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City Of London Police Parrot Academic Publishers' Line That People Visiting Sci-Hub Should Be Afraid, Very Afraid by Glyn Moody 3-25-2021 3:23 AM (11 comments)
New Year, Same You: Twitch Releases Tools To Help Creators Avoid Copyright Strikes, Can't Properly Police Abuse by Timothy Geigner 3-23-2021 8:06 PM (27 comments)
Senators Leahy And Tillis -- Both Strongly Supported By Hollywood -- Ask Merrick Garland To Target Streaming Sites by Mike Masnick 3-22-2021 10:48 AM (16 comments)
Apple Sued Over 'Diverse' Emojis Which Is All Idea and No Specific Expression by Timothy Geigner 3-16-2021 8:36 PM (22 comments)
Amazon's Refusal To Let Libraries Lend Ebooks Shows Why Controlled Digital Lending Is So Important by Mike Masnick 3-15-2021 9:24 AM (54 comments)
Court Allows Lawsuit Over Abusive Copyright Trolling DMCA Notices To Move Forward by Mike Masnick 3-11-2021 1:39 PM (6 comments)
Oh The Culture You'll Cancel, Thanks To The Ninth Circuit And Copyright by Cathy Gellis 3-10-2021 12:00 PM (28 comments)
DMCA Complaint Claims Copyright On The Word 'Outstanding', Wants Entries From Top Dictionaries De-Listed From Google by Glyn Moody 3-09-2021 3:40 AM (23 comments)
The Digital Copyright Act: We Told Senator Tillis Not To Do This, But He Did It Anyway. So We Told Him Again. by Cathy Gellis 3-08-2021 12:05 PM (18 comments)
Another Game Developer DMCAs Its Own Game In Dispute With Publisher by Timothy Geigner 3-03-2021 7:56 PM (22 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 271: Gaming Like It's 1925 by Leigh Beadon 2-24-2021 1:43 PM (0 comments)
Karma: Twitch Replaces Live Metallica Concert With 8-Bit Music To Avoid Copyright Madness by Mike Masnick 2-22-2021 9:35 AM (37 comments)
Snippet Taxes Not Only Violate The Berne Convention, But Also Betray The Deepest Roots Of Newspaper Culture by Glyn Moody 2-10-2021 10:51 AM (23 comments)
Latest Anti-Accountability Move By Cops Involves Playing Music While Being Recorded In Hopes Of Triggering Copyright Takedowns by Tim Cushing 2-10-2021 9:31 AM (41 comments)
Why Is Congress Pushing For Locking Up More Culture? by Mike Masnick 2-09-2021 3:44 PM (28 comments)
Japan Looks To Amend Copyright Law To Force Some Cosplayers To Pay To Cosplay by Timothy Geigner 2-02-2021 8:12 PM (53 comments)
RIAA Launches Brand New Front Group Pretending To Represent Independent Artists by Mike Masnick 2-01-2021 3:37 PM (41 comments)
The Lies Told About The EU Copyright Directive's Upload Filters May Help Get Them Thrown Out In Court by Glyn Moody 1-29-2021 10:44 AM (15 comments)
BMG, Aggressive Champion Of Copyright Enforcement, Accused Of Copyright Infringement By Jehovah's Witnesses by Timothy Geigner 1-25-2021 3:49 PM (53 comments)
Turns Out That Brexit Means Rotting Pigs' Heads, And Losing An EU Copyright Exception by Glyn Moody 1-22-2021 12:14 PM (32 comments)
Nintendo Hates You: Gaming Giant Lobs A DMCA Nuke At Hundreds Of Fan Games by Timothy Geigner 1-15-2021 10:44 AM (14 comments)
Nintendo Appears To Be Using A Fan-Made Drawing Of Mario Without Artist's Permission Or Credit by Timothy Geigner 1-13-2021 8:04 PM (14 comments)
Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Helps Protect Free Speech & Fair Use By Losing Yet Another Case by Mike Masnick 1-07-2021 3:36 PM (14 comments)
Part Of Apple's Abuse Of The DMCA Against Corellium Thrown Out... But Part Of It Lives On by Mike Masnick 1-05-2021 10:54 AM (7 comments)
Elsevier Wants To Stop Indian Medics, Students And Academics Accessing Knowledge The Only Way Most Of Them Can Afford: Via Sci-Hub And Libgen by Glyn Moody 12-28-2020 7:51 PM (11 comments)
The Mystery Of The Copyright On Sherlock Holmes' Emotions Goes Unsolved Due To Settlement by Timothy Geigner 12-22-2020 8:01 PM (15 comments)
Senator Tillis Releases Massive Unconstitutional Plan To Reshape The Internet In Hollywood's Image by Mike Masnick 12-22-2020 10:48 AM (56 comments)
You'll Need Fifty Stimulus Checks To Pay The Damages You Might Get Hit With Under The CASE Act by Mike Masnick 12-22-2020 9:18 AM (109 comments)
Congress (Once Again) Sells Out To Hollywood: Sneaks CASE Act And Felony Streaming Bill Into Government Funding Omnibus by Mike Masnick 12-21-2020 10:01 AM (82 comments)
Copyright Trolling/SEO Scam, Changing The Photo Credits On Wikimedia Commons by Mike Masnick 12-16-2020 1:33 PM (21 comments)

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