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Hi Techdirt! I’m known to this and other tech blog communities as sophisticatedjanedoe (or SJD). I run an anti-shakedown, anti-copyright-troll opinion blog Fight Copyright Trolls, which, I’m sure, most of you know: Techdirt often links to my posts, especially recently, since we all have been watching an illustrious show of SS Prenda sinking slowly but steadily.

Some might expect that my favorite posts would be all about Prenda, but no — I have wider interests than fighting ethically handicapped lawyers. Still I’m quite happy that copyright trolling disease that has penetrated the legal system is finally gaining attention from the general public. Techdirt, together with ArsTechnica and TorrentFreak (and, recently, Popehat), have been pivotal in this respect.

The only Prenda-related post I want to specifically recommend is about the ISPs’ appeal over former RIAA lobbyist judge allowing Prenda to get info on over 1,000 John Does. This post features an amicus curiae brief filed by four respected advocate organizations: EFF, ACLU, Public Citizen and Public Knowledge. To date, this is one of the most comprehensive and beautiful briefs on the topic, a must read to anyone who follows the copyright trolling phenomenon.

For some reason, the story I remember the most is the one about the North Carolina politicians and car dealers trying to outlaw the direct sales of Tesla cars in their state. It makes me sad and angry when special interest groups, mostly incumbents, attempt to derail progress: not that it is unnatural or unexpected, but the BS smuggled as public concern is always unbearable to hear.

It is not much better when certain groups try to widen revenue streams quietly. The story about the Florida Department of Transportation doing it at the expense of public safety — by decreasing yellow traffic light intervals (to increase the number of red-light tickets) — is, unfortunately, also not unexpected.

Good news is that the most innovative area — the Internet — is largely immune to the tricks that authorities can forcefully impose on citizens. It is mind-boggling that certain power structures can’t grasp the futility of trying to put the cat back in the bag when it comes to the digital world. This week we watched how the government tried to suppress the dissemination of the first fully 3D-printed gun blueprint using some “export regulations.” “Export-import of digital goods” concept is irreversibly dead in the Internet age.

Meanwhile the incumbent entertainment gatekeepers continue their delusional fight against the Internet — pretending to fight piracy, while study after study (this time commissioned by the UK government) finds that top downloaders are top spenders. The following stories remind us one more time that the collateral damage in this war — the civil liberties — is truly an international concern. In the USA, the MPAA thinks that considering fair use before filing a DMCA takedowns is a crazy idea. In the UK, the country’s recording industry, dwelling on the success of the last year censorship, plans a new wave of blockades — over two dozen new victims (including a relatively good player Grooveshark) — all without trial and conviction. And the Germany’s GEMA does not want to yield its status of the worst collection society in the world.

Fortunately, the new generation does not sit idle. I was moved by the news of Peter Sunde, of The Pirate Bay & Flattr, planning a run for the EU parliament.

To finish on a lighter note, read about a pathetic and sloppy usage of Photoshop by the Church of Scientology: you’ll have a good chuckle.

See you next week in the comments!

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Comments on “Sophisticatedjanedoe / FightCopyrightTrolls Favorite Techdirt Posts Of The Week”

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Re: Re: Re: There you go

And you’re a child. Calling someone gay? Really? How old are you that you’d think accusing someone of being a homosexual was a mature way to respond? Calling someone gay isn’t even an insult. Either you are and you accept it or you’re not and you’re secure in your sexuality. Calling someone gay to insult them is like calling someone blonde.

That Anonymous Cowardsays:


I’m happy for once I beat you to a prize, I got my posts of the week before you got yours. 🙂
Of course you still have more mentions by Judges in footnotes than I do…

With all of the recent stories, some crossing over the barriers between interest groups, it is nice to see that there is more notice being paid to copyright and the extra rights the monopoly holders demand everyone else give up to protect imaginary profits.
With Steele/Pretenda getting much wider coverage than ever before, I think people are finally cluing into the idea that the system might actually be flawed and the cries of but piracy are just a nice smokescreen to hide the cartel membership not wanting to adapt to the current market.

