China Bans 'Plague Inc.' Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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Unless you’re somehow living in a cabin without electricity somewhere (in which case, how are you even reading this, bro?), you’ve heard all about the coronavirus. The virus is the subject of roughly all the news and at least half of our brainwaves these days, with an unfortunate amount of misinformation and spin floating around far too many governments and media. Some folks, such as social media groups used by law enforcement types, seem to think this is all a joke. Others, such as our very own United States Senate, seem to think an illness infecting and killing thousands is the perfect excuse to reauthorize surveillance powers by those same law enforcement types.

China, meanwhile, isn’t fucking around. While there is some analysis to do as to whether the country did enough in the early stages of the outbreak, not to mention whether it tried to downplay risks and silence dire warnings in a gamble to keep its economy going, there is no question that eventually it went full on heavy-handed to combat the virus. Since then, quarantines of metropolitan cities have been put in place, travel restrictions abound, and shutdowns of commercial and public services are the norm.

But China’s still gonna China, meaning the government is also banning a popular mobile game about infecting humanity with sicknesses after it surged in popularity in the country.

In a statement, Ndemic Creations said: “We have some very sad news to share with our China-based players. We’ve just been informed that Plague Inc. ‘includes content that is illegal in China as determined by the Cyberspace Administration of China’ and has been removed from the China App Store. This situation is completely out of our control.

“It’s not clear to us if this removal is linked to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak that China is facing. However, Plague Inc.’s educational importance has been repeatedly recognised by organisations like the CDC [Centre for Disease Control and Prevention] and we are currently working with major global health organisations to determine how we can best support their efforts to contain and control Covid-19.”

Let’s be clear: this is absolutely about the coronavirus. Let’s also be clear: this is China trying desperately to control the sentiments and minds of its population. I’ve played Plague Inc. It’s great. It’s also a game about inhabiting an anthropomorphic virus/bacteria/illness and developing or evolving that illness to literally kill all of humanity on literally all of the planet. That, to put it mildly, could strike the average person as somewhat morbid in the context of a world now dealing with coronavirus.

On the other hand, the only reason China is taking this action is because Plague Inc. went wild in terms of popularity in China after the virus outbreak. China saw that as a problem and is trying to ban it to death. The reality, it seems, is that Plague Inc. actually makes it clear how hard it is for outbreaks to spread and can be therapeutic to those worried about pandemics.

It said that it was “devastated” for its Chinese players, adding that the game “encourages players to think and learn more about serious public health issues”.

Plague Inc. has become a huge hit since it was launched eight years ago. It now has 130 million players worldwide and soared in popularity in China amid the coronavirus outbreak, becoming the bestselling app in the country in January. Some players suggested they were downloading the game as a way to cope with fears surrounding the virus.

Games can be a lot of things to a lot of people. They can be therapy. They can be entertainment. They can be education.

What they can’t be, no matter the Chinese government’s actions, is dangerous in the context of coronavirus.

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Comments on “China Bans 'Plague Inc.' Amid Coronavirus Outbreak”

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For me, Plague Inc was reassuring.

As I played Plague Inc, it totally demonstrated how the global epidemiology sector detects threats and mobilizes to treat and contain them. Granted it came out in the Obama era when the CDC was funded.

Also, zombies and intelligent apes.

Also, I’ve been sore about impulsive game censorship since Apple banned Binding of Isaac on iOS (also a really good game).


Re: For me, Plague Inc was reassuring.

Clearly you have a bad case of TDS. Just keep believing mainstream news lies!!! That is what you are being fed.

Just because Trump wanted to cut funding doesn’t mean it happened. In fact, it didn’t happen. This is why we have 3 branches of Government. The CDC didn’t get any funding cut under Trump. Trump can say want he wants, but it’s Congress who put out the budget for Trump or whoever is the president at the time to sign it. Congress hasn’t cut funding. It’s as well funded now under Trump as it was under Obama.

Real FACTS just doesn’t seem to matter for you leftist. Leaving stuff out i in fact a LIE.

A bunch of Crap!says:

Re: You pissy flagging fuckers(and that cunt Stone)

All this excessive flagging around here shits on the opportunity of others of us to read the comment, unhidebutton notwithstanding.

This again…sheeesh:

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<h3 class="commentsubject">Re: Re: Re: For me, Plague Inc was reassuring.</h3><div class="cbody"><p>

I had a dream several years ago of a lady tall as the US is long. She had jewelled wreath of sorts on her head and wore a long gown. Facing America, standing in the ocean, she sprinkled something over the country. That image has never left me.

</p></div><p class="cmt_ops">[ <a class="cmtrp" href="/articles/20200304/14020244033/china-bans-plague-inc-amid-coronavirus-outbreak.shtml?cid=682#addyourcomment" cid="682" subject="Re: Re: Re: For me, Plague Inc was reassuring." cid="682" title="Reply to this comment…" id="cmmt_link_682" rel="nofollow">reply to this</a> | <a href="/articles/20200304/14020244033/china-bans-plague-inc-amid-coronavirus-outbreak.shtml#c682">link to this</a> | <a href="/articles/20200304/14020244033/china-bans-plague-inc-amid-coronavirus-outbreak.shtml?threaded=false#c682">view in chronology</a> ]


In fact it didn't happen

My source. Go ahead. Tell me it’s fake news. While you’re at it, call me you leftist some more.

Tell me how leaving stuff out is a lie again, Anonymous Coward.

