Taiwan Denies Use Of 'Pirate Party' Name Because People Might Think They're Actual Sea-Faring Pirates

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Last year, we wrote about how the Russian Pirate Party was refused recognition because officials there didn’t like the name, stating that it “is an attack on sea or river craft, which is a criminal offense.” Apparently, something similar has happened in Taiwan, where someone who sought to establish the Taiwanese Pirate Party has been denied, after being told that it is “improper” because of “bad connotations” with the word “piracy.” So much for “taking back” the word. The guy, Tai Cheh actually fought this decision in court… and has still lost. According to TorrentFreak:

In its ruling, the High Administrative Court agreed with the Ministry of the Interior’s stance that the use of the word ‘Pirate’ did not accurately describe the true aims of the Party.

The MOI said that the term “pirate” could mislead members of the public into voting for people they believed to be real, sea-based pirates. The country’s Criminal Code outlaws acts of piracy, the MOI added.

Are they really concerned that the party will advocate sea-faring piracy?

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Comments on “Taiwan Denies Use Of 'Pirate Party' Name Because People Might Think They're Actual Sea-Faring Pirates”

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which is worse?

“The MOI said that the term ?pirate? could mislead members of the public into voting for people they believed to be real, sea-based pirates. The country?s Criminal Code outlaws acts of piracy, the MOI added.

Are they really concerned that the party will advocate sea-faring piracy?”

Are they really concerned that the public would choose to vote for real pirates?

Mason Wheelersays:

Re: Re:

Agreed. I don’t think “Pirate” is a word that needs to be “taken back” in the first place, because it was never taken from legitimate file-sharers in the first place; it was forced upon them.

A pirate is exactly what the Taiwanese are claiming here: a nautical terrorist, of the kind frequently found these days off the shores of Somalia. The term “piracy” as applied to intellectual property is a rhetorical device used to make file-sharing seem a lot worse than it actually is. The name “Pirate Party” is highly unfortunate, IMO, as it legitimizes the smear instead of trying to fix it.


I wonder what Techdirt news would look like on a timeline.


Disclosure: No I have nothing to do with meograph or kittygraph or whatever that is, I just found out about it and am using it to illustrate what an animated timeline of events about copyright BS could look like, maybe make a graph of the end of free markets and the rise of granted monopolies that are creeping up everywhere like cancer cells metastasizing.

Just Johnsays:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Being a resident here in Taiwan, I understand what they are facing.
You claim that they need to allow the parties more freedom to choose their own name, but do you even know what it is like for the Taiwanese?
They have learned to be very careful about what is allowed in public areas because of the relationship balance between not only the Island of Taiwan and their neighboring country China, but with the rest of the world who helps prevent Taiwan from being taken over by force by China.

If you claim that this is not a legitimate concern, there is even a law in Beijing that can be found here that pretty much states if Taiwan politically declares its independence, then China has the authority to go to war (Keep in mind, this is a China law).

Bearing these types of situations in mind, you might actually begin to understand why Taiwan is VERY careful of any political issues, including party names.



Actually, I agree with this. I believe that the word ‘pirate’ should never have applied to people who illegally copy movies or music in the first place. Pirates tend to be violent criminals who will steal at the barrel of a gun, often with bloody results. How the heck could that possibly compare to folks who download stuff?

I agree with ‘M’ above, ‘Internet Party’ makes far more sense. Ultimately these types of parties are about internet freedom in general, not just “download a bunch of movies from TPB”, so it’s time the movements matured a bit.


typical Asians. got to make sure they have the deciding say, even when it is complete bull shit. as long as the aims are the same, use a different name. if that gets denied, you know the problem is one of ‘the old type guard not wanting a political party to represent the young or those in the digital age.

Just Johnsays:

Re: Re:

You state “Typical Asians” like this is some behavior they display frequently?
Please, go on and tell me how a Typical Asian would act.

I am waiting for your stereotypes to start coming out so I can refute each one. Given that some people in Taiwan tried starting this party, and others said it was not allowed, I don’t see a uniform behavior that can be called

Or are you saying that they feel they should have a say in how their government, made up of Asians, can govern their Asian country?

I will be waiting for your in-depth knowledge of how “Asians” are all single dimensional.

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