As always it is a joy to ‘see’ you… looking forward to Monday…

horse with no namesays:

Re: Re: How droll

Usual crap on this site. I am anonymous here because I don’t stand for anything except my own opinion. I am not taking to the soap box.

Running a “stop copyright trolls” site and then hiding your identity seems a bit of a failure, don’t you think? Stop the trolls, but I am so scared I won’t tell anyone who I am? It’s about on par with pressure cooker bombs in a crowd.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How droll

Sounds like someone’s mad that Prenda’s being served just desserts in the courts, constantly. Very, very angry indeed. Or are you simply gnashing your teeth that people are far less willing than you to be publicly named and shamed by lawyers who demand money from them for fanciful, groundless reasons?

Why not start an anti-anti-copyright troll blog, then, and include your real name since you’re so hardcore?

By the way – how much time have you spent your life in Germany, China or New Zealand?

horse with no namesays:

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How droll

Sounds like someone’s mad that Prenda’s being served just desserts in the courts,

Now there is a huge logical jump. I don’t give a crap about Prenda. Who cares? They are not relevant to the hidden registration of the domain in question.

Why not start an anti-anti-copyright troll blog

There is no need. The real world is all that is needed.

By the way – how much time have you spent your life in Germany, China or New Zealand?

Visited, plenty, and planning to go this summer in that order. What about you?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How droll

It’s not a huge logical jump. You’d rather complain about Otis Wright than John Steele; it’s pretty obvious where your allegiances lie. You’re mad that their “opponents” are legally entitled to hide their identities after being victimised upon. Gnashes your teeth, doesn’t it?

horse with no namesays:

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How droll

You’d rather complain about Otis Wright than John Steele;

You are trying to create a choice where one is not needed to be made. Complaining about one does not mean I am not also going to complain about the other. Since this isn’t a John Steele or Prenda thread, I don’t tend to talk about them here.

Do you have any other wild red herrings you want to throw in to try to cover up for the obvious stupidity of a group picking a fight against copyright trolls by first hiding?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How droll

I’m not creating a choice. You made that much clear when you posted that Otis Wright would be punished for his judgement against Prenda, and him getting so would be for the betterment of all.

You’re one to talk about “red herrings” when you challenged Glyn Moody’s life in China (or alleged lack thereof).

And wow, “obvious stupidity”? I guess Jews who wanted to challenge the Nazi Party should’ve just stayed and showed themselves? ALbert Einstein should never have left Germany, and Anne Frank should have just surrendered?

Oh, by the way – John Steele uses VPNs too. I guess he’s obviously stupid too, but the rest of us already knew that.

horse with no namesays:

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How droll

Yup, I said he would be lucky to keep his job. I don’t think he will be punished (ie, brought into a court of law and charged with anything) but his taking this all to a personal level will likely get him in some serious trouble as it related to his ability to sit on the bench.

If you want to call that punishment, well.. yeah. But I don’t want to suggest that he is going to jail (aka, getting punished).

Any other posts you would like me to explain for you?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How droll

“Personal” level? Yeah, do you want to explain how Wright made this “personal”? I’m genuinely curious how you think Wright’s overstepped his entitled boundaries. I’m even more curious why you think this is a far, far more grievous “issue” than extortionists demanding money so they don’t tell your neighbours about alleged pornographic habits.

That “i dunno, just shut up and let me sue people, neener neener neener” shenanigans on the part of Prenda raises less of an alarm bell than a judge acting no different than any other judge would when annoyed is a pretty good indication how much skin you have in the game and which side you’re playing for.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How droll

by flagging him, you have indicated that his comment DOES matter, and had enough impact on you that you felt some degree of censorship is called for.

