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05:43 MAGA 'Freedom Phone' Targets Rubes With Dubious Promises Of Privacy (121)


20:18 Google Jumps Into The Game Revenue Split Wars With Stadia (7)
15:59 Appeals Court Affirms State Trooper Who Responded To An F-Bomb With An Arrest Owes $15k In Legal Fees (15)
14:00 Using The George Floyd Protests As An Excuse, Minneapolis Police Destroyed Evidence And Case Files (29)
12:24 Patent Quality Week: This One Weird Trick Could Solve Most Patent Quality Problems (36)
10:50 French Competition Authority Fines Google Nearly $600 Million For Failing To Negotiate A Nonsensical Deal With Publishers 'In Good Faith' (37)
10:45 Daily Deal: How to Hack Bundle (0)
09:29 Leaked Data Shows NSO Group's Malware Was Used To Target Journalists, Activists, And World Leaders (17)
06:28 It's 2021 And Bullshit Broadband And Cable TV Fees Are Somehow Still A Thing (18)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (4)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: July 11th - 17th (2)


16:31 No, The White House Isn't Colluding With Facebook To Silence Dissent; But It Sure Could Have Handled Things Better (134)
14:02 Five Palo Alto Cops Sue The City And Their PD, Claiming A Black Lives Matter Mural Harassed Them (26)
12:14 Senator Steve Daines Decides To Spit On The 1st Amendment Again: Wants To Ban Moderation Of Politicians (157)
10:46 Top EU Court's Adviser Regrettably Fails To Recommend Throwing Out Upload Filters, But Does Say They Should Block Only "Identical" Or "Equivalent" Copies (21)
10:41 Daily Deal: Zulu Exero Bone Conduction Headphones (1)
09:32 Florida Tells Court: Actually, It's Section 230 That's Unconstitutional (Not Our Social Media Law) (82)
05:58 GAO Tells US Government Its Speed Definition For Broadband Sucks (21)


19:43 Tenth Circuit: No Immunity For Cops Who Protected An Abusive Fellow Officer Right Up Until He Murdered His Ex-Wife (28)
15:42 Social Tech Loses Appeal To Apple Over 'Memoji' Trademark Because Suing Apple Isn't Using The Mark In Commerce (7)
14:06 How Sketchy Data Scavengers Are Using Hatred Of 'Big Tech' To Attack Plans To Make The Web More Private (11)
12:17 Fifth Circuit Sends Anonymous Cop's Lawsuit Againt Protest Organizer To The State's Top Court, Suggests Getting Injured Is Part Of The Job (16)
10:57 Exactly Right: 'You're Not Entitled To A Platform, Boomer.' (53)
10:52 Daily Deal: The Professional Microsoft Excel Training Bundle (0)
09:52 Wisconsin Senator's Social Media Bill Aims To Save The First Amendment By Violating The First Amendment (61)
06:35 You Can Now Pay AT&T Extra To Adhere To The Dictionary Definition Of 'Unlimited' (16)


20:47 Japanese Police Arrest Man For Selling Modded Save Files For Single-Player Nintendo Game (51)
15:48 Content Moderation Case Study: Twitter Experiences Problems Moderating Audio Tweets (2020) (6)
13:43 As Cuba Tries To Block Internet Messaging, A Reminder Of Why The Open Internet Is So Important (7)
12:10 Court To Judge Roy Moore: You're Not Defamation-Proof, But This Contract You Signed Sure Is (23)
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