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06:39 Despite A Decade Of Complaints, US Wireless Carriers Continue To Abuse The Word 'Unlimited' (8)
03:35 Sidney Powell Asks Court To Dismiss Defamation Lawsuit Because She Was Just Engaging In Heated Hyperbole... Even When She Was Filing Lawsuits (84)


20:06 New Year, Same You: Twitch Releases Tools To Help Creators Avoid Copyright Strikes, Can't Properly Police Abuse (27)
15:53 Connecticut Legislature Offers Up Bill That Would Make Prison Phone Calls Free (8)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 275: The State Of Trust & Safety (2)
12:07 North Carolina Legislators Push Bill That Would Prevent Cops, Prosecutors From Charging Six-Year-Olds For Picking Flowers (15)
10:50 Senator Mark Warner Doesn't Seem To Understand Even The Very Basic Fundamentals Of Section 230 As He Seeks To Destroy It (34)
10:45 Daily Deal: Mini Wipebook Scan (2-Pack) (0)
09:33 What I Hope Tech CEOs Will Tell Congress: 'We're Not Neutral' (41)
06:30 Yet More Studies Show That 5G Isn't Hurting You (34)


20:05 Sharyl Attkisson Lawsuit Against Rod Rosenstein Claiming She Was Hacked By Government Tossed (13)
15:49 It's The End Of Citation As We Know It & I Feel Fine (12)
13:42 Drone Manufacturers Are Amping Up Surveillance Capabilities In Response To Demand From Government Agencies (8)
12:07 Cop's Lies About A Traffic Stop Are Exposed By A Home Security Camera Located Across The Street (40)
10:48 Senators Leahy And Tillis -- Both Strongly Supported By Hollywood -- Ask Merrick Garland To Target Streaming Sites (16)
10:43 Daily Deal: The CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert Bundle (0)
09:42 Appeals Court Judge Attacks Fundamental Principle Of 1st Amendment Law, Because He Thinks The Media Likes Democrats Too Much (46)
05:27 Whistleblower Says AT&T Has Been Ripping Off US Schools For A Decade (8)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (16)


12:30 Game Jam Winner Spotlight: Fish Magic (2)


19:39 Life Imitates Art: Warren Spector Says He Wouldn't Make 'Deus Ex' In Today's Toxic Climate (50)
15:31 Content Moderation Case Study: Telegram Gains Users But Struggles To Remove Violent Content (2021) (33)
13:35 Conspiratorial Attacks On Telecom Infrastructure Keep Getting Dumber And More Dangerous (21)
12:11 House Republicans Want To Flip Section 230 On Its Head, Bring Back Distributor Liability (48)
10:44 China Warns Microsoft That LinkedIn Isn't Suppressing Enough Voices (7)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Complete Become A UI/UX Designer Bundle (0)
09:32 AT&T Whines That California Net Neutrality Rules Are Forcing It To Behave (11)
05:54 Cricut Hastily Walks Back Plan To Charge Cutting Machine Owners $10/Month To Fully Use Their Purchases (25)


19:58 Modder Solves 'GTA Online' Loading Time Problem, Gets Paid By Rockstar For It (345)
15:43 Appeals Court Decision Shows The Cleveland PD Cares More About Being Lied To Than About Officers Killing Children (43)
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