You also know by flagging it you PROMOTE IT, as they are usually the only ones worth reading.

Please oh, please wont you flag my comment too.

No one likes a good display of censorship than I do !!!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How droll

“No one likes a good display of censorship than I do !!!”

Down with censorship!

I mean seriously and I know, I know…I’m lazy too. I hate clicking that link…you know, the one that negates the whole purpose of this “censorship” but I’m not gonna click it, I’m gonna show Masnick how much I hate being socially stigmatized for my lack of worth!

That Anonymous Cowardsays:

Re: Re: Re: How droll

So extorting thousands out of people who quite possibly are totally innocent is okay in your world, but exposing them carrying out the extortion is the same as bombing a public place.

What fucking planet are you from, and can we take up a collection to send you back?


Re: Re: Re: How droll

If you wanted to make your position more clear, you should have made a comparison to a reference example of American anonymous and pseudonymous speech.

A great example would be Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s Founding Fathers who wrote under a number of pseudonyms for purposes ranging from gossiping to political commentary.

This is a great tradition here but you probably didn’t know that, and probably don’t even care because you would be a better fit in Stalin’s USSR or North Korea.

horse with no namesays:

Re: Re: How droll

I take the concept that an advocacy group who’s very first step is to hide themselves out isn’t playing on a level field. It makes it look like they don’t want to fight the fight, just that they want to hide in a blind and throw logic grenades into the discussion.

I think it creates a credibility gap.

That One Guysays:

Re: Re: Re: How droll

When dealing with people who have shown that they have no problem whatsoever harassing, threatening to sue, and/or suing, doing everything they can to drive up the legal fees, and then dropping the case before it gets decided, anyone who stands up to them and/or those that drag their actions into the light of public scrutiny, anonymity isn’t a mark of low credibility or an indication of nefarious intent, it’s common sense.

Seriously, you’re attacking people who help others defend against extortionists, stop and think about that for a moment, and ask yourself if you’re really on the right side of this argument.


Re: How droll

they usually do that so they are not embarrassed when in public..

they can be a troll, and ‘look like’ a normal person in the real world.

Or they just don’t have enough (metaphorical) BALLS to stand up for something they believe in and put their name to it.

Whereas people like Masnick trashed his reputation years ago, and clearly does not care how he appears to people.

Also masnick does not get out much, could use some sunlight, and of course lose the comb over.

Masnick is in his little rut and proud of it, the author of this article is in the same rut, but feels sufficient SHAME to want to keep his/her identity secret.


Re: Re: How droll

or they are simply cowards and do not have the conviction of their words, and are simple scared that someone might take a peak at how they conduct themselves.

It’s easy to dish out the shit, but not so easy if it’s directed at you.

In which case, it’s not a good ‘look’ to be ‘for’ a cause, but not enough to stand up and put your name to it.

Daryl Frost


How droll

Anonymous free speech is protected no matter what anyone thinks about the personality of the person behind it. What SJD does with her anonymity is a hell of a lot more than what most do with it.

Bringing up anonymity as a way to try to discredit anyone because you don’t like what they are saying is just stupid. If you want to discredit someone, make a relevant point opposing the view that is upsetting. If you can’t come up with one, than you have learned the age old lesson that the truth hurts sometimes.


“”Export-import of digital goods” concept is irreversibly dead in the Internet age.”

Believe what you will in this “digital age”, but bear in mind that the Export Administration Act and the Arms Export Control Act are laws of general applicability and are not going anywhere anytime soon. So, feel free to unconditionally disclose if you will, but do keep a bag of personal hygiene necessities at the ready should the FBI show up at your door with a search warrant, and quite possible an arrest warrant.

Dark Moesays:

Post No. 16

Re: horse with no name, May 18th, 2013 @ 10:15pm

Re: Re: How droll

“Usual crap on this site. I am anonymous here because I don’t stand for anything except my own opinion. I am not taking to the soap box.

