DailyDirt: Dangerous Playgrounds Are Fun!

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If you have young kids, you might have noticed that public playgrounds are a bit different than the ones you played on as a kid. Rubberized surfaces have replaced gravel or asphalt, and simple teeter-totters (or see-saws) have been re-designed using viscoelastic materials to prevent dangerous accelerations. You might have noticed it’s hard to find monkey bars on playgrounds. The reasons for these changes are obvious: safety and liability. However, are kids still having as much fun outdoors? Here are just a few links on playground equipment.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Dangerous Playgrounds Are Fun!”

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This trend started when I was young enough to hang out on playgrounds. I knew what they were doing then and why, and I hated them for tearing down the equipment I loved and replacing with useless, safety certified crap that wouldn’t amuse a five year old. I’ve never understood why states don’t pass laws to limit liability in these situations.


Re: grist-mill-in-disguise

I always liked the eroded and exposed hunks of concrete sticking up around the legs of all the playground equipment in my day. They added a dangerous element to everything.

Man, those were the days back then, when we used to let Natural Selection do it’s thing to improve humankind.


Battle scars all kids have them , embrace them .. because remembering that time when you hit the curb on your bike and brush burned your left leg, flipped over the handlebars and went home with blood running down your leg and gravel and dirt embedded in the wound .. those days are meant to remind you of a childhood that was both fun and daring.

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