The gutting of US epidemiology response was incidental to my point (that the game might actually improve morale) but you jumped on an alleged misstatement like my dog lunging at squirrels. And you assumed malice.

I’m not going to return the favor, and just suggest you rethink what you’re trying to do, and why you feel the need to attack a perceived enemy as if you were a suicide bomber. Hint: It has nothing to do with me, or plagues, or video games…

…or for that matter, budgeting concerns.



Viruses mutate all the time. Most such mutations are inconsequential and don’t change how the virus operates. Others make the virus operate differently. Some mutations just make the new mutation inoperable, or too weak compared to the previous one.

And rare mutations make the virus stronger and more effective in some way.

Also rare mutations (a different group with some intersection) require a separate antibody, which is, again, how we end up requiring new influenza innocs every year.

But new mutations aren’t about a matter of time but probability. Each replication of a virus rolls the dice. Even if it’s 1 in 100,000,000,000 that can happen on the first roll. Or the trillionth. But each roll does not influence the next roll. We can say there’s a 50% chance of a new different strain after a given amount of time (after so many rolls) but we can’t say no mutation will happen before a given moment.



The timing that China has discovered that took place on two distinct dates. The first date back to late November and the second later on in December people became sickened in a wave following these two time periods. I don’t like getting in arguments with drunks. You are making me feel like I am in one right now. If you’re too thick to even see the pattern here, well you have my sympathy.



Coronaviruse do not mutate even in a long period of time like influenza strains and especially in a close period of time like a month that China has determined with these two variations of Coronaviruses. The first Coronavirus they have labeled Type S was mild in comparison to a second type they found, Type L, which is more robust and aggressive. So aggressive it is in fact that it makes the immune system overly aggressive that attacks with cytokines and the proteins, interferons, it pruduces actually tears away at lung tissue, making the second variation more lethal.


Re: Re:

To survive the second strain, Type L, one would have to temper the immune system possibly by hypertreating the symptoms and introducing extra oxygen into the bloodstream. But no medical facility is going to be equipped to determine what variation a patient has to guide them in treatment. Temper the immune system too much and the virus will overwhelm it. Maybe not a good choice on a battlefield, but this outbreak is going to kick some ass around the planet. That does not mean that there won’t be other strains of this found either. These level four labs have many types and some are messing with nature to nefarious means obviously. Where are the VACCINES?

Stephen T. Stonesays:

It seems clear that these viruses have been made for humanity to contract.

But to what end, other than culling poor/old people quicker than, say, global climate change?

This is where your ?logic? falls apart: You say this was an intentional attack, but who the hell stands to gain from a panicked populace, a global downturn in the economy (hi, U.S. stock market!), and all the other negative consequences of a lethal pandemic? What the hell are they going to do if their plan results in a world so drastically changed from what it was before the coronavirus that they can?t benefit much (if at all) from those changes?



The one world government which is the aspiration of the new world order is creating this global market chaos, manufacturing, economic slowdown. There are those in this world who don’t give a flying fuck about the population of this world. People who have been working in our own government who are not loyal to our country are working with others around the world to make this one world government happen. They will bring a global currency into this global economy. This is a one two punch for several million Americans who for the last decade are suffering from the statin drug scam. Their bodies have been compromised and damaged by the effects of these statin drugs destroying their cells’ ability to rejuvinate and replicate. Most of those people have such an immune deficiency, they will not survive this virus. Or these viruses more accurately.


half a million deaths

One million infected cases would be an indictment of the CDC and the White House’s administration of it, as would a mere ten thousand deaths.

HIV has killed 32 million and counting, largely due to the failure of administrations to take it seriously until it could no longer be contained. Also, we continue to underfund efforts for the cure. It is the failure of modern epidemiology among a long line of successes. Contrast the Spanish Flu.

Since then, the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic leads the death toll of plagues at 203 thousand deaths globally. COVID-19 looks to be at least that bad, especially in the States considering the lack of seriousness with which our current regime is taking the epidemic.

If COVID-19 kills more then ten-thousand Americans, that will show to all the world how much the US sucks and its government gives no fucks for its people.

Not that we don’t already know this.

Stephen T. Stonesays:

People who have been working in our own government who are not loyal to our country are working with others around the world to make this one world government happen.

They will fail. A ?one world government? is impossible. If it weren?t, it would?ve happened long before seven billion people were living on this planet.



If you don’t think that from this "perfect bioweapon" governments won’t reduce their national debt by trillions of dollars and yuan and yen and denaros, and companies won’t reduce their corporate responsibilities to their retired work force, and health care won’t be relieved of a huge swath of their patients, you should go back and read the first plank of the communist manifesto by Carl Marx. All of the pharmaceutical companies are going to reap billions and billions in perpetuity from the Coronavirus. That is SOME END.


Re: Re:

In the 1970s there were tapes put out by a Constitutional Lawyer named Mark L Freeman. If you can find them today, they would shed a lot of light on how the plans by people not loyal to our nation but to their own end has come to fruition. The evidence on those tapes is overwhelming and damning to those people.


Big pharma reaping from COVID-19

First off, we aren’t short of maladies for big Pharma to treat. In fact, given death is still a certainty and all the money is in the hands of old people, there’s a huge market in longevity and treatments for diseases that affect old people. And they’re disproportionately demented compared to younger demographics, and easier to gouge.

If we kill off the boomers, all that money falls into the hands of Gen X and millennials, who are far more skeptical and cynical.

