Olympic Buzzkills Take Down Viewer Commentary

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We are all very much aware that it is an Olympic tradition to make sure that no one enjoys watching the games. The IOC and its sponsors take additional steps to avoid commentary that is not completely controlled by them, even if its own commentary is completely ignorant. With that in mind, it shouldn't come as any surprise to hear that the IOC has taken it upon itself to seek and destroy any viewer sourced commentary that brings laughter and greater exposure to the Olympic games.

This is where one amatuer commentator, Francis Higgins, finds himself. Francis had taken the time to watch the Olympic Radial event and provide a play by play commentary of his own as he tried to make sense of it all. His commentary is pretty funny and introduced me to a sport that I did not know existed. Apparently that is not something that the IOC wants anyone to experience. It has decided to takedown the video in an effort to kill everyone's buzz.

Of course this being the internet where nothing ever disappears, the video has made it back online in various places. You can watch it embedded here.

No one really understands the state of mind behind those sending the takedown. This video is actually bringing in new viewers and interest in an event that doesn't get as much attention as events like Gymnastics, Soccer (Football for those outside the US) and Dressage. But, since it isn't “official” commentary it simply can't be allowed. Or it could just be that the IOC has no sense of humor and felt humiliated and/or offended that someone would have anything but the nicest flattery to say about one of its events. 

Either way, the fact remains that such remixing and satire is a very powerful tool in promoting the original product. Francis's video had received 500,000 views prior to being taken down. That is a lot of people who may have not known about the Radial event. If the IOC really wanted to spread the message of the Olympics and bring in new viewers, this is the type of video that would accomplish that goal. Sadly, I don't see it changing its policies anytime soon.

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Comments on “Olympic Buzzkills Take Down Viewer Commentary”

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same old story. no one else is allowed to do anything, particularly when it turns out better than the official version, because those in charge are shit scared of losing their pathetic control. biggest problem is those in charge are, in the main, far too old, have never known anything other than to keep getting a cheque every month and have no clue what it’s like to have to earn a living, much like the execs at the entertainment industries, really


Re: Re:

The problem is the same as in everything with any relation to the legacy industry. The true problems are: exclusivity deals, regional locking, sponsor-exposure and recording-rights. All of these makes sense in yesteryears world, but on the internet only over-exposure of a sponsor is anything resembling a problem.

As long as we see exclusive deals (and particularly NDA’ed ones), the legacy industry will have a way of making a living. As long as we see regional locking, they will have allies among politicians. Make away with those two seemingly less significant factors and suddenly the internet will be a far better place to invent.


Re: Re: Do you remember?

Ohhh Yeahh … Cold War Olympic AWESOMESAUCE!!!!


The 1980 Summer Olympics boycott of the Moscow Olympics was a part of a package of actions initiated by the United States to protest the Soviet war in Afghanistan.[1] It preceded the 1984 Summer Olympics boycott carried out by the Soviet Union and other Communist-friendly countries….



I spent most of the thing as confused as the guy commentating, wondering why the hell people were going every which way. When that one boat cut the others off I just thought ‘Ramming speed!’ and started laughing. Then he says ‘Oh wait, the race just started!’ and I cracked RIGHT up.

Its a shame we can’t have more free-form commentators. Heck its worked for games , why not sporting events?

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