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Chinese Government Fines Local Car Dealerships For Surveilling While Not Being The Government by 04-Jan-2022 13:31 PM (5 comments)
France Says Clearview Broke Privacy Laws, Orders It To Delete Residents' Data by 21-Dec-2021 12:01 PM (5 comments)
More Info Leaks About The CBP's Counter-Terrorism Division's Targeting Of Journalists by 15-Dec-2021 10:44 AM (5 comments)
Life360 Scandal Once Again Shows Nobody In The U.S. Actually Wants To Fix Our Rampant Privacy Problems by 08-Dec-2021 06:25 AM (10 comments)
Verizon Once Again Expands Its Snoopvertising Ambitions by 07-Dec-2021 10:42 AM (10 comments)
Chinese Government Is Building A Surveillance System That Will Target, Track Foreign Journalists, Students by 06-Dec-2021 09:35 AM (27 comments)
Documents Shows Just How Much The FBI Can Obtain From Encrypted Communication Services by 02-Dec-2021 12:12 PM (13 comments)
Company Promises 'Seamless Parking Experience' In Exchange For The Permission To Track App Users All Over The Internet by 24-Nov-2021 10:44 AM (29 comments)
Data Privacy Is The Price Of The Latest Antitrust Proposals by 04-Nov-2021 13:42 PM (8 comments)
Seventh Circuit Says Riley Doesn't Apply To Searches Of Parolees' Phones by 04-Nov-2021 12:12 PM (1 comment)
Document Freed By FOIA Shows How Much Data The FBI Can Obtain From Cellphone Service Providers by 04-Nov-2021 09:33 AM (8 comments)
Swiss Court Says ProtonMail Isn't A Telecom, Isn't Obligated To Retain Data On Users by 29-Oct-2021 12:19 PM (3 comments)
If Courts Won't Protect People's Phones At The Border, Congress Needs To Act Now by 26-Oct-2021 12:05 PM (19 comments)
FTC Study Highlights How 'Big Telecom' Privacy Practices Are Even Worse Than 'Big Tech' by 26-Oct-2021 06:34 AM (13 comments)
Australian Privacy Commissioner Says 7-Eleven Broke Privacy Laws By Scanning Customers' Faces At Survey Kiosks by 22-Oct-2021 12:25 PM (8 comments)
Delta Proudly Announces Its Participation In The DHS's Expanded Biometric Collection Program by 20-Oct-2021 12:05 PM (7 comments)
Study Shows How Android Phones Still Track Users, Even When 'Opted Out' by 18-Oct-2021 13:32 PM (2 comments)
Many Digital Divide 'Solutions' Make Privacy And Trust A Luxury Option by 18-Oct-2021 05:09 AM (17 comments)
Bizarre Magistrate Judge Ruling Says That If Facebook Deletes An Account, It No Longer Needs To Keep Details Private by 08-Oct-2021 09:34 AM (16 comments)
Filecoin Foundation Ensuring That SecureDrop Can Continue To Help Whistleblowers And Journalists by 07-Oct-2021 15:37 PM (2 comments)
Research Shows Apple's New Do Not Track App Button Is Privacy Theater by 28-Sep-2021 06:32 AM (6 comments)
Appeals Court Says State Secrets Privilege Means NSA Can Avoid Wikimedia Foundation's Unlawful Surveillance Allegations by 23-Sep-2021 09:33 AM (7 comments)
Massachusetts Supreme Court Being Asked To Decide Whether Cops Can Engage In Warrantless Surveillance Of Social Media Users by 23-Sep-2021 03:26 AM (14 comments)
The LAPD Is Asking City Residents To Hand Over Social Media Account Info To Feed To Its Unsupervised Monitoring Software by 16-Sep-2021 03:24 AM (20 comments)
GAO's Second Report On Facial Recognition Tech Provides More Details On Federal Use Of Clearview's Unvetted AI by 13-Sep-2021 03:20 AM (18 comments)
ProtonMail Turned Over French Activist's IP Address To Law Enforcement Following A Request From Swiss Authorities by 10-Sep-2021 13:29 PM (13 comments)
Sixth Circuit Reaffirms It's A Fourth Amendment Violation To Chalk Car Tires For Parking Enforcement Purposes by 09-Sep-2021 13:41 PM (68 comments)
Every Streaming Company Not Named Apple Receives A Lousy Grade On Privacy by 07-Sep-2021 06:14 AM (26 comments)
Reverse Warrants Show Feds Sought Data On Thousands Of Police Brutality Protesters In Kenosha, Wisconsin by 01-Sep-2021 09:37 AM (44 comments)
Apple's Dedication To Privacy Is Missing When It Comes To Its Workforce, Employees Say by 31-Aug-2021 06:22 AM (16 comments)

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