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15:50 Facebook's Downtime And Why Protocols Are More Resilient Than Centralized Platforms (8)
14:33 OnlyFans Isn't The First Site To Face Moderation Pressure From Financial Intermediaries, And It Won't Be The Last (9)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 300: How Our Views Have Changed Over 300 Episodes (0)
12:00 Investigation: CBP Targeted Journalists, Illegally Shared Info With Mexico, And Attempted To Cover It All Up (26)
10:54 A New Hope For Moderation And Its Discontents? (3)
10:49 Daily Deal: The JavaScript DOM Game Developer Bundle (0)
09:06 Rethinking Facebook: We Need To Make Sure That 'Good For The World' Is More Important Than 'Good For Facebook' (49)
06:47 Company That Handles Billions Of Text Messages Quietly Admits It Was Hacked Years Ago (8)
03:40 Hacked Data Exposes Law Enforcement Officers Who Joined Far-Right Oath Keepers Group (33)


19:56 Disney Defeats Lawsuit Brought By Company Owning Evel Knievel's Rights Over 'Toy Story 4' Character (39)
15:37 Tesla 'Self-Driving' NDA Hopes To Hide The Reality Of An Unfinished Product (46)
14:30 Reminder: Our Techdirt Tech Policy Greenhouse Live Workshop Is Happening This Wednesday! (0)
13:43 Right-Wing Commentator Dan Bongino Runs Into Florida Anti-SLAPP Law, Now Owes Daily Beast $32,000 In Legal Fees (12)
12:00 Infrastructure And Content Moderation: Challenges And Opportunities (5)
11:00 There May Be A New Boss At The DOJ, But The Government Still Loves Its Indefinite Gag Orders (5)
10:54 Daily Deal: TREBLAB Z2 Bluetooth 5.0 Noise-Cancelling Headphones (2)
09:41 In Josh Hawley's World, People Should Be Able To Sue Facebook Both For Taking Down Stuff They Don't Like AND Leaving Up Stuff They Don't Like (41)
05:37 South Korean ISP Somehow Thinks Netflix Owes It Money Because Squid Game Is Popular (29)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (25)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: September 26th - October 2nd (0)


19:39 PS4 Battery Time-Keeping Time-Bomb Silently Patched By Sony; PS3 Consoles Still Waiting (37)
15:30 Top Publishers Aim To Own The Entire Academic Research Publishing Stack; Here's How To Stop That Happening (17)
13:46 Tampa Bay PD's 'Crime-Free Housing' Program Disproportionately Targeted Black Residents, Did Nothing To Reduce Crime (18)
12:20 Against 'Content Moderation' And The Concentration Of Power (13)
10:51 Ken Popehat White (Again) Shows How To Respond To A Completely Thuggish Legal Threat Letter (33)
10:46 Daily Deal: Meshforce M3 Mesh Wi-Fi System (1)
09:24 Blumenthal's Finsta Debacle: It Remains Unacceptable That Our Politicians Are So Clueless About The Internet (52)
06:14 The 'Digital Divide' Didn't Just Show Up One Day. It's The Direct Result Of Telecom Monopolization (11)
03:15 Facebook: Amplifying The Good Or The Bad? It's Getting Ugly (19)


20:02 Copyright Continues To Be Abused To Censor Critics By Entities Both Big And Small (13)
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