Running a “stop copyright trolls” site and then hiding your identity seems a bit of a failure, don’t you think? Stop the trolls, but I am so scared I won’t tell anyone who I am? It’s about on par with pressure cooker bombs in a crowd.”

Say what you want about posting anonymously. Attack the credibility of an anonymous poster if you want to. Just remember this: The trolls are fighting the sanctions. The anonymous posters and blog operators are not.

Your problem is that you thought organizing against the troll extortion and blackmailing machine was something that would never happen. You thought embarrassment of the masses would be the key your ongoing theft. That worked fine for you UNTIL the organization AGAINST the machine began forming. Therefore, the anonymous posters and blog operators have struck back a little harder than you had anticipated.

If you had not targeted the elderly, I wouldn’t be here. If you had not targeted the disabled and homecoming war veterans, others wouldn’t be here. If you hadn’t been so arrogant, you wouldn’t be in the position you are in right now. You made the bed; we are here to make sure you lie in it.

You are a troll. Go straight to hell.

horse with no namesays:

Re: Post No. 16

Your problem is that you thought organizing against the troll extortion and blackmailing machine was something that would never happen

Where do you get that from? Seriously, stop ranting, I didn’t say anything like that.

Why is pointing out the obvious silliness of a group hiding it’s identity suddenly lead to this? In for a penny, in for a pound? Is this a virtual scarlet letter, where if you dare to say anything at all you are immediately blamed for all the supposed sins of the opposition?



What’s with the pressure cooker bomb in a crowd metaphor? I missed that one skimming through the cray.

Talk about discrediting, that’ll do it right there.

Those Prenda roaches really do scatter when the light comes on, acting like fools. The tables turned, outed like they threatened to do to their victims, except they are not victims.


Re: Re:

do I have a web page or post articles, I am simply a commenter, you don’t have to know my name.

BTW: you notice you too are an Anonymous Coward..

the real reason is I don’t really give a flying fuck, and I am not putting myself up as someone who is working for some “cause”. As this ‘writer’ has done.

Or they just have too much shame for their friends to know who they are and how stupid there cause is.

Nor do I go to great efforts to hide my name as this person has done..

But if you ‘represent’ something, and you don’t have the balls to put your name on it, then you should reconsider your impact.

Because no one will take notice of someone who runs a blog but is too gutless to put their name to it.


Wow, the reasoning with this character is something else. Here, let’s try this:

Dear Sir or Madame horse with no name,

You have not offered your full name, address, phone number, or any other personal identifications. Because of this, anything you have to say it’s moot. You are not a real person. You do not have real thoughts. Nothing you pretend to think has merit. Most importantly, because you are hiding behind a horse with no name, you forfeit your 1st amendment right to be heard. You are afraid. (Because I said so.)

Lastly, Lucy is not my real name.


“Because no one will take notice of someone who runs a blog but is too gutless to put their name to it.”

Or rather you wished no one would notice.

Your point of naming ones self in relationship to the relevance of information they offer, has to do with courage only or “balls” is extremely of the mark. You have made it clear that you are a self important fool and pathetically desperate.

You have yet in your embarrassing display to offer any arguments to offset any viewpoints SJD has ever made. Obviously offended by her accuracy, you have fallen far short of doing any better, only whining she hasn’t left herself wide open personally. She has left herself wide open intellectually, and you don’t have the ovaries or brains to meet her on her turf.

You have revealed that you are invested in naming her, as you have posted what you have found on her to a public site. It’s creepy to do that, especially along side the idea of trying to discredit her as some sort of public service. If you have been on medication and recently stopped, you may want to revisit starting up again. If you haven’t, you may want to consider it. Shaming seems to be the only tool you are adept at wielding. Intellect would do you some good here/now. You don’t seem to be catching on that your efforts have been, and will continue to be futile here on the basis of anonymity.

Wait… Amy? Is that you?

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