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$100 Million Pledged To Indie Film On Kickstarter... And 8,000 Films Made by Mike Masnick 1-07-2013 8:45 AM (89 comments)
Confusing Value And Price, Choir Demands £3000 Per Download by Tim Cushing 1-07-2013 5:39 AM (77 comments)
Odd Logic: If You Value Your Readers, You Should Make Them Pay by Mike Masnick 1-04-2013 5:37 PM (29 comments)
Makers Of Minecraft Documentary Put It On The Pirate Bay, Despite High Profile Launch With Xbox by Mike Masnick 12-26-2012 8:50 AM (53 comments)
Choose Your Own Hamlet Becomes The Largest Publishing Project On Kickstarter, Thanks To The Public Domain by Mike Masnick 12-19-2012 2:56 PM (32 comments)
Quick List Of Successes In Which Copyright Didn't Matter by Timothy Geigner 12-19-2012 8:45 AM (47 comments)
People Realizing That Other Occupations Can Learn From Music Success Stories by Mike Masnick 12-13-2012 12:07 AM (7 comments)
Infographic: People Will Pay To Support Creators, Even When Free Is An Option by Leigh Beadon 12-12-2012 4:08 PM (78 comments)
Musician Mike Doughty Offers Unique Copy Of His New Song, Personalized To Each Buyer, For $543.09 by Mike Masnick 12-11-2012 8:01 PM (21 comments)
Lester Chambers, Screwed Over For Decades By The Recording Industry, Goes Direct Via Kickstarter by Mike Masnick 12-11-2012 12:35 PM (41 comments)
Psy Makes $8.1 Million By Ignoring Copyright Infringements Of Gangnam Style by Glyn Moody 12-10-2012 10:15 AM (121 comments)
Dear Recording Industry: 'Rampant Piracy' Is Deader Than Your Outdated Metrics by Tim Cushing 12-10-2012 8:17 AM (86 comments)
It's Important To Learn From Business Model Failures As Well by Mike Masnick 11-28-2012 2:59 PM (15 comments)
Newly Independent Band To Fans: Don't Just Remix Our Music, Please Try To Make Money From It Too by Mike Masnick 11-20-2012 8:08 PM (10 comments)
Micro-Stock Photo Agency Prefers Converting Customers To Cracking Down On Infringers by Tim Cushing 11-20-2012 12:02 AM (13 comments)
Creativity Through Collaboration: From Memes To Videogames by Timothy Geigner 11-19-2012 8:04 PM (15 comments)
Double Fine's Tim Schafer On Openness And His New Game Project With Humble Bundle by Leigh Beadon 11-19-2012 1:58 PM (7 comments)
AC/DC And Kid Rock Finally Realize That Selling Tracks Online Is Probably A Good Idea by Mike Masnick 11-19-2012 9:53 AM (44 comments)
Dan Pink Offers 'Access' As A Reward For Helping Promote His Book by Mike Masnick 11-16-2012 4:27 PM (13 comments)
Doug Stanhope: Piracy Is A Problem Only If You Think Of It As A Problem by Timothy Geigner 11-16-2012 8:33 AM (53 comments)
Literary Agent: Authors Don't Need Middlemen, They Need Partners by Tim Cushing 11-15-2012 12:11 AM (14 comments)
The Raw Power Of Louis CK: Even HBO Is Opening The Garden Gates by Leigh Beadon 11-13-2012 3:33 PM (12 comments)
Flat World Knowledge Taking Away Its Free Option Opens Up Opportunities For Competitors by Mike Masnick 11-12-2012 8:08 PM (13 comments)
A Reminder: Lower Prices Can Make You More Money by Mike Masnick 11-08-2012 8:16 PM (32 comments) Owner Inoculating Against Piracy By Selling The Scarce by Timothy Geigner 11-07-2012 3:13 AM (29 comments)
Flat World Knowledge No Longer To Offer Free Texts, Claims It's More 'Fair' by Mike Masnick 11-05-2012 11:59 PM (19 comments)
Study: Paywalls Work Better If You Beg by Leigh Beadon 11-05-2012 8:00 PM (15 comments)
Making Sure Players Get The Best Experience Is More Important Than Worrying About How They Got The Game by Zachary Knight 11-01-2012 3:34 AM (18 comments)
How To Use One Superfan To Spread The Word To Millions by Glyn Moody 10-31-2012 2:59 PM (10 comments)
How Being Very Transparent May Have Saved A 'Failed' Kickstarter Project by Zachary Knight 10-30-2012 8:05 PM (4 comments)

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