Help Us Expand The Insider Shop By Voting On Ideas For New Techdirt Gear

from the MOAR-EAGLES! dept

We want to keep our Insider Shop stocked with an always-expanding selection of fresh Techdirt gear, so we’ve set up a Step2 thread for you to vote on product ideas and submit your own.

Our Seized Tee and DMCA Tee have both been very popular, so we’re definitely looking for your input on new t-shirt ideas—but we’re also interested in whatever else you dream up! For now, we want to dedicate this thread to physical Techdirt gear—we’ll be launching another thread in the future to discuss the new blog features and subscription packages. There are a few ideas already there, both for new products and for variations on our existing lineup. Head on over and help us decide what we should offer next.

Remember, you need an account to vote and comment on Step2, but your Techdirt account works there too.

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Comments on “Help Us Expand The Insider Shop By Voting On Ideas For New Techdirt Gear”

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That One Guysays:

Two 'sock puppet' ideas:

First, the physical item:

No idea if it would be feasible, but a ‘Pirate Mike Sock Puppet’ would be an awesome thing to add to the store. Thing would be simple enough, just a standard sock puppet, with say an eye-patch on it, and a mini-cd attached/drawn on the side.

And the digital item:

Either a one time buy, or something for a reoccurring subscription, this one would be a little account icon of an eye-patch bedecked sockpuppet. In the same space that the ‘Insider’ line is, replace it with ‘Yarr!’ or something along those lines.

Might be a little too detailed for such a tiny icon though, not sure.

Anyway, just two ideas inspired by the troll ‘argument’ they always seem to fall back on, seems like they’d be a great way to turn an already laughable thing even funnier.

Mr. Smarta**says:

Some ideas...

How about some satirical shirts?

“I don’t bend myself over a barrel for Congress like the RIAA.”

“For a Congress-granted industry monopoly, you need a rosy set of lips and a skilled tongue.”

“I don’t get on my knees for pro-copyright judges like entertainment industry leaders.”

Front: “MAFIAA: Hiding Copyright Incompetence”
Back: “TECHDIRT: Exposing their Copyright Incompetence”

“RIAA: Protecting the industry all the way to death row.”

“MAFIAA: You’ll pay for their crap one way or another.”

“Tech industry leaders have golden parachutes. Entertainment industry leaders have golden knee pads.”


Re: Re: Some ideas...

They could get away with some MAFIAA stuff, but calling out RIAA/MPAA won’t end well.

Trying to work off your MAFIAA angle…
Perhaps some silhouettes similar to a Charlie’s Angels pose representing the three AA’s. They could have emblems on the silhouettes of a tape, a DVD (or film reel) and a book, or just be holding them like weapons. And of course instead of Charlie’s Angels it would just read MAFIAA.

That’s the best I think I could come up with working the AAngle.


Remember, you need an account to vote and comment on Step2, but your Techdirt account works there too.

Nice move Dr. Frankenstein. Still trying to reanimate the dead I see. Just curious; how many new comments did Masnick get on his, “exceptionally successful, and rather high profile effort with a well known partner” after his last articles pleading with people to participate in Step2?


Re: Re:

“Nice move Dr. Frankenstein. Still trying to reanimate the dead I see. Just curious; how many new comments did Masnick get on his, “exceptionally successful, and rather high profile effort with a well known partner” after his last articles pleading with people to participate in Step2?”

Quoted for a response. Still trying to figure out who the big partner was, they were nowhere to be seen.

How about a t-shirt that says:

Step 2 – Connect with nobody, reason to ignore

That might be worth it.

Mesonoxian Evesays:

A t-shirt with “DMCA: Don’t Mess with Corporate America”

A snow globe with DMCA take down notices instead of snow.

Dark Helmets.

“Techdirt” logo across the center with two round images below it featuring a blue circle with LOL and a blue circle with a yellow light bulb. One the back: “LOL and Insightful can be found at” (and in tiny print below this line: “Anonymous Cowards read at your own risk”)

Just a few ideas.


“Remember, you need an account to vote and comment on Step2, but your Techdirt account works there too.”

Leigh Beadon, I enjoy being able to convey and express myself. I don’t mind having to log in to do it as quite a few of you have gotten to know me and how I write. I have one question about all this. Will it be a requirement for a monthly fee to comment and vote?


I guess in the end the funny part is that you guys are so desperate to get people to Step2 that you are pretty much forcing them to sign up to participate here.

Desperation is so obvious. Can’t you and Mike just agree that Step2 is a failure and write it off already? It’s almost as bad as the massively ignored insight community.

It’s sad to think with so many people coming through Techdirt each day that you guys are clueless on how to make something that appeals to people.



I don’t know why you can’t just admit defeat. Despite the many entreaties, there are a total of 36 comment and/or responses on Step2. And sixteen of them are by TD staff- mostly you. Step2 is a flop. People can’t be bothered with it, yet you continuously flog people to go there and participate. Why? I don’t understand how TD can criticize the industry for continuing to push DVD’s against the interest and wishes of their consumers, while TD does the same with Step2. The whole things drips with hypocrisy.

You got a number of suggestions right here. What is the need to drive this discussion to Step2, other than for life support?

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