US Marshal Service Told To Go After Righthaven's Assets

from the is-it-over-yet? dept

The saga of Righthaven continues… and may finally be nearing a close. With Righthaven failing to get a court to change the requirement to put up a bond for the $34k it owes in legal fees for its bogus lawsuit against Wayne Hoehn, the deadline for Righthaven to pay up (or post such a bond) has passed. As such, it appears that the court has now signed off on a writ of execution for the US Marshal Service to seek to get from Righthaven the money owed, including additional accrued costs to make the total at stake: $63,720.80. In fact, they’re “authorized
to use reasonable force in the execution of this Judgment/Order.” It seems that missing deadlines for filings may be the least of Righthaven’s problems at this point.

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Comments on “US Marshal Service Told To Go After Righthaven's Assets”

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The US Marshals are comming !

The paper’s publisher, Sherman Frederick, likewise
warned readers: “I’m asking you nicely once again –
don’t steal our content. Or, I promise you,
you will meet my little friend called Righthaven.”

Wayne Hoehn’s represtnation, Randazza legal group, likewise
warned RightHaven: “I’m asking you nicely once again
to pay your court judgement. Or, I promise you,
you will meet my little friend called the US Marshals.

Advice for Righthaven:: when you’re an a-hole, stop digging!


Re: Assets

I hope this is true. It hope the reason is that they’ve done something underhanded, brazenly obvious, and not until after the judgement was entered, to try to protect their asse(t)s by transferring them to Stephens Media and/or the individual personal accounts of those responsible for this farce of a protection racket.

Advice for Righthaven: next time you want to set up a protection racket, go ask the professionals, the Mafia, how it is done.


Wake me up when the Marshalls show up at their homes and take away their personal stuff. Not going to happen, you say? Well there you go then, proof that this whole thing is just smoke and mirrors to reassure the public that “the system works”.

And even if these clowns get actually punished in some way, they’re still just sacrificial lambs. Bigger organizations like the RIAA can get away with the same tactics and worse. Yawn.



To be fair, even most of the ardent IP trolls disliked Righthaven. Righthaven has proven time and time again that they were, at best, clueless idiots who were making utter fools of themselves and their whole legal “strategy”. They’ve been an embarrassment to supporters of stronger IP laws (and lawyers) everywhere. I doubt anyone is going to miss them.


the sound of haunting laughter

I’d like to see video of the seizure, just on the off chance that when the marshals kick in the office door and march through they’ll find themselves in the parking lot, while all the the Righthaven letterhead documents dissolve into smoke, Mangano’s arms come off when they try to handcuff him and he collapses into a small heap of second-hand clothing and twigs, the other Righthaven staff are revealed to be merely painted on the wall–

No, on second thought I don’t think I’d like to see the video; it can’t possibly live up to my expectations.

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