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10:40 Daily Deal: The Complete Mobile And App Development Bundle (0)
09:36 FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr Not Interested In Baltimore Prosecutor's Request To Have The FCC Investigate Her Critics (10)
06:35 Facing Growing Pressure To Suck Less, Big Telecom Claims Broadband Is Super Cheap (It Is Decidedly Not) (9)
03:28 Mozilla, Google Ask Mauritius Gov't To Abandon Its Plan To Intercept, Decrypt All Social Media Traffic Originating In The Country (10)


20:02 DOJ Dropped Its Subpoena For NunesAlt Twitter Account One Week After Twitter Called Bullshit On Its Demands (16)
15:34 Time Magazine Lauds Clearview AI Despite Its Sketchy Facial Recognition Tech (5)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 283: Debating Section 230, With WIRED's Gilad Edelman (17)
12:11 FBI Got Access To Sci-Hub Founder's Apple Account (15)
10:45 FBI Informants Still Committing Serious Crimes Thousands Of Times A Year (16)
10:40 Daily Deal: Babbel Language Learning (All Languages) (0)
09:14 eBay To Let Governments Pull Down Listings Automatically; What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (19)
06:46 After 50,000 Layoffs And Absolute Chaos, AT&T Ends Its Bungled Media Experiment (20)
03:47 Ubisoft Shifts Its Future Plans To Include More 'Free To Play' Games (11)


20:00 Chicago PD Oversight Says Officers Racked Up 100 Misconduct Allegations During A Single Wrong Address Raid (32)
15:30 South Korean Real-Time Video 'Social Discovery' App Might Be The New ChatRoulette -- If It Can Keep Out The Lettuce Fornicators (5)
13:38 DOJ Sent A Grand Jury Subpoena To Twitter Demanding The Unmasking Of A Twitter User Being Sued By Devin Nunes (23)
12:06 Biden Revokes Trump's Silly Executive Order On Section 230; But It Already Did Its Damage (12)
10:46 New Jersey State Legislators Think They Can Get Trump Back On Facebook By Passing A Stupid Social Media Moderation Bill (36)
10:41 Daily Deal: Zulu Exero Bone Conduction Headphones (2)
09:35 UK Now Calling Its 'Online Harms Bill' The 'Online Safety Bill' But A Simple Name Change Won't Fix Its Myriad Problems (27)
04:13 Smart TV Makers Will Soon Make More Money Off Your Viewing Habits Than The TV Itself (35)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (5)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: May 9th - 15th (8)


19:39 Angry Joe Tears Into Twitch Over Its One-Sided Approach To DMCA Takedowns (44)
15:40 Content Moderation Case Study: Knitting Community Ravelry Bans All Talk Supporting President Trump (2019) (27)
13:36 Chinese Government's Hacker Competition Is Being Used To Find Exploits To Wield Against Uighur Citizens (5)
12:17 Michigan Legislator With No Understanding Of The 1st Amendment Wants To Fine Fact Checkers For Pointing Out His Lies (48)
10:43 FISA Court Says FBI May Be Abusing Surveillance Powers; Will Continue To Allow It To Abuse Surveillance Powers (7)
10:38 Daily Deal: The 2021 Microsoft Azure And Security Training Bundle (0)
09:28 The Flopping Of Trump's Blog Proves That It's Not Free Speech He's Upset About; But Free Reach (299)
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