So no, as a device to profit big pharma, COVID-19 is a stupid idea.


Crashing markets

The markets were already looking weak. The giant Trump???? corporate tax breaks could only hold wall street up so long, especially since not much has changed for the US’ massive gig-economy workforce.

We’d already been seeing its failures from the ongoing water crises and our failure to respond to Puerto Rico to the homeless crises in California. We’ve been treating symptoms of economic downturn and not the causes for a while.

Still not seeing COVID-19 as a man-made bio-terror attack. But again, I can see the attraction to imagining that it is.

Where were you guys when Jeff Epstein didn’t kill himself?

Stephen T. Stonesays:

Still not seeing COVID-19 as a man-made bio-terror attack. But again, I can see the attraction to imagining that it is.

This reminds me of a quote from Alan Moore:

The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic. The truth is that it is not the Jewish banking conspiracy or the grey aliens or the twelve-foot reptiloids from another dimension that is in control. The truth is far more frightening. Nobody is in control. The world is rudderless.


Pontificating Pirogsereratesays:

Re: terrible quote

Only an idiot would leave this quote dangling:

"The truth is far more frightening. Nobody is in control. The world is rudderless"

What world do you inhabit where this makes sense to you, and that you would put it here, or anywhere for that matter?

Put down the keyboard, kid, and pick up a book once in awhile, because verywhere/anywhere you look are huge powerful groups vying for that EXACT control, and effecting changes that control entire life cycles of generations of people.

Particularly, communist and capitalist/Jewish/christian cultures are clearly vying for various forms of control, and its even in the mission statements of ANY group you choose ranging from the Vatican, to the UN, to christian texts, to Talmudic texts to Marx manifesto; to every day mundane and brutal acts of police unions and prison industrial complex actors lobbying Congress.

And the Ha’avara Agreement and all that, times Holodmor, and Holocaust, and Pol Pot, and Iran Contra squared.

Absolutely a meaningless, assinine quote.

Then again, you are TDs elected idiot for a day.

Sure-the world maybe a floating ball of gas (much like your stupid pseudo-rationalist online gibberish, foamy mouthed opinions and flag-blather), but the shitbags who inhabit the organized world certainly plan things thousands of years in advance, according to their (really shitty but eerily prescient) literature.

Scary Devil Monasterysays:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

"It seems clear that these viruses have been made for humanity to contract."

In about the same way that trees were made for apes to sit in, possibly. Basic biology tells us that viruses mutate entirely depending on their ability to disperse through hosts. As human population density rises, more epidemics emerge.

You are essentially looking at a wet street and predicting that it has brought the rain, reversing cause and effect.

"Just deducing from LOGIC."

No. you reversing cause and effect, then filling in the blanks with your assumed conviction that the narrative needs to fit the martians/illuminati/NWO in there somewhere is not logic.

That’s just you trying to turn observable reality into something else with only your power of imagination as an aid.

To begin with, who are these murky NWO who apparently have, at their disposal, a mastery of biological arts and science so advanced they don’t really need to do anything other than to declare supremacy for the world to fall at their feet?

Because anyone who tinkers with epidemics as a social engineering tool is a suicidal lunatic wagering their own lives on whatever black magic they practice.

Scary Devil Monasterysays:

Re: Re:

"Coronaviruse do not mutate even in a long period of time like influenza"

That’s bullshit. The reason the influenza virus "mutates" is because it’s routinely circled through fowl, pigs, and humans to generate the species jump and escalate the rate of mutation.

The coronavirus – or as it is also known, SARS-CoV-2, will, if it enters this cycle, start mutating at the same rate the influenza does. This is nothing more than the long-predicted result of having tens of thousands of small closed-ecology farms acting as involuntary incubators for species-leaping zoonotics.

This is no more the act of some assumed New World Order, Global Jewish Conspiracy, the Illuminati or Alien Overlords than any other pandemic through history. It’s just yet another epidemic for which we have, according to statistics and science, been due for quite a few years.


One World Government

Plagues don’t make one world government.

Functional institutions and mass prosperity make one world government.

Or more accurately, precarity, scarcity and discontent divide peoples into factions and cause churches to schism and nations to fracture.

I look forward to an age of global administration, but mostly because that would mean we reformed or remade all our corrupt self-serving institutions.

One World Government is the capstone, not the foundation.

Scary Devil Monasterysays:

Re: Re: Viruses mutate

"The two types of virii have not had time to mutate."

That is such bullshit it actually hurts to read. There’s no set limit on how long it takes for a virus to mutate. Only a statistical average which can vary by a few 1000% depending on evolutionary pressure, external factors, etc.

Secondly you will always have mutations 1 through 1000, only one of which will usually outcompete the other. But as the common rhinovirus shows quite well, nothing stops a virus from coming up with multiple simultaneously successful variants.

Either learn enough biology that what you read starts to make sense, or start asking questions to cover your areas of ignorance.


Re: Re: This tears it!

Someone is trying to bring to pass what is written on the Georgia guidestones. Judging by the time lapsed by the federal government’s responses and a few other inepties, the amazed look in some of those high ranking officials at the absolute speed of the spread, it looked like they were having difficulty hiding their pure glee at how well this world disaster has amassed. Absolutely not surprising is the fact that there is not enough emergency supplies available for the US. An entire month went by before any seeming urgency could be spotted from anyone in the government about the danger to America being emminent.

