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19:44 Twitch, Others, Ban Amouranth Yet Again, Once Again With Zero Transparency (46)
15:50 Alabama Supreme Court Rules Law Enforcement Can Withhold Almost All Records Indefinitely (18)
13:40 LA Sheriff's Handpicked 'Public Integrity Unit' Doing Little More Than Harassing And Intimidating The Department's Critics (8)
12:16 Facebook Banning & Threatening People For Making Facebook Better Is Everything That's Wrong With Facebook (54)
10:55 Why Section 230 'Reform' Effectively Means Section 230 Repeal (35)
10:50 Daily Deal: The Complete 2021 Learn Linux Bundle (0)
09:59 Report: TSA Is Spending $1 Billon On Bag Scanners That 'May Never Meet Operational Needs' (16)
04:37 Most People Probably Don't Need A VPN, Experts Now Advise (49)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (63)


12:30 This Week In Techdirt History: October 3rd - 9th (5)


19:39 Connecticut Supreme Court Says Cops Need Warrants To Run Drug Dogs Around Motel Room Doors (12)
15:39 Texas Pols Shocked To Learn Their Bill Let Gas Companies Off The Hook For Climate Change Preparedness (45)
13:46 If You Want To Know Why Section 230 Matters, Just Ask Wikimedia: Without It, There'd Be No Wikipedia (10)
12:00 Winding Down Our Latest Greenhouse Panel: Content Moderation At The Infrastructure Layer (1)
10:44 Locast Shuts Down, As Yet Again A Bad Interpretation Of Copyright Law Makes The World Worse (22)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Web Development Crash Course Bundle (0)
09:34 Bizarre Magistrate Judge Ruling Says That If Facebook Deletes An Account, It No Longer Needs To Keep Details Private (15)
06:31 FCC's 'New' Robocall Plan Isn't Particularly New, Won't Seriously Reduce Robocalls (7)
03:27 Court Tells Child Sexual Abuse Investigators That The Private Search Warrant Exception Only Works When There's A Private Search (13)


20:04 Seuss Estate And ComicMix Copyright Case Settles In The Saddest Possible Way (22)
15:37 Filecoin Foundation Ensuring That SecureDrop Can Continue To Help Whistleblowers And Journalists (2)
13:34 Court Awards Qualified Immunity To Florida Deputy Who Arrested A Driver For An 'I EAT ASS' Window Decal (18)
12:12 Trump Asks Court To Reinstate His Twitter Account ASAP (55)
10:57 Inspector General Says CBP's Device Search Program Still A Mess, Still (Ironically) Mostly Undocumented (7)
10:52 Daily Deal: The Premier All AWS Certification Training Bundle (0)
10:00 Apparently Someone Doesn't Want You To Buy Our Copymouse Shirt (31)
09:18 CNN Shutting Down Its Facebook In Australia Shows How Removing 230 Will Silence Speech (30)
06:18 Neiman Marcus Breach Exposes Data Of 4.6 Million Users (12)
03:21 Accidentally Unsealed Document Shows Feds Are Using Reverse Warrants To Demand Info On Google Searches (11)


19:42 Perfect Timing: Twitch Gets Compromised With Voluminous Leak Of Data Via Torrent (25)
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