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Delaware Court Says Dominion Voting Systems Can Continue Suing Fox News For $1.6 Billion In Defamation by 20-Dec-2021 05:26 AM (64 comments)
Court Tells MyPillow CEO That Allegedly Dating An Actress And Buying Her Alcohol Isn't Defamatory by 14-Dec-2021 10:44 AM (42 comments)
Federal Government Announces Legal Defense Fund For Journalists Facing Bogus Defamation Lawsuits From Government Officials by 12-Nov-2021 09:41 AM (4 comments)
Appeals Court Doesn't Seem To Like Much About A Criminal Defamation Law Police Used To Arrest A Critic by 03-Nov-2021 10:51 AM (14 comments)
Billy Mitchell Survives Anti-SLAPP Motion From Twin Galaxies A Second Time by 14-Oct-2021 20:37 PM (55 comments)
Area Free Market Proponent Sues Facebook For Defaming Him By Moderating His Personal Marketplace Of Climate Change Ideas by 28-Sep-2021 10:47 AM (76 comments)
Unsealed Documents In Nunes' Family Farm's Lawsuit Against Ryan Lizza Raise More Questions About The Lawsuit Than They Answer by 22-Sep-2021 09:42 AM (21 comments)
Trump Donor Who Propped Up His $2 Billion Hotel Business With $96 Million In COVID Loans Threatens Website For Publishing Facts And Opinions by 15-Sep-2021 12:10 PM (16 comments)
Devin Nunes Loses Again, But He's Still Suing The Satirical Cow Who Mocked Him by 25-Aug-2021 09:38 AM (20 comments)
Ninth Circuit Affirms MSNBC's Anti-SLAPP Motion Against OAN Network's Bullshit Defamation Lawsuit by 23-Aug-2021 13:39 PM (102 comments)
Judge Says Voting Machine Company Can Continue To Sue Trump's Buddies Over Bogus Election Fraud Claims by 18-Aug-2021 13:37 PM (65 comments)
Dominion Sues Newsmax, OAN, And The Head Of Overstock.Com For Election-Related Defamation by 16-Aug-2021 10:48 AM (134 comments)
Not-So-Anonymous Cop Continues To Argue Courts Should Violate The First Amendment To Protect Him From The Consequences Of His Actions by 10-Aug-2021 10:47 AM (30 comments)
Judge Tosses Candace Owens's Litigious Attempt To Turn Facebook Fact-Checking Into Defamation by 27-Jul-2021 10:45 AM (52 comments)
Court To Judge Roy Moore: You're Not Defamation-Proof, But This Contract You Signed Sure Is by 14-Jul-2021 12:10 PM (23 comments)
Devin Nunes' Lawyer, Steven Biss, Finally Gets Sanctioned In Wacky Defamation Case by 14-Jul-2021 09:38 AM (17 comments)
Former Trump Lawyer Facing Sanctions In Michigan Now Saying The Things She Said Were Opinions Are Actually Facts by 22-Jun-2021 06:05 AM (85 comments)
Devin Nunes' Family's Bizarrely Stupid Defamation Lawsuit Goes Off The Rails by 18-Jun-2021 10:51 AM (19 comments)
Former Trump Spokesman Ordered To Pay $42,000 To Gizmodo After Losing His Bogus Defamation Lawsuit by 25-May-2021 10:45 AM (15 comments)
Appeals Court Says Former Trump Advisor Can't Sue Over Reporting Based On Court Documents by 27-Apr-2021 10:46 AM (7 comments)
James O'Keefe Sues Twitter For Defamation… For Shutting Down His Account by 27-Apr-2021 09:29 AM (59 comments)
Steven Biss Loses Yet Again; Judges Still Resist Sanctions by 16-Apr-2021 13:40 PM (10 comments)
As Steven Biss Continues Filing Bogus SLAPP Suits, He Finally Gets Sanctioned In Case Involving Devin Nunes' Aide by 02-Apr-2021 10:51 AM (10 comments)
Sidney Powell Asks Court To Dismiss Defamation Lawsuit Because She Was Just Engaging In Heated Hyperbole… Even When She Was Filing Lawsuits by 24-Mar-2021 03:35 AM (97 comments)
Judge Tosses Laughably Stupid SLAPP Lawsuit The Trump Campaign Filed Against The NY Times by 12-Mar-2021 09:33 AM (13 comments)
New York Court Reminds Native American Tribe That Suing For Libel Isn't An Option For Government Agencies by 09-Mar-2021 19:40 PM (18 comments)
Court Tosses Devin Nunes' Silly SLAPP Lawsuit Against CNN by 22-Feb-2021 13:33 PM (19 comments)
Conservative News Outlet Ordered To Pay More Than $250,000 In Legal Fees To Rachel Maddow, MSNBC by 16-Feb-2021 19:45 PM (30 comments)
Smartmatic Sues Two Trump Lawyers And Three Fox News Hosts For $2.7 Billion-Worth Of Defamation by 05-Feb-2021 12:12 PM (51 comments)
No Section 230 Has Nothing To Do With Horrific NY Times Story Of Online Stalker Getting Revenge For Decades' Old Slight by 02-Feb-2021 12:06 PM (62 comments)

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