Stephen T. Stonesays:

Never attribute to a conspiracy theory what can easily be explained by institutional incompetence caused in large part by a grossly incompetent leader. Or do you believe a 73-year-old sociopathic Adderall addict with overwhelming Dunning-Kruger tendencies who said ?we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that get better, just by, you know, sitting around and even going to work, some of them go to work? and fired the people responsible for dealing with pandemics is a ?stable genius??

Stephen T. Stonesays:

I have laid out here some very fishy behaviors, acts, actions, and inactions supported by facts and you want to start with your politicizing.

You offer a conspiracy theory ripped out of a videogame. I offer a more tangible explanation. Whether you believe my pointing out the incompetence of Donald Trump ?politicizing? is irrelevant.



I haven’t even laid a theory out there except that I do believe this was an intentional act by someone because the evidence is pointing to that. I wonder WHY A CORPORATION WHO HAS THE PATENT to the Coronavirus has not even developed a failed vaccination in that time. I am asking a lot more questions that are relavent than I have answers for obviously, but for you to absolutely refuse it to even believe it possible makes you look like a horses ass, not me. If course my comments will be flagged and you will try to send my thoughts into oblivion. No matter. I only commented two months ago about aerospace being the death of us all because pathogens could be transported around the planet in just a few hours. Also that something along that line was probably already in the works. And FUCK if this shit hasn’t just taken this world by storm. So Stone, sit back in your easy chair and have a cheeseburger and enjoy the show. For a lot of good people on this planet, it doesn’t matter what started this storm.

Stephen T. Stonesays:

I haven’t even laid a theory out there except that I do believe this was an intentional act by someone because the evidence is pointing to that.

What evidence? You have no evidence other than suppositions and theories. If you have any evidence other than the kind of ?hunch? that led Donald Trump to contradict the World Health Organization?s numbers on the coronavirus, you?d do well to share it so you don?t look like a loony conspiracy theorist.

I wonder WHY A CORPORATION WHO HAS THE PATENT to the Coronavirus has not even developed a failed vaccination in that time.

Hell if I know. But that isn?t proof that said corporation unleashed the coronavirus as some sort of nefarious plot for Complete Global Saturation. (The Resident Evil references will continue until morale improves.)

I am asking a lot more questions that are relavent than I have answers for obviously

Asking questions is fine. Acting like asking questions is the same thing as having answers, however, is not. And make no mistake, you?ve been doing that.

for you to absolutely refuse it to even believe it possible makes you look like a horses ass, not me

I don?t refuse to believe ?a corporation unleashed a deadly virus? is possible. Of course it?s possible. But I don?t believe it?s happened until I see some goddamned evidence that says it happened. That you?re not providing any evidence of it having happened makes you look like the fool.

you will try to send my thoughts into oblivion

You overestimate my power?and assume that I have any to begin with.

I only commented two months ago about aerospace being the death of us all because pathogens could be transported around the planet in just a few hours.

For once, you?re not wrong. Hell, it?s a plot point of the recent Planet of the Apes film trilogy (the virus responsible for killing off a large chunk of humanity was initially spread due to modern travel patterns). Amusingly enough for this conversation, that same idea is said to be the reason for the quick spread of the T-Virus in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (?When the T-Virus spread across the Earth, it did so at the speed of the modern world, carried by jetliners across the globe.?).

Also that something along that line was probably already in the works.

You still can?t prove it was an intentional ?attack? in any way, so stop talking like it is one.

FUCK if this shit hasn’t just taken this world by storm.

So did SARS. The only reason coronavirus might be worse than SARS is a lack of pandemic preparedness on the part of the United States. Now, remind me: Who was the president that oversaw the dismantling of the U.S.?s pandemic response team?

sit back in your easy chair and have a cheeseburger and enjoy the show

I?m not enjoying the idea of people dying from coronavirus. That?s your issue, projectionist.

For a lot of good people on this planet, it doesn’t matter what started this storm.

At least you admit you?re not a good person.


Re: Re:

Also China has determined that there were TWO seperate dates that people were made intensely sick. That could account for the two types of coronavirus they have found.. the earlier, older one labeled, S and the newer one, the more aggressive variation, labeled L. You want to stick with your beliefs, go ahead. Whatever makes you happy. But simple deductions can lead someone to believe this was not an act of nature. This might be the new world order’s great gig in the sky. I expect the truth will come out eventually. We may see evidence of that when the night sky turns brighter than day.

Stephen T. Stonesays:

simple deductions can lead someone to believe this was not an act of nature

Only if you?re predisposed to believe shit like ?the coronavirus, developed in a secret underground bunker called The Hive, was unleashed by a rogue employee looking to cause mass panic so he could escape undetected with the antivirus and later sell it on the black market for millions upon millions of dollars??. Instead of operating on a far more realistic hypothesis (e.g., ?the virus is an unexpected mutation of existing viruses?), you go straight for the lunatic fringe and rule out anything even remotely reasonable as ?new world order propaganda??.

And for the record, the idea of a ?new world order? is, in and of itself, bullshit. You can?t really expect a single government to rule the entire world when a single country?s government can barely govern said country without the risk of being brought down by forces both foreign and domestic. Hell, the United States essentially fought a war with itself because of a disagreement over whether to keep Black people as slaves. No alleged ?one world government? could ever expect to align every country under a single set of principles and laws when countries like Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, and the United States would all be too busy tripping over their own metaphorical dicks in their attempts to trip up the other countries in their pursuits to rule the world. Even the British Empire couldn?t pull off the ?one world government? feat at the height of its power and global reach. So stop expecting Donald Trump to announce his new role as godking of Earth. It?s not going to happen. Ever.

