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Minneapolis Oversight Board Says Police Department Should Ditch 'Excited Delirium' Training by 06-Jan-2022 19:44 PM (1 comment)
Appeals Court Denies Immunity To Bored Cop Who Decided To Turn A Natural Death Into A Murder by 05-Jan-2022 20:02 PM (10 comments)
Eighth Circuit (Again) Says There's Nothing Wrong With Detaining Innocent Minors At Gunpoint by 04-Jan-2022 20:12 PM (15 comments)
Tenth Circuit Denies Qualified Immunity To Social Worker Who Fabricated A Mother's Confession Of Child Abuse by 03-Jan-2022 19:53 PM (35 comments)
Federal Court Tells Proud Boys Defendants That Raiding The Capitol Building Isn't Covered By The First Amendment by 03-Jan-2022 13:32 PM (25 comments)
Former US Intelligence Analysts Sued For Hacking A Saudi Activist's Phone On Behalf Of The United Arab Emirates by 28-Dec-2021 19:59 PM (8 comments)
Dallas PD Brags About Stealing Money From A Woman At An Airport, Is Now Facing Scrutiny From Its Oversight Board by 28-Dec-2021 03:24 AM (17 comments)
California Police Officers' Bigoted Text Messages Have Just Undone Dozens Of Felony Cases by 27-Dec-2021 19:46 PM (31 comments)
Judge Wants To Know If DOJ Ignored Its Own Journalist-Targeting Guidelines When Investigating An Infowars Host Who Raided The Capitol by 27-Dec-2021 12:16 PM (37 comments)
Another Illinois Appeals Court Handles Compelled Password Production, Says There's No Fifth Amendment Issue Here by 23-Dec-2021 10:51 AM (17 comments)
DEA Gives Former Marine Back $86,900 Cops Took From Him During A Nevada Traffic Stop Caught On Body Cam by 22-Dec-2021 20:15 PM (35 comments)
Federal Court Says Destroying Someone's House To Apprehend A Fugitive Might Be A Constitutional Violation by 21-Dec-2021 20:32 PM (50 comments)
Not How Any Of This Works: Pandemic's Wrongest Man Sues Twitter For Kicking Him Off The Platform by 21-Dec-2021 10:45 AM (67 comments)
Gov't Accountability Office Says FBI Should Probably Just Give Up The Use Of Force Reporting It Never Bothered Doing by 17-Dec-2021 13:32 PM (6 comments)
Tenth Circuit Appeals Court Says Fourth And Sixth Amendment Rights Are Meaningless When National Security Is On The Line by 17-Dec-2021 10:44 AM (56 comments)
How Attacks On Section 230 Could Put Addiction Recovery Efforts At Risk by 15-Dec-2021 11:59 AM (16 comments)
Senate Inches Closer To Providing Free Access To PACER by 14-Dec-2021 13:40 PM (6 comments)
Court Tells Cops Who Got A Man Wrongly Imprisoned For 25 Years That Of Course Framing People For Crimes Is A Rights Violation by 13-Dec-2021 20:13 PM (64 comments)
DOJ Tells Courts They Don't Need To Explore The Constitutionality Of Section 230 To Toss Donald Trump's Dumb Lawsuits Out by 13-Dec-2021 13:38 PM (17 comments)
Texas Says Its Unconstitutional Content Moderation Law Should Still Go Into Effect While We Wait For Appeal; Judge: 'No, That's Not How This Works' by 10-Dec-2021 15:36 PM (21 comments)
UK Government Says Clearview Owes It $23 Million For Violating Privacy Laws by 09-Dec-2021 13:47 PM (2 comments)
Sidney Powell's Michigan Election Fraud LOLsuit Just Cost Her And Her Buddies $175,000 In Legal Fees by 07-Dec-2021 12:00 PM (23 comments)
Federal Court Dismisses Another Negligence Suit Against Online Gun Marketplace Armslist But Says Section 230 Doesn't Protect It by 03-Dec-2021 15:44 PM (94 comments)
Encrypted Phone Seller Facing Criminal Charges Fights Back, Says Sky Global Isn't Complicit In Customers' Illegal Acts by 03-Dec-2021 09:32 AM (10 comments)
Colorado Appeals Court Says A Drug Dog That Alerts On Now-Legal Weed Can't Create Probable Cause For A Search by 02-Dec-2021 20:40 PM (24 comments)
Texas Court Gets It Right: Dumps Texas's Social Media Moderation Law As Clearly Unconstitutional by 02-Dec-2021 09:35 AM (34 comments)
Even As Grifters Insist Otherwise, Courts Know That Social Media Are Not State Actors Because Of Section 230 by 01-Dec-2021 12:08 PM (25 comments)
Silly, Pandering Politicians Introduce Silly, Pandering 'Cyber Grinch' Law That Would Ban Buying Bots by 30-Nov-2021 12:09 PM (109 comments)
DOJ Asks Tenth Circuit Appeals Court To Firmly Establish A Right To Record Police Officers by 30-Nov-2021 10:47 AM (8 comments)
Apple Sues NSO Group For Targeting IPhone Users With Powerful Exploits by 29-Nov-2021 12:03 PM (7 comments)

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