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Judge: Trump Denying He Raped Someone Was Not Part Of His Official President's Duties by Mike Masnick 10-29-2020 1:42 PM (25 comments)
Zoom Shuts Down NYU Event To Discuss Whether Zoom Should Be Shutting Down Events Based On Content by Mike Masnick 10-28-2020 9:43 AM (21 comments)
Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner Threaten Defamation Suit Over Lincoln Project's Non-Defamatory Billboards by Tim Cushing 10-26-2020 10:48 AM (41 comments)
Appeals Court Reinstates Injunction Blocking Federal Agents From Assaulting Portland Journalists by Tim Cushing 10-22-2020 3:34 PM (22 comments)
It's Opposite Day At The FCC: Rejects All Its Own Legal Arguments Against Net Neutrality To Claim It Can Be The Internet Speech Police by Mike Masnick 10-22-2020 10:46 AM (13 comments)
San Diego Cops Who Abused Old 'Seditious Language' Law To Ticket Residents Also Engaged In Other Misconduct by Tim Cushing 10-19-2020 1:43 PM (6 comments)
Mumbai Police Help Indian Prime Minister Modi Scrub BuzzFeed Of Images That Offended His Delicate Sensibilities by Tim Cushing 10-16-2020 3:22 AM (11 comments)
DOJ Is Suing Melania Trump's Ex-Friend Over Her Book, Despite Never Being A Government Employee by Mike Masnick 10-15-2020 10:44 AM (45 comments)
Clarence Thomas Doesn't Like Section 230, Adding To His Anti-Free Speech Legacy by Mike Masnick 10-13-2020 12:09 PM (41 comments)
DOJ Seizes Domains, Claiming They Pushed Iranian Disinformation; Should Raise 1st Amendment Concerns by Mike Masnick 10-09-2020 7:39 PM (34 comments)
Federal Judge Ridiculously Says That Holding A Sign Telling People Cops Are Ahead Is Not Free Speech by Mike Masnick 10-09-2020 9:30 AM (37 comments)
China Micro-Censors The VP Debate In The Most Hamfisted Way by Timothy Geigner 10-08-2020 8:29 PM (21 comments)
Devin Nunes Asks Appeals Court To Invalidate Bedrock Supreme Court 1st Amendment Ruling by Mike Masnick 10-08-2020 10:40 AM (12 comments)
Administration Officials (Again) Break The Law By Investigating Voice Of America Journalist For 'Anti-Trump Bias' by Tim Cushing 10-08-2020 3:35 AM (43 comments)
Judge Refuses To Dismiss Batch Of Nicholas Sandmann's Media Lawsuits In The Laziest Defamation Ruling I've Ever Seen by Mike Masnick 10-05-2020 12:04 PM (26 comments)
Trump Still Hates The 1st Amendment: Meeting With State Attorneys General To Tell Them To Investigate Internet Companies For Bias by Mike Masnick 9-23-2020 2:59 AM (36 comments)
Court Rejects Clearview's First Amendment, Section 230 Immunity Arguments by Tim Cushing 9-22-2020 12:29 PM (8 comments)
Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction Saying That The US Cannot Block WeChat, Says The Ban Raises 1st Amendment Concerns by Mike Masnick 9-21-2020 12:05 PM (21 comments)
Experts Say Internet Shutdowns Don't Thwart Protests by Karl Bode 9-21-2020 6:25 AM (12 comments)
Alan Dershowitz Files SLAPP Suit Against CNN; Says Not Airing More Of What He Said Is Defamation by Mike Masnick 9-18-2020 10:53 AM (22 comments)
Human Rights Organization Issues Press Freedom Alert Over UK Government's Refusal To Speak To Critical Journalists by Tim Cushing 9-17-2020 3:32 AM (11 comments)
French Government To Make Insulting Mayors A Criminal Offense by Tim Cushing 9-09-2020 3:36 PM (60 comments)
Trump Gets Mad That Twitter Won't Take Down A Parody Of Mitch McConnell; Demands Unconstitutional Laws by Mike Masnick 9-08-2020 12:19 PM (71 comments)
Tinpot Administration Is Apparently 'Building Dossiers' On Journalists Who Criticize Trump by Tim Cushing 9-02-2020 3:14 AM (36 comments)
Appeals Court: City Employee's Horrific Facebook Posts About Tamir Rice Shooting Were Likely Protected Speech by Tim Cushing 8-24-2020 10:40 AM (38 comments)
The Supreme Court's Failure To Protect The Right To Assemble Has Led Directly To Violence Against Protesters by Tim Cushing 8-21-2020 9:33 AM (89 comments)
Washington Court Says First Amendment Protects Teen's Emoji-Laden Rant About Her Mother by Tim Cushing 8-21-2020 3:32 AM (15 comments)
California Fusion Center Tracked Anti-Police Protests, Sent Info To 14,000 Police Officers by Tim Cushing 8-20-2020 12:11 PM (22 comments)
Not A Good Look: Facebook's Public Policy Director In India Files A Criminal Complaint Against A Journalist For A Social Media Post by Mike Masnick 8-19-2020 1:20 PM (2 comments)
Court Says First Amendment Protects Ex-Wife's Right To Publicly Discuss Her Ex-Husband On Her Personal Blog by Tim Cushing 8-19-2020 10:49 AM (23 comments)

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