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The successful landing of NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars will hopefully be followed by several years of fascinating data collection about our planetary neighbor. The mission has already gathered tons of useful radiation measurements on its journey that will give scientists a better idea of what kind of radiation levels a future manned mission would face on a similar trip to Mars. Here are just a few other interesting Mars-related missions to peruse while Curiosity performs its self-diagnostics before roaming around the surface of Mars.

If you’d like to read more awesome and interesting stuff, check out this unrelated (but not entirely random!) Techdirt post.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Mars Missions”

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upper limit of life on Mars..?

So is there any evidence so far that shows that there couldn’t be vast life on Mars?

There are all sorts of “artists depictions” of ecosystems that look like rainforests on Mars, but how unrealistic or realistic are those concepts?

But maybe if we drill for oil on Mars… we’ll find some fossil fuels… Drill, baby, drill!!!

Lawrence D'Oliveirosays:

Re: upper limit of life on Mars..?

The surface is bombarded with high-intensity ultraviolet radiation that would kill pretty much all Earth organisms. That radiation has also created a large quantity of peroxides over the entire surface that would react like powerful bleach with living cells, killing them.

But apart from that, the question is still pretty much open.


Re: Re: Memories

Oops, yeah, my bad, still watched the Mars Pathfinder. That’s the result of speed reading on Wikipedia’s charts. But still I have fond memories of sitting around our 13 inch monitor to watch an image the size of a postage stamp. My goodness technology has come a long way.

Xbox 360 owners had fun with it. Their “game” from NASA was quite cool from what I heard.



I love NASA. They’ve always made their works public domain and open for use. They are the only government agency anyone can trust because they don’t pull shit lik that. Please do not politicize any articles by Micheal Ho. I think the idea with his articles are to break away from the debates and help us all connect in one way or another.


Re: Re: Re:

Any time Michael Ho. While I cannot stop all political debates, I try to keep an open mind.

I might add that some of your posts bring back a lot of fond memories.

Pertaining to Mars, my 8th birthday, Central Ohio’s infamous Science Museum, COSCI, had a Mars exhibit where you got tickets and had the opportunity to perform geological surveys of the surface of Mars. Average age of my group was 7. We got in and much to my mother’s chagrin and in spite of the fact they over-booked our flight to mars, we had a good time.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

abc gum,
I send you my deepest appologies. Initially my comment was a bit directed at you and I lashed out to everyone.

As for your comment, it would have been slightly more appropriate (at least in my opinion) in the article pertaining to Cripps Company’s takedown request of the footage. Your statement was not political and I do admit that. I just feared it would have attracted the attention of AC trolls.

Michael Ho’s articles are a break from debate.

Michael, did you ever teach or have any relatives that taught 7th grade science?

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