????The Resident Evil references will continue until morale improves.
????Now, does Eric Bischoff pay for the nWo propaganda, or is that more of a Hulk Hogan thing?


Re: Re:

Maybe Stone, you are a Mason. You don’t sound like a Yale man. So probably not a member of skull and bones. You think you are rooted in the truth? You are not even supposing that conspiracies exist at least publicly and verbally. You are so ademately against it, you sound just like those who have been trying to hide their existence and agendas from the public for more than a century.



Well, if you can’t at least acknowledge what the point is for Gates Foundation to Fund Pirbright (who has patent for coronavirus) and don’t see something awry about there not being a vaccine developed by ANY company, but see them all coming out of the woodwork now in Oh "Such a Race is on" way, and you don’t see that there is a fucking ton of money they are all going to make now because of this outbreak around the world, e-v-e-r-y person on the planet and every future person to be born on the planet needing this vaccine, does not look like a business deal on steroids, you lose ALL LEGITIMACY.


Re: Re:

It seems to me that the vaccine was intentionally held off so that all these corporations could get in on the money. OR Pirbright would have come up with a vaccine or maybe is already sitting on a vaccine now, just waiting for ample apparent timing. They have had Five Years at least to have developed a vaccine to the coronavirus.

Stephen T. Stonesays:

Or, and hear me out on this, or the theory of ?the coronavirus pandemic happened because of an intentional terrorist attack by a pharmaceutical company? is bullshit and a simple explanation???the virus is a mutant strain that requires a different vaccine than any other strains???is the better, far more plausible explanation.

AC Liberation NOW!says:


Beyond a reasonable doubt?

You watch too many old "Perry Mason" re-runs, or play to many online games.

Reasonable doubt is a standard designed for criminal trials. not science, or social science analysis.

Maybe, read a book once in awhile, and stay away from those heinous video sleuthing games.

Or. take up forensic psychology, and/or criminal sociology where we see linguistics, and evidence chaining as significant indicators of potential falsifiable results, sans "reasonable doubt" (dumbass).

Its reasonable and articulable suspicion that creates cases, not reasonable doubt.


Psychiatric Meta-Narrativesays:

Re: Re: Stone confuses evidence

AC, note that the Stephen T. Stone chatbot confuses the types of evidence necessary for claims of scientific validity, in typical pseudo-rationalist fashion:

It says:

What independently verifiable evidence proves, beyond a reasonable doubt

None of that gibberish from the in-house troll even resembles a fact based or scientific claim based exploration of scientific evidence in such an inquiry as this, when on the surface of its arguments (like all of its arguments) it confuses different standards of evidence.

Scientific evidence should be falsifiable, replicable, etc., NOT "beyond a reasonable doubt" lol, which is one of the LEGAL standards of evidence used in murder trials and so on, which only forensic scientists etc. would dabble in.

Too much CSI and problem solving video adventure games for that little troll. The dumb cunt doesn’t seem to know the difference between criminal law and scientific inquiry.

Be carefu ACl: You are arguing with one of TDs current favorite in-house trolls, and a famous derailer here, always spews CITATION!, while providing NOTHING but hollow fake rational argument.

As for the virus, we all wear masks here in close proximity to Wuhan,and hand sanitizer is readily available in all public places; and the authorities are doing an amazing job containing the virus, which is a necessary thing.

As for your theory remember: Einsteins theory dealt with nature, and math, whereas yours deals with humans, and the main difference is that humans are largely UNPREDICTABLE in their evil, whereas animals are not.

The Ha’avara agreement, and the Palestinian Exodus are two such examples of this mixture of fact and rumor.

SO, yeah, so far you look about as right as that guy in the novel "Night" by Elie Wiesel, who first came around with strange rumors that people were being rounded up, whereas Stone here looks like a perfect candidate for Nazi officer school. A real rational guy. Germans were known for that exact trait.

In the future, look for any posts that have the acronym ROGS in it, and I will help you flag these fake-rational derailing shitbags.

Bill Gatessays:

Re: Re: Re: Bill Gates the(leveraged) moron

Are you suggesting that rational people like myself give away ALL Of our great fortune because we are, like, Jesus or something?

That we care so much about the future that we would give away BILLIONS and keep our OWN CHILDREN away from our cash stash?

Conspiracy Theory!


Re: Re:

The spread of the deadly disease could be far worse than officials claim, with 480,000 Americans expected to die from the virus and 4.8 million hospitalized, according to a presentation hosted by The American Hospital Association (AHA) in February.

This puts the crisis on a level more than 10 times greater than that seen in a severe flu season.

Scary Devil Monasterysays:

Re: Re:

"I haven’t even laid a theory out there except that I do believe this was an intentional act by someone because the evidence is pointing to that."

Seriously not.

You have laid out a conspiracy theory which offers no positives for the beneficiaries you try to involve.

Even more so because any slipup at all results in collateral damage within the own ranks of this hypothetical "New world order".

With the presumptive power required to develop and release an epidemic – and keep it contained this presumptive NWO of yours has no need for that pathogen in the first place.

