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NY Senator Proposes Ridiculously Unconstitutional Social Media Law That Is The Mirror Opposite Of Equally Unconstitutional Laws In Florida & Texas by 03-Jan-2022 09:20 AM (25 comments)
Chinese Govt. Arrests More Pro-Democracy Icons In Hong Kong, Including Music Stars by 29-Dec-2021 19:52 PM (29 comments)
Klobuchar's Silly Letter To Facebook Raises 1st Amendment Issues And Only Gives Ammo To Misinfo Peddlers That Facebook Is A State Actor by 29-Dec-2021 09:23 AM (26 comments)
Chinese Gov't Inflicts Its Selective Amnesia On Hong Kong, Forcing The Removal Of Tiananmen Square Massacre Monuments by 28-Dec-2021 10:58 AM (35 comments)
Confused Judge Grants Project Veritas' Prior Restraint Against The NY Times by 27-Dec-2021 10:40 AM (64 comments)
Robert Reich Loses The Plot: Gets Basically Everything Wrong About Section 230, Fairness Doctrine & The 1st Amendment by 22-Dec-2021 09:31 AM (95 comments)
No, The Arguments Against Florida's & Texas' Content Moderation Bills Would Not Block All Internet Regulations by 17-Dec-2021 11:58 AM (27 comments)
Canada Strikes Again: Allows Lawsuit Against Twitter To Proceed Over Speech Of Twitter Users by 16-Dec-2021 09:33 AM (43 comments)
Rep. Thomas Massie Seems To Have Skipped Over The 1st Amendment In His Rush To 'Defend' The 2nd by 07-Dec-2021 09:20 AM (94 comments)
Protecting Judges Is Important, But They Don't Get To Throw Out The 1st Amendment For Themselves by 03-Dec-2021 13:41 PM (28 comments)
Washington Post Forgets It Fought (And Won) Legal Battle Against Mandatory Transparency; Now Demands Internet Co's Face The Same by 29-Nov-2021 09:31 AM (18 comments)
Hypocrite Grifters Project Veritas Scream About Press Freedom, Then Run To Court To Silence The NY Times by 19-Nov-2021 09:30 AM (31 comments)
Yes, Even If You Think Project Veritas Are A Bunch Of Malicious Grifters, FBI Raid Is Concerning by 18-Nov-2021 13:37 PM (141 comments)
Supreme Court Takes A Pass On A Chance To Firmly Establish A Right To Record Police Officers by 16-Nov-2021 13:36 PM (16 comments)
[UPDATED]: Myanmar's Military Junta Sentences American Journalist To Eleven Years In Prison by 15-Nov-2021 15:51 PM (8 comments)
Brazil's Fake News Legislation Moves Forward, Gets Slightly Better And Way Worse by 15-Nov-2021 10:46 AM (0 comments)
Chinese Internet Companies Are Censoring People Who Write Or Speak Tibetan Or Uyghur, Lending A Hand To China's Cultural Genocides by 11-Nov-2021 11:59 AM (6 comments)
Hong Kong Government Now Directly Censoring Films In Hopes Of Shutting Down Protest-Related Documentaries by 09-Nov-2021 12:01 PM (21 comments)
Fifth Circuit Appeals Court Strips Immunity For Officers Who Arrested A Journalist For Asking Questions by 05-Nov-2021 10:50 AM (16 comments)
Netflix Files Anti-Slapp Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit Claiming One Of Its Series Caused A Teen To Commit Suicide by 02-Nov-2021 09:38 AM (17 comments)
RFK Jr. Abusing The Courts To Harass Pseudonymous Blogger For Pointing Out RFK Spoke At German Event Organized By Far Right Extremists by 28-Oct-2021 12:07 PM (30 comments)
Why Falsely Claiming It's Illegal To Shout Fire In A Crowded Theater Distorts Any Conversation About Online Speech by 28-Oct-2021 10:44 AM (85 comments)
Massachusetts College Decides Criticizing The Chinese Government Is Hate Speech, Suspends Conservative Student Group by 22-Oct-2021 05:36 AM (144 comments)
Court Says City Of Baltimore's 'Heckler's Veto' Of An Anti-Catholic Rally Violates The First Amendment by 21-Oct-2021 16:07 PM (28 comments)
Chicago Court Gets Its Prior Restraint On, Tells Police Union Head To STFU About City's Vaccine Mandate by 21-Oct-2021 12:19 PM (385 comments)
LinkedIn (Mostly) Exits China, Citing Escalating Demands For Censorship by 20-Oct-2021 11:03 AM (24 comments)
Court Tells Arkansas Troopers That Muting Anti-Cop Terms On Its Facebook Page Violates The 1st Amendment by 18-Oct-2021 12:10 PM (37 comments)
Right-Wing Commentator Dan Bongino Runs Into Florida Anti-SLAPP Law, Now Owes Daily Beast $32,000 In Legal Fees by 04-Oct-2021 13:43 PM (14 comments)
There May Be A New Boss At The DOJ, But The Government Still Loves Its Indefinite Gag Orders by 04-Oct-2021 11:00 AM (6 comments)
Court To Sheriff: Sending An Officer To Tell A Teen To Delete Instagram Posts Is So Very Obviously A Rights Violation by 29-Sep-2021 09:24 AM (29 comments)

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