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Baltimore Police Union Blames City's Murder Rate On Defunding Efforts That Never Happened by 06-Jan-2022 10:49 AM (16 comments)
Dish's Hyped 5G Network (And 'Fix' For T-Mobile/Sprint Merger) Is Looking Rather Skimpy by 30-Dec-2021 05:56 AM (7 comments)
Retailers Are Blaming The Internet For A Retail Theft Surge That Might Not Be Happening; Media Is Helping Them Out by 28-Dec-2021 12:28 PM (26 comments)
Another Report Shows U.S. 5G Isn't Living Up To The Hype by 23-Dec-2021 06:22 AM (10 comments)
Which Went More Viral Challenge: Local News Stories Or TikTok School Violence 'Challenge'? by 17-Dec-2021 09:25 AM (16 comments)
Dumb Telecom Take Of The Week: Because The Internet Didn't Explode, Killing Net Neutrality Must Not Have Mattered by 17-Dec-2021 04:48 AM (22 comments)
The Senate's Finsta Problem by 15-Dec-2021 09:25 AM (8 comments)
Apple's 'Do Not Track' Button Is Privacy Theater by 10-Dec-2021 06:46 AM (4 comments)
High Profile Commission On Disinformation Unable To Solve Disinformation Despite Having Prince Harry On Board by 18-Nov-2021 09:34 AM (11 comments)
Media Spends Years Insisting Facebook Makes Society Worse; Then Trumpets A Poll Saying People Think Facebook Makes Society Worse by 17-Nov-2021 09:32 AM (30 comments)
Facebook Whistleblower Testifies Before 'Grand Committee On Disinformation'; Which Includes Countries That Lock People Up For Criticizing The Gov't by 16-Nov-2021 09:25 AM (11 comments)
Rupert Murdoch Spreads False Claim Biden FCC Nom Wants To 'Censor Conservatives.' NewsMax & OAN Immediately Prove Him Wrong. by 11-Nov-2021 10:50 AM (29 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 304: What Everyone Gets Wrong About Facebook by 09-Nov-2021 13:36 PM (5 comments)
Yahoo Reminds Everyone It Still Exists By Formally Announcing Its Exit From China by 09-Nov-2021 09:32 AM (4 comments)
Klobuchar, Cotton Competition Bill Latest To Pretend 'Big Tech' Is The Only Industry With Problems by 09-Nov-2021 05:53 AM (50 comments)
Latest Moral Panic: No, TikTok Probably Isn't Giving Teenage Girls Tourette Syndrome by 02-Nov-2021 10:51 AM (37 comments)
Google's Stadia Pivots To Being Some White Label Game Streaming Platform For Others To Use by 25-Oct-2021 19:54 PM (11 comments)
Trump Announces His Own Social Network, 'Truth Social,' Which Says It Can Kick Off Users For Any Reason (And Already Is) by 21-Oct-2021 02:51 AM (173 comments)
FCC's 'New' Robocall Plan Isn't Particularly New, Won't Seriously Reduce Robocalls by 08-Oct-2021 06:31 AM (10 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 299: The Misinformation About Disinformation by 28-Sep-2021 13:30 PM (0 comments)
FCC's Carr Still Pushing A Dumb Telecom Tax On 'Big Tech' by 20-Sep-2021 06:24 AM (16 comments)
Will COVID Become Australia's 9/11? by 08-Sep-2021 10:47 AM (159 comments)
Netflix's Announced 'Video Game Streaming' Foray Fizzles Into Some Mobile Games Using Netflix IP by 30-Aug-2021 20:15 PM (12 comments)
'Historic' FCC Robocall Fine For Burkman, Wohl Could Prove Hollow by 26-Aug-2021 13:46 PM (12 comments)
Cell Phones Still Somehow Get The Entirety Of The Blame For Teen Depression by 03-Aug-2021 06:21 AM (28 comments)
No, The White House Isn't Colluding With Facebook To Silence Dissent; But It Sure Could Have Handled Things Better by 16-Jul-2021 16:31 PM (134 comments)
Why Do We So Quickly Blame The Internet And Anonymity For Things That Are Not About Anonymous People Online? by 09-Jul-2021 09:35 AM (35 comments)
No, 'Big Tech' Should Not Give 'Big Telecom' Billions Of Dollars For No Reason by 18-Jun-2021 08:58 AM (13 comments)
FBI's Recovery Of Colonial Pipeline Bitcoin Ransom Highlights How The 'Ban Crypto To Stop Ransomware' Cries Were Wrong Again by 16-Jun-2021 13:47 PM (34 comments)
Map Of The Internet Exposes The Lie That 'Big Tech' Controls The Internet by 09-Jun-2021 11:58 AM (51 comments)

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