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As Beijing Continues To Creep Into Hong Kong, Internet Censorship Begins by Timothy Geigner 1-19-2021 10:44 AM (43 comments)
Ridiculous: Yale Law Prof Argues That Because Some In Congress Want More Moderation, That Makes Twitter A State Actor by Mike Masnick 1-15-2021 9:39 AM (45 comments)
Dominion Voting Systems Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Former Trump Lawyer, Sidney Powell by Tim Cushing 1-14-2021 12:20 PM (42 comments)
Pennsylvania School District Asks Supreme Court To Allow It To Continue To Violate Students' First Amendment Rights by Tim Cushing 1-06-2021 1:27 PM (23 comments)
Cass Sunstein's No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Idea For Using Defamation To Fight 'Fake News' by Mike Masnick 1-06-2021 10:44 AM (43 comments)
Repair Shop Owner Who Supposedly Had Hunter Biden's Laptop Sues Twitter For Defamation... Has Lawsuit Tossed The Same Day by Mike Masnick 12-30-2020 9:36 AM (19 comments)
Chinese Government Sentences Journalist To Four Years In Jail For Reporting On The Spread Of The Coronavirus by Tim Cushing 12-29-2020 12:10 PM (15 comments)
Unimpressed Judge Tosses One Of Devin Nunes' SLAPP Suits Against The Washington Post by Mike Masnick 12-28-2020 9:33 AM (13 comments)
NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Signs Law Banning Sale Of Confederate Flags That Will Absolutely Get Nullified by Timothy Geigner 12-16-2020 7:47 PM (137 comments)
As A Parting Shot, Tulsi Gabbard Teams Up With Paul Gosar To Introduce Yet Another Unconstitutional Attack On Section 230 by Mike Masnick 12-10-2020 1:48 PM (73 comments)
Federal Court Says Sanctions Are On The Way For Portland PD Over Violations Of Protest Restraining Orders by Tim Cushing 12-08-2020 3:24 AM (9 comments)
Florida State Police Raid Home Of COVID Whistleblower, Point Guns At Her & Her Family, Seize All Her Computer Equipment by Mike Masnick 12-07-2020 3:25 PM (124 comments)
Georgia Court Streams Ridiculous 'Kraken' Lawsuit Hearing On YouTube; Then Tells People They Can't Repost Recordings by Mike Masnick 12-07-2020 10:47 AM (46 comments)
French Legislators Outlaw Discriminating Against People Because Of Their 'Regional Accents' by Tim Cushing 12-04-2020 3:28 AM (13 comments)
French Gov't Walks Back Proposal To Make Publishing Images Of Police Officers Illegal After Massive Protests Erupt Across The Nation by Tim Cushing 12-02-2020 3:33 AM (7 comments)
Tennessee State Rep Ask US Congress To Ignore Supreme Court Precedent And Outlaw Flag Burning by Tim Cushing 12-01-2020 3:30 AM (33 comments)
Federal Court Strikes Down California's Ban On 'Offensive' License Plates by Tim Cushing 11-30-2020 10:44 AM (26 comments)
Cryptocurrency Giant Binance Sues Forbes, Driving New Attention To Article About Binance's Corporate Structuring by Mike Masnick 11-25-2020 9:38 AM (10 comments)
EU Court Backs Austrian Court, Says Local Libel Law Applies Everywhere In The World by Tim Cushing 11-18-2020 10:48 AM (38 comments)
Federal Court Says State Regulation That Compels Production Of Code May Violate The First Amendment by Tim Cushing 11-17-2020 1:53 PM (60 comments)
UK Politician Demands The Impossible: Social Media Companies Must Not Take Down Political Speech, But Must Block Disinformation by Mike Masnick 11-17-2020 9:29 AM (35 comments)
Trump Campaign's Ridiculous SLAPP Suit Against CNN Tossed Out Easily by Mike Masnick 11-16-2020 1:35 PM (28 comments)
About Time: NY Governor Cuomo Signs Anti-SLAPP Law by Mike Masnick 11-12-2020 3:40 PM (14 comments)
WHO Is Blocking Commenters From Even Mentioning Taiwan On Its Facebook Page by Mike Masnick 11-12-2020 9:33 AM (25 comments)
Gun-Toting Couple Sues Photographer For Privacy Violation Over Photo They Used As Christmas Cards, After He Billed Them by Mike Masnick 11-11-2020 10:48 AM (78 comments)
Internal Documents Show The FBI Is Only Interested In Punishing Anti-Trump Speech By Its Employees by Tim Cushing 11-05-2020 9:23 AM (25 comments)
Trump's DOJ Still Pretending Everything Has An 'Interstate' Nexus To Throw Federal Charges At Protester by Tim Cushing 11-04-2020 10:46 AM (19 comments)
Shiva Ayyadurai's Lawsuit Against A Massachusetts Official Actually Raises An Interesting 1st Amendment Question About Election Disinformation by Mike Masnick 11-02-2020 10:44 AM (53 comments)
Your Problem Is Not With Section 230, But The 1st Amendment by Jess Miers 11-02-2020 9:35 AM (111 comments)
Turkish President Sues Dutch Lawmaker Over A Bunch Of 'Insulting' Tweets by Tim Cushing 11-02-2020 6:23 AM (25 comments)

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