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13:37 10 Steps The Biden-Harris Administration Should Take To Bring Equity To Our Patent System (5)
12:07 Court Docs Appear To Show FBI Informants Contributed Two-Thirds Of The Conspirators To The Michigan Governor Kidnapping Plot (30)
10:55 Techdirt Has Been Released From A Gag Order Regarding A Federal Investigation Into A Silly Comment (46)
10:50 Daily Deal: The Complete 2021 SQL Master Class Bundle (0)
09:28 Senators Klobuchar And Lujan Release Ridiculous, Blatantly Unconstitutional Bill To Make Facebook Liable For Health Misinformation (39)
06:23 Biden Still Hasn't Picked An FCC Boss, But He Just Tagged A Comcast Lobbyist As Ambassador To Canada (10)
03:26 Texas School District's Facial Recognition System Capable Of Capturing A Single Student's Image More Than 1,000 Times A Week (25)


20:45 Learning About Content Moderation From Ghosts In Virtual Reality (2)
15:38 Telecom Industry Spends $320,000 Every Day Lobbying Against Policies It Doesn't Like (13)
13:37 COVID-19 Shows What Innovation Looks Like Without Patents (Spoiler: It Works) (28)
11:56 DOJ Makes It Official: No Gathering Of Journalists' Records During Leak Investigation (5)
10:44 Techdirt Is Fighting A New Lawsuit (36)
10:39 Daily Deal: The 2021 Complete All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Course Bundle (0)
09:30 Florida's New Law Against Blocking Roads During Protests Already Being Ignored By Cops Policing Protests The Governor Supports (44)
06:30 The Government 'Fix' For The T-Mobile Merger Continues To Look Like A Convoluted Mess (8)


19:49 Court Calls Bullshit On Cop Who Claimed He Could Smell Weed In Sealed Bags In A Moving Car From His Own Moving Cruiser (20)
15:45 Content Moderation Case Study: Spotify Comes Under Fire For Hosting Joe Rogan's Podcast (2020) (60)
13:42 The Key To Lowering Drug Prices Is Improving Patent Quality (10)
12:05 Senator Amy Klobuchar Says She Has A Bill To Hold Facebook Responsible For Vaccine Disinfo; But What Would The Cause Of Action Be? (40)
10:56 Seventh Circuit Says (Reluctantly) That 18 Months Of Pole-Mounted Camera Surveillance Isn't Unconstitutional (16)
10:51 Daily Deal: CuriosityStream Unlimited HD Plan (0)
09:32 As White House Says It's 'Reviewing 230', Biden Admits His Comments About Facebook Were Misinformation (52)
04:55 Axios Parrots A Lot Of Dumb, Debunked Nonsense About Net Neutrality (52)
01:56 Many Automakers Rely On Patents, But That Doesn't Mean All Patents Are Good For Automakers (6)


19:45 Court To Cop: You Need More Than 'Odor Of Marijuana' And Inconsistent Testimony To Justify A Warrantless Search (18)
15:29 WIPO Says Johnson & Johnson Can't Seize Parody Website Suggesting Band Aids With Corporate Sponsors (12)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 290: Patent Quality Week (0)
10:49 The Eternal October: Bringing Back Tech Optimism, Without The Naivety (43)
10:44 Daily Deal: The Modern Web Development And MySQL Programming Bundle (0)
09:37 Judge Ignores First Amendment, Misreads Town Law, While Ordering Resident To Remove 'Fuck Biden' Signs (317)
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