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Shitty U.S. Broadband Maps Are A Feature, Not A Bug by 06-Jan-2022 06:27 AM (5 comments)
Telecom Monopolies Are Exploiting Crappy U.S. Broadband Maps To Block Community Broadband Grant Requests by 03-Jan-2022 06:12 AM (7 comments)
House Republicans Don't Want Infrastructure Money Going Toward Broadband Competition by 29-Dec-2021 05:29 AM (18 comments)
3 Out Of 4 Americans Support Community Broadband, Yet 19 States Still Ban Or Hinder Such Networks by 27-Dec-2021 06:25 AM (16 comments)
Fearing COVID PR Backlash, Comcast Backs Off Its Bullshit Broadband Caps In The Northeast… For Now by 22-Dec-2021 05:34 AM (6 comments)
As U.S. Prepares Big New Broadband Plan, Few Notice Our Last Major Broadband Plan Was A Major Dud by 21-Dec-2021 05:22 AM (16 comments)
U.S. Prepares To Spend $42 Billion On A Broadband Problem It Can't Accurately Measure by 16-Dec-2021 05:28 AM (15 comments)
Space X Engine Production Woes Could Screw Up Musk's Starlink Broadband Play by 07-Dec-2021 15:56 PM (17 comments)
Charter Spectrum Funds Front Group To Try And Kill Small Maine Town's Plan For Better Broadband by 03-Dec-2021 06:27 AM (10 comments)
Report: U.S. Has 9th Most Expensive Broadband On The Planet by 02-Dec-2021 05:33 AM (20 comments)
Big Telecom Continues Its Global Quest To Tax Big Tech For No Good Reason by 01-Dec-2021 09:37 AM (20 comments)
Biden's Broadband Push Is Good, But Crappy Maps And Lobbying Can Still Screw Things Up by 30-Nov-2021 09:38 AM (7 comments)
Report: US ISPs Aren't Transparent About Prices And Speeds, And Regulators Generally Don't Care by 16-Nov-2021 06:25 AM (5 comments)
Infrastructure Bill Is Great For Broadband, But Still Ignores The Real Problem (Monopolies & Corruption) by 10-Nov-2021 07:59 AM (17 comments)
U.S. Broadband Growth Slows As the Profit Party Grinds To A Halt by 05-Nov-2021 06:28 AM (8 comments)
Big Telecom Is Mad Because New FCC Appointment Gigi Sohn Actually Defends Broadband Consumers by 04-Nov-2021 06:36 AM (16 comments)
Tired Of Federal Apathy, Oakland Moves To Ban Anticompetitive Broadband Landlord Deals by 29-Oct-2021 06:29 AM (10 comments)
Team Biden Finally Gets Around To Staffing U.S. Telecom Regulators by 26-Oct-2021 10:37 AM (6 comments)
Want To Understand Why U.S. Broadband Sucks? Look At Frontier Communications In Wisconsin, West Virginia by 22-Oct-2021 09:43 AM (10 comments)
British Telecom Wants Netflix To Pay A Tax Simply Because Squid Game Is Popular by 20-Oct-2021 09:37 AM (56 comments)
Broadband Data Caps Mysteriously Disappear When Competition Comes Knocking by 14-Oct-2021 06:34 AM (53 comments)
The 'Digital Divide' Didn't Just Show Up One Day. It's The Direct Result Of Telecom Monopolization by 01-Oct-2021 06:14 AM (13 comments)
ISPs Already Fighting FCC Plan To End Anti-Competitive Landlord Broadband Deals by 21-Sep-2021 06:33 AM (7 comments)
Data Again Shows That U.S. Broadband Is Painfully Mediocre by 17-Sep-2021 06:40 AM (12 comments)
FCC Will Take A Closer Look At ISP/Landlord Broadband Monopolies by 15-Sep-2021 06:20 AM (11 comments)
Biden 'Competition Council' Urges Biden FCC To Do Things It Can't Do Because Biden Hasn't Fully Staffed It Yet by 14-Sep-2021 06:20 AM (22 comments)
COVID Drove A Big Jump In Community Broadband Networks by 13-Sep-2021 06:26 AM (8 comments)
FCC Bungled Broadband Mapping And Subsidies So Badly, It Got Boxed Out Of Broadband Infrastructure Plan by 30-Aug-2021 06:34 AM (14 comments)
California's 'Open Access' Fiber Broadband Plan Is Making Telecom Giants Like AT&T Nervous by 26-Aug-2021 05:22 AM (21 comments)
Cable's US Broadband Monopoly Continues To Grow by 24-Aug-2021 06:43 AM (20 comments)

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