box. DVD rips and over-the-air TV recordings can run well on an ancient cast-off box but Hulu can’t. It’s using a more “modern” encoding and is terribly put together.

while i am pissed at intel over this whole HDMI + upgrade card fiasco, there’s no denying that the atom CPU and nvidia ion chipset make a decent, inexpensive, flash capable machine, provided it has more than a gig of ram.

i wish AMD made a similar low power/low heat/low cost chip.

flash on old hardware usually comes down to RAM, the more the merrier. the problem is that 2gb of ram on a 6 year old box, if the box even supports it, can be tough to find and tends to be expensive.


and who needs a tv?
once you have a 80$ computer and a 120$ 20 inch monitor WHO cares
then yu dont just have a tv
you have a game console
game machine work station and more

Yep ^^

The TV’s usefulness for me started to quickly die in 1980 when I got an Atari 2600.

I have NO high def TV’s at home, LOL. I do have a 24″ Wide Screen monitor though! A TV is a waste of cash for me.



We need to get legislation neutralizing any aspect of net neutrality now that nobody is looking, we need to enforce ASAP discriminatory bandwidth utilization and force people to pay for it.

He is not acknowledging that fact because he is a good guy, he is doing so because he already mapped out how things should play out and probably got some assurances that it will play that way.

Short version:

He already got in place the things he need and will screw every customer under the sun.

Daniel Vaughnsays:

Call me crazy..

Maybe I’m alone here, but I actually enjoy having my cable and big plasma TV. Sure, the internet can cover most of the programming available, but cable with my DVR is so much more convenient than downloading shows or waiting 8 days for damned Hulu to bring up new episodes. I have about 8 or 9 shows that always record, so I just live off the DVR, commercial-free. Plus I don’t have to worry about anybody else I live with bogging down my bandwidth.

Comcast may charge an arm and a leg, and I do split the cost with two roommates, but even alone I’d be willing to pay the price of that added convenience of just being able to sit back with a remote and watch.


Re: Call me crazy..

The time delay on Hulu is irrelevant if you’re already talking about downloading shows. You can automate all the downloads too; I do, and it’s awesome! Grabbing shows within an hour of their airing, including shows that I couldn’t even get on a cable plan (read BBC and other shows that don’t play in my country), is pretty cool. It’s even cooler when I get an email letting me know a new show is ready for watching ­čśë


Hoo-ah !!!

Comcast is going to merge with NBCU. Everyone is up in arms over this merger. What they don’t see is that the TV studios are becoming less relevant and seeing competition from mutiple sources. Gaming, texting, cell phones, social media, alternate sources for content, youtube, are all eatting into the time people have for TV. Plus you also have all content going digital which makes cable redundant.

The cable companies are in for a rude awakening over the next few years as profits shrink from cord cutting, and competition increases from cable companies expanding into each others monopolies in an attempt to maintain profits.

Its going to be fun to watch and Kudos to GE for seeing this when media industry insiders can’t.


Between Hulu+ and Netflix, I can access almost any (HD)TV shows or movies I want right off of my PS3. For the shows that aren’t on the PS3 version of Hulu+, I just switch over to my HTPC which is also connected right to my TV. The occasional movie that I can’t get streaming, well fortunately I have enough patience that I can wait for Netflix to mail it to me.
Home phone? Who needs it. I’ve moved about 10 times in as many years for work, my number changes constantly due to area providers. Started using MagicJack, number stays the same for years, I don’t even plug it in, it just forwards to my cell so I don’t have to give that number out.
Cut the cord already. Get your home wired with ethernet instead of coax and phone jacks and tell your local provider to shove those ‘bundles’ where the sun doesn’t shine. A generation has figured out a way to deliver their own ‘cafeteria plan’ for media because cable & sat couldn’t/wouldn’t offer it.

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