You are – like most other conspiracy theorist wingnuts – simply getting stuck on an invincible worldwide organization who, in order to carry out the conspiracies you envision, are already powerful enough not to need any of those conspiracies carried out.

So…aside from the existence of these inhuman hidden masters able to operate above and beyond all that we know to be possible for humans in general, could you tell us WHY that society of posthuman demigods feel compelled to use mind control, time travel, and actual black magic capable of controlling pathogen vectors to indulge sweeping byzantine maneuvers of social engineering when the abilities they ostensibly have sets aside every actual need they’d have to pull those operations off?

What you conspiracy wingnuts keep describing aren’t humans. It’s mythical greek gods playing games with mortals out of spite and boredom.

Scary Devil Monasterysays:

Re: Re:

"I wonder WHY A CORPORATION WHO HAS THE PATENT to the Coronavirus…"

Because that’s the weird and revolting world of biological patents. The first corporation to sequence a gene or organism immediately patents on the intellectual link between the sequence and <phenomenon X>.

That’s just basic IP greed rearing its ugly face, the same way multiple corporations turned up with "patents" on human gene sequences right after project HUGO was completed.

"…but for you to absolutely refuse it to even believe it possible makes you look like a horses ass, not me."

Actually, no. If you make a dissertation around what Russel’s Teapot actually looks like and Stone refutes you then you are still the one looking like an ass.

You see patterns which, to be true, require someone to actually have released what is internationally classified as a WMD on a civilian population. For, apparently, no actual reason what so ever.

Scary Devil Monasterysays:

Re: Re:

"I haven’t even laid a theory out there except that I do believe this was an intentional act by someone because the evidence is pointing to that."

None of the actual evidence is pointing to that.

ALL of the evidence points to the fairly simple, logical, and scientifically valid conclusion that after SARS 1 made the leap between fowl and human, here’s the new version.

And that has been predicted by epidemiologists for about 30 years. With the chinese standard small holdings farm being a miracle of self-contained ecology – which lamentably also acts to bridge zoonotics between human, fowl and pig continuously – you’ve got thousands of involuntary and unknowing incubators continuously producing new zoonotic mutations.

All you’ve got is a faith-based conclusion to which you then try to fit every loose fact you come across.

"If course my comments will be flagged and you will try to send my thoughts into oblivion."

Yes, because your "thoughts" are demonstrably paranoid delusions based on manifest falsehoods and whatever facts you twisted into a pretzel to "support" them.



"and fired the people responsible for dealing with pandemics.."

Ok, let’s talk about those people fired. What could they have known about this outbreak that got them fired? Did they sign NDAs? For these agencies compartmentalize people in such a way that they all have a piece of the puzzle when they go. Just how big of a piece determines how much they will be watching over their shoulders. What is the pres attempting to do here? Could it be covering up facts so detrimental to our nation’s well being that they can’t trust these mere employees with the combined knowledge that would occur during this decimating outbreak these departments would gave to share in order to actually help America? Put their own people in now, to assure the absolute truth doesn’t get leaked? It is the same old government we have been mistrusting for decades. So, WHY NOT?


Existential hazards

Oh my goodness, take your pick.

The problem with doomsayer prophecies is they’ve been continuous throughout civilization and run through today. Religious prophets have a long established run of failed doomsday predictions. (It’s one of the reasons the ending of Far Cry 5 was simultaneously dissatisfying and ran contrary to the American doomsday cult experience)

I’ve been fascinated why Christian futurists haven’t adopted the existential threat of global warming as readily as they decided nuclear exchange was an acceptable apocalypse. (It isn’t, really.) I suspect it’s because ecology collapse is slow and lingering, and our apocalypse enthusiasts want a doomsday that will transpire over a couple of hours, like the sinking of the titanic. Something we can watch from our rooftops.


Re: Existential hazards

If you are that fortunate that you get to watch mankind go down from your rooftop and not be caught up in it, good luck if it doesn’t knock down your ladder. Your theories are just that, theories. The same ability for others to believe and come to know God now exists in you and me. You believe what you want. Others believe what they decided for themselves. You are not better than others who have found the True Living God, don’t pretend to know a better life.


Theories / True Living God

No, I make guesses. A particularly well throught out guess might be a hypothesis. Theories are developed by scientists (plural) over a number of published theses, usually developed over years, based on centuries of prior knowledge. When a newer theory is proven by evidence and displaces an older one, it’s called a paradigm shift.

Gods in the modern age come with institutions, which number in the tens of thousands, and who disagree with each other (violently!) about who God is and what God wants. Most Abrahamic faiths believe extra Ecclesiam nulla salus. Each one claims to be the One True Church who singularly follows the One True God. And all others are false. (There are some exceptions.)

So, Anonymous Coward, which one is yours? Do you follow the United Methodist Church? And if so, when the church schisms in May, is God staying with the church that accepts gay marriage? Or is God going with the traditionalists who do not? And when God makes His choice, does that mean everyone in the other church is damned to eternal Hellfire?

And this is before we get to the uncomfortable revelations that every last large church with a congregation of more than a thousand has suppressed sexual abuses of women and children by pressuring victims to silence in order to save the institution from scandal. All of them. Churches are horrifyingly consistent in their response to sexual scandal, typically when a youth pastor fools around with teen parishioners.

How the fuck do you reconcile that, Anonymous Coward? Or do you pretend it’s not true? (Jesus had a thing or two to say about religious institutions. Then he died and suddenly had a change of spirit.)


