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Parody Post About Sega Suing Its Fans Perfectly Lampoons Nintendo by 06-Jan-2022 15:48 PM (3 comments)
The Making Of A Moral Panic, Courtesy Of The NY Times by 06-Jan-2022 09:32 AM (27 comments)
It's Great That Winnie The Pooh Is In The Public Domain; But He Should Have Been Free In 1982 (Or Earlier) by 05-Jan-2022 13:40 PM (35 comments)
Sci-Hub's Creator Thinks Academic Publishers, Not Her Site, Are The Real Threat To Science, And Says: 'Any Law Against Knowledge Is Fundamentally Unjust' by 03-Jan-2022 15:39 PM (34 comments)
Video Game 'Hades' Makes History As First Video Game To Win A Hugo Award by 23-Dec-2021 15:48 PM (12 comments)
Gaming Like It's 1926: Get Ready For Our Next Public Domain Game Jam! by 16-Dec-2021 12:00 PM (5 comments)
How China Uses Western Influencers As Pawns In Its Propaganda War by 15-Dec-2021 13:50 PM (30 comments)
Birds Aren't Real, And Kids Are Not So Susceptible To Conspiracy Theories (Their Parents On The Other Hand…) by 14-Dec-2021 11:58 AM (51 comments)
CNN Goes Full Moral Panic About Kids And Social Media by 10-Dec-2021 09:39 AM (29 comments)
MLB Removes References To Current Players On Due To Lockout by 02-Dec-2021 15:37 PM (11 comments)
Disney Yanks China-Mocking Simpsons Episode From Its Hong Kong Streaming Service by 01-Dec-2021 05:36 AM (29 comments)
BookTok Shows How Fans Can Power Sales; Imagine What Could Be Done Without Copyright Anxiety by 23-Nov-2021 19:47 PM (10 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 306: Lessons From The First Internet Ages by 23-Nov-2021 13:30 PM (2 comments)
Ridley Scott Blames His Latest Movie Bombing At The Box Office On Facebook And Millennials, Rather Than Pandemic And Poor Marketing by 23-Nov-2021 09:26 AM (86 comments)
Josh Hawley: The War On Men (?) Is Driving Them To Porn And Video Games (Things Many Men Like?) by 08-Nov-2021 15:37 PM (89 comments)
What If The Era Of Video Game Mashups Is About To Begin? by 05-Nov-2021 19:39 PM (14 comments)
Advertising Is Content: Taskmaster Edition by 03-Nov-2021 15:42 PM (13 comments)
Publishers Want To Make Ebooks More Expensive And Harder To Lend For Libraries; Ron Wyden And Anna Eshoo Have Questions by 01-Nov-2021 19:53 PM (30 comments)
Lessons From The First Internet Ages by 01-Nov-2021 15:33 PM (34 comments)
Forget 'The Kids These Days'; It's The Adults And Their Moral Panics To Worry About by 01-Nov-2021 09:28 AM (16 comments)
As Prudes Drive Social Media Takedowns, Museums Embrace… OnlyFans? by 29-Oct-2021 13:44 PM (34 comments)
MLB In Talks To Offer Streaming For All Teams' Home Games In-Market Even Without A Cable Subscription by 19-Oct-2021 20:38 PM (15 comments)
University Of Hong Kong Wants To Remove A Sculpture Commemorating Tiananmen; To Preserve It, People Have Crowdsourced A Digital 3D Replica by 14-Oct-2021 12:17 PM (18 comments)
California Cities Experimenting With Civilian Responses To Mental Health Crisis Calls by 05-Oct-2021 17:31 PM (9 comments)
Top Publishers Aim To Own The Entire Academic Research Publishing Stack; Here's How To Stop That Happening by 01-Oct-2021 15:30 PM (18 comments)
Facebook: Amplifying The Good Or The Bad? It's Getting Ugly by 01-Oct-2021 03:15 AM (21 comments)
Google, NBC Bring Dumb Cable TV Blackout Feuds To Streaming by 30-Sep-2021 10:47 AM (21 comments)
Genshin Impact Developer Goes With Extremely Fan-Friendly Fan-Art For Commercial Sale Policy by 28-Sep-2021 20:21 PM (7 comments)
Techdirt's 'Plagiarism Collection': A Plagiarized Set Of NFTs About Plagiarism by 27-Sep-2021 10:00 AM (16 comments)
Sony Pictures, Defenders Of The Creative Industry, Appears To Be Using Fan Art Without Giving Credit by 23-Sep-2021 21:36 PM (126 comments)

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