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ICE Is So Toxic That The DHS's Investigative Wing Is Asking To Be Completely Separated From It by 04-Jan-2022 10:44 AM (29 comments)
The Bipartisan Attacks On The Internet Are Easily Understood If You Realize They Just Want To Control Speech Online by 13-Dec-2021 09:41 AM (48 comments)
GOP Claim That Biden FCC Nom Gigi Sohn Wants To 'Censor Conservatives' Is AT&T & Rupert Murdoch Backed Gibberish by 06-Dec-2021 06:31 AM (49 comments)
Newly Revealed Details Show That Missouri Government Totally Knew That Journalists Were Not At Fault For Teacher Data Vulnerability by 03-Dec-2021 10:54 AM (27 comments)
Canadian Telecom Giant Rogers Mired In Bizarre Executive Power Feud That Began With A Butt Dial by 12-Nov-2021 06:35 AM (14 comments)
The Corruption Is In Congress: When Your New Bill Exempts The Biggest Employers In Your State, Perhaps There's A Problem by 09-Nov-2021 10:45 AM (33 comments)
The Whistleblower And Encryption: Everyone Has An Angle, And Not Everyone Is A Policy Expert by 26-Oct-2021 09:32 AM (12 comments)
GOP Very Excited To Be Handed An FCC Voting Majority By Joe Biden by 15-Oct-2021 12:07 PM (21 comments)
Texas Pols Shocked To Learn Their Bill Let Gas Companies Off The Hook For Climate Change Preparedness by 08-Oct-2021 15:39 PM (47 comments)
If Your Takeaway From Facebook's Whistleblower Is That Section 230 Needs Reform, You Just Got Played By Facebook by 06-Oct-2021 09:36 AM (49 comments)
AT&T Quickly Ditches Pledge Not To Fund Congressional Insurrectionists by 23-Sep-2021 06:33 AM (12 comments)
AT&T Hopes You'll Ignore It Routinely Finances Terrible Politicians Doing Terrible Things by 16-Sep-2021 06:31 AM (13 comments)
Why Is The Republican Party Obsessed With Social Media? by 17-Aug-2021 12:09 PM (49 comments)
House Republicans Introduce Ridiculous, Contradictory, Unconstitutional Package Of 32 Bills About Section 230 And Content Moderation by 29-Jul-2021 09:25 AM (20 comments)
Biden Still Hasn't Picked An FCC Boss, But He Just Tagged A Comcast Lobbyist As Ambassador To Canada by 23-Jul-2021 06:23 AM (9 comments)
Telecom Industry Spends $320,000 Every Day Lobbying Against Policies It Doesn't Like by 22-Jul-2021 15:38 PM (14 comments)
Biden Administration Poised To Give Comcast Lobbyist Canadian Ambassador Spot by 30-Apr-2021 13:28 PM (4 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 279: How Rights Went Wrong by 20-Apr-2021 13:30 PM (5 comments)
Josh Hawley: We Must Break Up Companies Whose Politics I Disagree With For Discriminating Against People Whose Politics I Agree With by 19-Apr-2021 13:34 PM (65 comments)
Why Did Not A Single Representative Want To Discuss Jack Dorsey's Plans For Dealing With Disinformation? by 30-Mar-2021 09:35 AM (27 comments)
Senator Mark Warner Doesn't Seem To Understand Even The Very Basic Fundamentals Of Section 230 As He Seeks To Destroy It by 23-Mar-2021 10:50 AM (37 comments)
Yet Another Story Shows How Facebook Bent Over Backwards To Put In Place Different Rules For Conservatives by 24-Feb-2021 09:30 AM (155 comments)
Telecoms Paused PAC Spending To Insurrectionists, But Their Umbrella Lobbying Orgs Didn't by 27-Jan-2021 06:42 AM (5 comments)
House Republicans Have A Big Tech Plan… That Is Both Unconstitutional And Ridiculous by 26-Jan-2021 12:00 PM (69 comments)
Google Threatens To Pull Out Of Australia Entirely; Australians Demand That It Both Stay And Pay News Orgs For Giving Them Traffic by 25-Jan-2021 12:08 PM (109 comments)
Inauguration Has Happened, Google And Facebook Should End The Ban On Political Advertisements by 20-Jan-2021 13:39 PM (21 comments)
Big Telecom Wants A Cookie For Pausing PAC Donations After Hoovering Up Billions In Trump Favors by 13-Jan-2021 05:55 AM (9 comments)
In His Last Two Weeks, Ajit Pai Finally Finds A Backbone And Refuses To Move Forward With Trump's Ridiculous 230 Attack by 08-Jan-2021 09:34 AM (21 comments)
Politics Is Not A Game by 07-Jan-2021 11:50 AM (230 comments)
Wednesday, January 6th: The Day The Game Of Politics Turned Into Insurrection by 07-Jan-2021 10:44 AM (146 comments)

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