Re: Pirbright has a patent on COVID-19?

This coronavirus has been determined by China to not to have come from China. It doesn’t match any of their types in the labs. Also as I have already linked to an NHK news story about their being TWO TYPES of this that China has determined, one being newer and MORE AGRESSIVE and the second, accounting for about 70% of the infections, a milder type. They have labeled these, L and S, respectively. You do the math. What could possibly be drawn from this? I am not certain, but it seems obvious that there were two attacks.



There were employees from companies in the Trade towers that reported they saw government people working all through the outside walls for an entire month prior to That supposed attack. Also I have read it was the cia. I can’t prove that and damn straight not sure I would want to try. But after our government spent $10s of millions and decades trying to prove postthumously that it had nothing to do with JFK’s assassination, I always look beyond what the media is reporting when shit hits the fan anymore.

Stephen T. Stonesays:

Can?t you conspiracy theorists go for broke? I?m tired of hearing ?the government did 9/11?; give me something like ?the CIA and the FBI did 9/11 as a joint mission to precede the installation of Barack Obama as the president because he?s actually the love child of Robert Kennedy and Coretta Scott King?. At least I can laugh at that outrageously outlandish bullshit.

Scary Devil Monasterysays:

Re: Re:

"If someone pissed on your pantleg, you would need at least how many witnesses before you would believe it."

If someone says he pissed on Stone’s leg while it is, in fact, bone dry then that isn’t Stone’s problem. It’s yours.

But hey, you do you. You have a religious belief of the hidden masters using their omnipotent powers to play out a season of X-file mystery plays then that’s your business.

And when you have ANY hard evidence which explains any of the factual events you’ve indicated in any other way than the perfectly acceptable obvious explanation you may get an audience.

until then i think no one is interested in your hollywood script.

Scary Devil Monasterysays:

Re: Re:

"…that reported they saw government people working all through the outside walls for an entire month prior to That supposed attack."

So an after-the-fact construction of which no credible record exists?

As compared to the already known scandal that the people who built WTC had cut corners with the concrete, turning the entire tower into a sandcastle?

You know, here’s how it works. If you have hard, verifiable evidence for a specific event, then that event is real. If not then what you have is a hypothesis without any weight of evidence.

You conspiracy nuts always end up building an elaborate construction which – eventually – point to some shady conspiracy of malicious entities who, in order to accomplish what you claim, need to be already omnipotent from the get-go. And despite that omnipotence still decide to play cruel games for no gain against the human cattle.

Whereas the reality can always be found to be more prosaic – localized greed, face-saving and political ineptitude, or, as in the case of the viral pandemics consistently emerging from China, a case of ecological agriculture going horribly wrong from an epidemiological perspective.

When all you have is a hammer the entire universe looks like a nail. All you have is the desire to find a shady organization of omnipotent X-file refugees running everything and naturally that’s where your patern recognition takes you.

I can only advise you to seek help.


Re: Pirbright has a patent on COVID-19?

"It works too slowly"

Maybe it works too slowly in small quantities on a battlefield scenario. It would take days for the first symptoms to appear, so those soldiers could still do a lot of damage in that time. Agreed. But do take a moment to realize the damage it has so far caused and not just physically to the people it has sickened. The fear having gone viral throughout the world’s economy, markets, trade and manufacturing. That damage is already happening and getting worse. If nothing other than preparing for it mentally now, I say take a look at the possibility that this was planned and staged for this nefarious disruption of the planet.


Nefarious disruption of the planet

The problem is disruption of the planet doesn’t serve anyone’s nefarious ends unless they’re an insane comic-book mastermind doing it just because.

(I will give you that we have one such group: the futurist segment of Protestant Evangelical Christian churches, some of whom have profound influence in the United States government and have successfully pressured executive policy to fulfill prophecies according to their beliefs. Curiously, most contemporary conspiracy hypothesizers tend to avoid accusing them of ill intent. Are you suggesting they are the conspirators behind the COVID-19 release?)

Weapons need to be controlled. It’s why we quickly stopped using nausea gas in WWI because it was too susceptible to the whims of the wind. It’s why we don’t have 50+ megaton bombs prepped for a nuclear exchange, since that just lays ruin to everything.

(If we wanted a true doomsday weapon, we’d just make a very large cobalt bomb or set of cobalt bombs, which could make the entire earth’s surface too radioactive for human survival, and would last decades. We don’t even need to spread them out.)

Military weapons need to be precise, not disastrous. We can already do disastrous.

Now, I get it. Whenever we have a large scale threat, it’s a strong temptation to assign agency to it. Michael Shermer (who, yes, has a controversial and colorful range of opinions) has done a few lectures on how we can be compelled to think behind any what there’s a who behind it. Eons of being hunted by predators might do that to a species.

But while we live in a society full of dark conspiracies, sometimes a hurricane is just a hurricane, and sometimes a plague is just a plague. Human history is full of ones that are not bioweapons.


Re: Nefarious disruption of the planet

Are you aware that NASA has holography satellites orbiting the planet? They are already shining these holograms through the afternoon sky in remote and semi-remote locations around the planet. You better believe its going to look like a comic book soon. Maybe in your lifetime you will see them with audio through the cell tours making people think these religious megagods they are going to beam down are really speaking to the masses. It is absolutely INSANE how far they are going out of their minds to bring this AntiChrist to power.

Kal Zekdorsays:


Sometimes it’s hard not to think I’m reading a news feed from Plague Inc.

