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EUIPO Study Indicates It's Likely That Piracy Traffic Has Decreased Significantly, Even During The Pandemic by 13-Dec-2021 15:52 PM (26 comments)
Yet Another Study Shows Mainstream Media Is A Key Vector In Spreading Misinformation by 09-Dec-2021 09:37 AM (28 comments)
Institute For Justice Survey Shows How Philadelphia's Forfeiture Program Preyed On Poor Minorities by 08-Nov-2021 20:16 PM (21 comments)
The Whole YouTube Radicalizes People Story Doesn't Seem To Have Much Evidence To Back It Up by 03-Nov-2021 09:39 AM (30 comments)
New Study Indicates Recreational Screen Time For Kids Makes Very Little Difference by 27-Oct-2021 20:13 PM (30 comments)
New Research Shows Social Media Doesn't Turn People Into Assholes (They Already Were), And Everyone's Wrong About Echo Chambers by 18-Oct-2021 10:50 AM (85 comments)
Study Says Official Count Of Police Killings Is More Than 50% Lower Than The Actual Number by 15-Oct-2021 16:10 PM (13 comments)
Survey Suggests Eager Starlink Users Don't Understand Service Will Have Limited Reach by 23-Sep-2021 15:37 PM (60 comments)
Study Suggests Assholes Online Are Routinely Assholes Offline by 03-Sep-2021 05:35 AM (38 comments)
Data Analysis Shows That Trump's Messages Still Received Tons Of Attention; Though His Disinformation Doesn't Travel As Far by 09-Jun-2021 09:38 AM (41 comments)
Oxford University Study Shows Small Correlation Between Playing Video Games And 'Well Being' by 19-Feb-2021 09:33 AM (21 comments)
'Going Dark' Is Bullshit, Says Yet Another Report Detailing All The Ways Law Enforcement Can Obtain Evidence by 06-Jan-2021 03:23 AM (13 comments)
Yet Another Report Shows Asset Forfeiture Doesn't Reduce Crime Or Cripple Criminal Organizations by 17-Dec-2020 11:00 AM (32 comments)
Two Studies Show Giving Military Gear To Cops Doesn't Result In Lower Crime Rates by 14-Dec-2020 13:39 PM (19 comments)
Academic Study Says Open Source Has Peaked: But Why? by 03-Sep-2020 03:05 AM (18 comments)
Americans Disagree On What Content Should Be Moderated, But They All Agree Social Media Companies Suck At Moderation by 09-Jul-2020 12:12 PM (36 comments)
Sci-Hub Downloads Boost Article Citations — And Help Academic Publishers by 07-Jul-2020 19:46 PM (16 comments)
New Study Finds No Evidence Of Anti-Conservative Bias In Facebook Moderation (If Anything, It's The Opposite) by 02-Jun-2020 09:24 AM (169 comments)
Public Interest Groups Ask Social Media Platforms To Preserve Data Regarding COVID-19 Content Moderation For Future Study by 29-Apr-2020 16:06 PM (2 comments)
Turns Out Most People Still Don't Hate 'Big Internet' As Much As Politicians And The Media Want Them To by 04-Mar-2020 11:59 AM (26 comments)
Harvard Students Again Show 'Anonymized' Data Isn't Really Anonymous by 10-Feb-2020 06:08 AM (18 comments)
Academic Consensus Growing: Phones And Social Media Aren't Damaging Your Kids by 23-Jan-2020 10:44 AM (66 comments)
New Study Suggests That YouTube's Recommendation Algorithm Isn't The Tool Of Radicalization Many People Believe (At Least Not Any More) by 06-Jan-2020 12:01 PM (62 comments)
New Bill Introduced To Study Impact Of SESTA/FOSTA On Sex Workers by 19-Dec-2019 09:46 AM (49 comments)
Study Says US Ranked 68th Out Of 100 In Mobile Video Quality by 09-Dec-2019 06:14 AM (10 comments)
Study Says Russian Trolls Didn't Have Much Influence On Election; But It's More Complicated Than That by 03-Dec-2019 12:13 PM (64 comments)
Rep. Ro Khanna To Introduce Bill To Study Impact Of FOSTA On Sex Workers by 16-Sep-2019 09:34 AM (36 comments)
Once More With Feeling: 'Anonymized' Data Is Not Really Anonymous by 30-Jul-2019 06:38 AM (33 comments)
Don't Shoot The Message Board: A Data Driven Look At The Impact Of Section 230 On Innovation And The Economy by 25-Jun-2019 09:30 AM (18 comments)
Shockingly, Cable TV and Broadband Customer Satisfaction Is Still The Worst In America by 17-Jun-2019 06:28 AM (25 comments)

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