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The Idea That Banning TikTok Thwarts Chinese Intelligence In Any Way Is Ridiculous by Karl Bode 8-12-2020 6:12 AM (30 comments)
Update: The TikTok Clusterfuck: Trump To Order A Block, Microsoft Wants To Buy, And Competition Is Still There by Mike Masnick 7-31-2020 1:41 PM (56 comments)
NY Post's Journalistic Malpractice: Misleading Reporting On Nick Sandmann's Washington Post Settlement by Mike Masnick 7-24-2020 7:39 PM (39 comments)
Trumpian Loudmouths Apparently Losing Interest In Parler With No One To Play Victim To by Mike Masnick 7-24-2020 9:38 AM (47 comments)
U.S. TikTok Hysteria Teeters Toward The Idiotic by Karl Bode 7-17-2020 6:34 AM (41 comments)
Pompeo Says US May Ban TikTok; It's Not Clear That It Can by Mike Masnick 7-07-2020 9:33 AM (47 comments)
For All The Hype, Trump's Favorite 'News' Channel (OAN) Faces Shrinking Footprint by Karl Bode 7-06-2020 12:16 PM (20 comments)
'But Without 230 Reform, Websites Have No Incentive To Change!' They Scream Into The Void As Every Large Company Pulls Ads From Facebook by Mike Masnick 7-01-2020 9:23 AM (43 comments)
As Predicted: Parler Is Banning Users It Doesn't Like by Mike Masnick 6-29-2020 12:08 PM (893 comments)
Mixer Shuts Down, Showing Again Why You Don't Need To Freak Out By Copycat Competitors by Timothy Geigner 6-26-2020 3:37 PM (22 comments)
Just Like Every Other Platform, Parler Will Take Down Content And Face Impossible Content Moderation Choices by Mike Masnick 6-26-2020 9:35 AM (75 comments)
Trump's 'Safe Policing' Executive Order Does Nothing To Address The Root Causes Of Police Misconduct by Tim Cushing 6-17-2020 3:23 AM (57 comments)
No, Google Didn't Demonetize The Federalist & It's Not An Example Of Anti-Conservative Bias by Mike Masnick 6-16-2020 2:56 PM (29 comments)
Cars, Guns, Cider, And Snapchat Don't Cause Crime by Will Duffield 6-16-2020 1:39 PM (23 comments)
NYPD Counterterrorism Official Worried About 'Anarchists' Who Are 'Good At Using' Encryption by Tim Cushing 6-10-2020 11:00 AM (40 comments)
No, Twitter Fact Checking The President Is Not Evidence Of Anti-Conservative Bias by Mike Masnick 5-29-2020 2:03 PM (273 comments)
Moderation v. Discretion v. Censorship: They're Not The Same by Stephen T. Stone 5-28-2020 1:59 PM (96 comments)
AT&T Won't Stop Lying About 'Fake 5G' by Karl Bode 5-27-2020 6:29 AM (10 comments)
Senate Talking Points Say Warrantless Collection Of Internet Use Data Keeps Terrorists From Killing Us by Tim Cushing 5-26-2020 1:31 PM (22 comments)
Verizon Tries To Temper 5G Enthusiasm After Report Clearly Shows US 5G Is Slow, Lame by Karl Bode 5-21-2020 6:20 AM (19 comments)
Beware Of Op/Eds Falsely Claiming The US Internet Only Works During A Pandemic Because Lobbyists Neutered The FCC by Karl Bode 5-20-2020 6:27 AM (15 comments)
FBI Holds Press Conference To Claim Apple Prevented It From [Checks Notes] Verifying Attribution In The Pensacola Air Base Shooting by Tim Cushing 5-19-2020 3:23 AM (45 comments)
Hey, Epic, If you're Going To Boldly Give Away A Historically Popular Game For Free, Make Sure You Can Handle The Demand by Timothy Geigner 5-15-2020 7:39 PM (58 comments)
Facebook's Supreme Court Is In Place... And Everyone Hates It, Because Facebook Makes Everyone Hate Everything by Mike Masnick 5-11-2020 10:44 AM (9 comments)
Senator Blumenthal Is Super Mad That Zoom Isn't Actually Offering The End To End Encryption His Law Will Outlaw by Mike Masnick 4-02-2020 9:38 AM (22 comments)
Why Tech Might Actually Be The Solution To Capitalism's Addiction Problem by Alec Stapp 3-12-2020 10:45 AM (35 comments)
Wireless Carriers Are Training Consumers To Equate "5G" With Bluster And Empty Promises by Karl Bode 3-09-2020 6:27 AM (34 comments)
Ring Says It Helps Cops Fight Crime But The Data Shows It's No Better At This Than Any Other Security Camera by Tim Cushing 2-21-2020 9:38 AM (9 comments)
Stadia Isn't Starting Off Well, Even Judging By Player Counts On Free Games by Timothy Geigner 2-03-2020 3:35 PM (58 comments)
Verizon's 5G Superbowl Ads Will Hype Nonexistent Firefighter Tech And A Barely Available Network by Karl Bode 1-29-2020 10:45 AM (25 comments)

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