"IOC decides not to postpone the 2020 Olympics despite ongoing Coronavirus concerns."

"US President insists everything is under control, there’s nothing to worry about."

"China bans any mention of Coronavirus; aggressively quarantines citizens."

I’m expecting any day now:

"Madagascar closes its ports due to concerns of Coronavirus spread."


It’s hard for diseases to spread in Plague Inc? I’ve never noticed that…but then, I tend to play on a low difficulty level and be stealthy with symptoms and save up my DNA until I’ve infected everyone.

…Do you think they banned it because China is a popular starting point for pretty much every disease type in the game? Massive fraction of the world population in one country and lots of air/water links to other countries?



The game is actually more like a puzzle game. Know, or stumble, the right combination (which itself isn’t that complicated to figure out) and it’s super easy on any difficulty. On the other hand it also, as discussed in the article, can present itself as without everything going right for you (as the plague) then humanity will win.

Stephen T. Stonesays:

Or you can reach what is functionally a stalemate, where one or two countries (typically Madagascar and Greenland) will shut down everything and keep the pandemic out but the rest of the world dies. I mean, granted, those countries would likely see their ends within a few years at minimum, but it wouldn?t be from the pandemic.

Scary Devil Monasterysays:

"…Do you think they banned it because China is a popular starting point for pretty much every disease type in the game?"

Could be. Maybe Xi jin Ping had a few troubles running up a good pandemic, turned to a reddit walkthrough page, read the words "Always start in China" and lost his shit?

Somewhat ironic that in real life at least every flu variant DOES come from China. Those traditional farms are wonders of self-contained ecology but putting pigs, fowl and humans together really isn’t a good idea from an epidemiological perspective.


From what I’ve heard, there are still plenty of "viral outbreak" games that haven’t been banned in China, and the ban is actually thought to be about the new "fake news" feature in this specific game, which allows you to actively spread nonsense in the media in order to make governments bungle their responses to your virus.

But, y’know, feel free to ditch your credibility on an easily disprovable take on the story.



From what I’ve heard, there are still plenty of "viral outbreak" games that haven’t been banned in China, and the ban is actually thought to be about the new "fake news" feature in this specific game, which allows you to actively spread nonsense in the media in order to make governments bungle their responses to your virus.

Uhhhh…. No?

The "fake news" feature is a comedic relief / progress indicator. It ticks every now and then detailing events as the player’s illness runs it’s course. Most of the time, especially towards the end of the game, it’s events are about the ilness’s progression and the world’s response. I.e. If the player is winning, then it’s about entire countries falling to the illness, travel restrictions, and scientists efforts to create a cure. If the player is losing however, then it’s about the world returning to normal. I.e. Scientists finishing the cure, wide spread deployment to occur soon, player has lost, etc. At the very beginning of the game, I.e. before the player’s illness evolves to have harmful side-effect(s), the news feed ticks off with silly "fake" news reports. Mostly about expected (regularly occurring) world events, your average political fumbles, a few memes (Steam’s half-life through Valves is what again?), and hubris. I.e. Humanity being too comfortable about their ability to deal with future outbreaks, I.e. the player.

You don’t get to "spread nonsense" at all. If you play the game (or watch youtube videos of it) enough, you’ll notice that the news events are repetitive. Further, the game itself chooses what news events will play from the available possibilities. The only input the player has in that decision is the evolution choices they make for their illness. They have no direct control nor editorial ability. Finally, unless you’re streaming the gameplay somewhere, you are the only person who will ever see the "fake news" bits that play out during your playthough. All of which makes any form of spreading nonsense impossible, and of course the game doesn’t base the AI’s gameplay decisions on the news ticker.

Although at this point, given the hysteria of this REAL news article and events, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an expansion DLC with a new illness type of "Fake News" being released. "Take over the world by infecting the minds of humanity with false hoods and propaganda! Can you develop that silver tongue fast enough to counter the world’s best scientists? Or will you beat the Fellowship of Truthiness before they can restore sanity to TV viewers the world over? Find out in: Plague Inc. Bad Press Edition."

But, y’know, feel free to ditch your credibility on an easily disprovable take on the story.

Glad we agree.


Re: Re:

Actually, one of the new official scenarios that was introduced in a recent update to Plague Inc. is a ‘Fake News’ scenario.
Rather than playing as a conventional plague, you play as a piece of disinformation; Infectivity is replaced by Virality, which affects how fast your disinformation spreads, Severity is replaced by Plausibility, which affects whether someone the fake news spreads to is fooled or rejects it, and Lethality is replaced by Community, making people emotionally invested in the fake news so they reject the facts. And you use dirty tactics to undermine Fact Checkers so they can’t refute your fake news. You win if more than 50% of the global population believes your fake news.

…So, funnily enough, it’s a game variant which isn’t about spreading a biological disease at all. Though in your manifesto you can choose for the disinformation to be about medicine.

That Anonymous Cowardsays:

We have always hidden the truth, why should we stop now.
Even in the face of having disappeared scientists who tried to save lives by sounding the alarm, they still think they can pretend its not happening.

The whole we want a harmonious society thing is a good goal, the means by which they obtain it needs work.
Hiding illness.
Hiding tofu-construction killing children.
Hiding reality.
Hiding leaders pocketing dollars meant to benefit citizens.

While they are so busy trying to crack down on the little people, they have gone full Helen Keller on the evils the leadership are committing.

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