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DC Metro PD's Powerful Review Panel Keeps Giving Bad Cops Their Jobs Back by 30-Dec-2021 13:32 PM (6 comments)
Missouri Governor Still Expects Journalists To Be Prosecuted For Showing How His Admin Leaked Teacher Social Security Numbers by 30-Dec-2021 12:11 PM (39 comments)
AT&T Exits The Ad Business As Merger Ambitions Continue To Unravel by 28-Dec-2021 09:38 AM (3 comments)
Details Leak On Apple's Secret $275 Billion Deal With The Chinese Government by 21-Dec-2021 15:32 PM (18 comments)
The Internet Industry's Most High Profile, But Least Successful, Trade Group Dissolves by 16-Dec-2021 13:45 PM (4 comments)
After Weeks Of Reports Of Misuse Of Its Exploits, NSO Group Considering Shutting Down Its Malware Service by 16-Dec-2021 10:44 AM (8 comments)
Missouri Governor Still Lying About Reporters Who Uncovered Ridiculous Bad State Computer Security; Still Insists They Were Hackers by 08-Dec-2021 09:30 AM (43 comments)
New Jersey Cop Facing Charges After Hitting A Man With His Car And Driving His Body To His Mom's House by 07-Dec-2021 20:10 PM (47 comments)
Public Fallout Over Take-Two Playing IP Troll Begins by 06-Dec-2021 19:44 PM (14 comments)
If MLB Thought Its Website Shenanigans Would Intimidate MLB Players, That Plan Has Backfired by 03-Dec-2021 19:39 PM (16 comments)
The Bad Apples Control The Bunch: USA Today Report Details Law Enforcements Punishment Of Good Cops by 30-Nov-2021 15:40 PM (31 comments)
Lying NYPD Officers Cost Prosecutors Sixty More Criminal Convictions by 29-Nov-2021 15:46 PM (11 comments)
Cable Giant Spectrum Endangered Its Employees And Screwed Its Technicians During COVID by 29-Nov-2021 06:35 AM (15 comments)
Biden FCC Green Lights Yet More Telecom Consolidation With Verizon Tracfone Merger by 24-Nov-2021 06:36 AM (5 comments)
Missouri Admits It Fucked Up In Exposing Teacher Data, Offers Apology To Teachers — But Not To Journalists It Falsely Accused Of Hacking by 10-Nov-2021 12:00 PM (26 comments)
Nintendo's YouTube Video For Its Switch Online Upgrade Is Its Most Hated Video Ever by 03-Nov-2021 20:00 PM (22 comments)
It's Ridiculous The 'Developing World' Wasn't Given Access To The Facebook Files by 01-Nov-2021 05:53 AM (15 comments)
NY Times Continues Its Inability To Report Accurately On Section 230 And Content Moderation by 29-Oct-2021 09:36 AM (7 comments)
Charter Spectrum Threatens To Ruin Potential Customers Over Debt They Don't Owe by 13-Oct-2021 06:30 AM (41 comments)
Alabama Supreme Court Rules Law Enforcement Can Withhold Almost All Records Indefinitely by 12-Oct-2021 15:50 PM (18 comments)
LA Sheriff's Handpicked 'Public Integrity Unit' Doing Little More Than Harassing And Intimidating The Department's Critics by 12-Oct-2021 13:40 PM (7 comments)
Facebook Banning & Threatening People For Making Facebook Better Is Everything That's Wrong With Facebook by 12-Oct-2021 12:16 PM (110 comments)
Hacked Data Exposes Law Enforcement Officers Who Joined Far-Right Oath Keepers Group by 05-Oct-2021 03:40 AM (72 comments)
Tampa Bay PD's 'Crime-Free Housing' Program Disproportionately Targeted Black Residents, Did Nothing To Reduce Crime by 01-Oct-2021 13:46 PM (22 comments)
Survey Confirms Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Is Still Home To Dangerous Gangs, Has No Solid Plan To Eliminate Them by 30-Sep-2021 15:31 PM (18 comments)
Facebook's Latest Scandals: The Banality Of Hubris; The Messiness Of Humanity by 30-Sep-2021 09:23 AM (33 comments)
Investigation: Minneapolis Cops Responded To George Floyd's Murder By Refusing To Do Their Jobs While Still Collecting Their Paychecks by 27-Sep-2021 13:39 PM (105 comments)
Three Former US Intelligence Analysts Fined $1.6 Million For Helping The UAE Government Spy On Dissidents And Activists by 24-Sep-2021 03:10 AM (6 comments)
Billy Mitchell Lets His Site Lapse, With A Critic Of His High Score Claims Swooping In To Take It Over by 22-Sep-2021 19:40 PM (24 comments)
Chinese Government Decides It's Done Fucking Around, Forces Hong Kong To Engage In 'Patriot-Only' Elections by 21-Sep-2021 09:49 AM (43 comments)

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