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Chastity Penis Lock Company That Was Hacked Says It's Now Totally Safe To Put Your Penis Back In That Chastity Lock by Timothy Geigner 2-09-2021 7:51 PM (25 comments)
Amazon Transparency Report Indicates Its Multiple IoT Devices Are Juicy Targets For Law Enforcement by Tim Cushing 2-08-2021 1:32 PM (2 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 268: A New Approach To Fighting Online Harassment by Leigh Beadon 2-02-2021 1:30 PM (1 comments)
Britain Helps Children Learn From Home By Procuring Them Laptops Preloaded With Russian Malware by Timothy Geigner 1-27-2021 8:04 PM (18 comments)
ADT Tech Spied On Women For Four Years Before Getting Caught By Accident by Karl Bode 1-27-2021 1:31 PM (11 comments)
Parole Violator Who Raided Senate Building Sold Out By The GPS Unit Attached To Him For Previous Parole Violations by Tim Cushing 1-27-2021 3:42 AM (87 comments)
Congressman Asks House Education Committee To Look At Pre-Crime Program Targeting Florida Schoolkids by Tim Cushing 1-25-2021 6:29 AM (24 comments)
Amazon Ring App Found To Be (Again) Exposing User Locations, Home Addresses by Karl Bode 1-22-2021 5:58 AM (16 comments)
Parler Attempting to Come Back Online, Still Insisting The Site's Motivation Is 'Privacy' Despite Leaking Details On All Its Users by Mike Masnick 1-19-2021 12:04 PM (63 comments)
Trump's Facts-Optional Assault On Chinese Tech Continues With Blocking Of Xiaomi by Karl Bode 1-19-2021 9:39 AM (9 comments)
Cops Love Body Camera Footage... When It Clears Officers Of Any Wrongdoing by Tim Cushing 1-13-2021 1:37 PM (6 comments)
Internet-Connected Chastity Cages Hit By Bitcoin Ransom Hack by Karl Bode 1-12-2021 6:24 AM (30 comments)
DOJ, US Court System Latest To Announce They're Victims Of The Massive Solarwinds Hack by Tim Cushing 1-11-2021 8:18 PM (9 comments)
'Going Dark?': Cops Grab Vehicle Data To Identify A Murder Suspect by Tim Cushing 1-07-2021 9:47 AM (3 comments)
FBI Warns Assholes Are Now Combining Compromised IoT Devices With Swatting Because That's The Hell We Now Live In by Tim Cushing 1-05-2021 12:13 PM (23 comments)
Malware Merchant NSO Group Caught Leaving Harvested Location Data Exposed by Tim Cushing 1-04-2021 10:46 AM (3 comments)
Body Camera Footage Shows Cameras Aren't Making Boston Cops Better Police Officers by Tim Cushing 12-30-2020 1:43 PM (25 comments)
Still Not 'Going Dark:' Device Encryption Still Contains Plenty Of Exploitable Flaws by Tim Cushing 12-30-2020 3:27 AM (23 comments)
No Surprises Here: Presidential Commission On Law Enforcement Repeats Calls For Anti-Encryption Legislation by Tim Cushing 12-29-2020 1:44 PM (16 comments)
Facial Recognition Helps New Jersey Cops Jail The Wrong Man For Ten Days [Update] by Tim Cushing 12-29-2020 6:29 AM (40 comments)
Pasco County Sheriff's School 'Pre-Crime' Program Is Violating Federal Privacy Laws by Tim Cushing 12-29-2020 3:24 AM (11 comments)
Alibaba Says It's Not Going After Uighurs (At Least Not Yet) by Tim Cushing 12-23-2020 3:25 AM (4 comments)
The SolarWinds Hack Is Just The Same Sort Of Espionage The US Government Engages In Every Day by Tim Cushing 12-22-2020 3:38 AM (19 comments)
Israel's NSO Group Exploits And Malware Again Being Used To Target Journalists In The Middle East by Tim Cushing 12-21-2020 1:33 PM (6 comments)
Dutch Prosecutors Say One Man Got Into Trump's Twitter Account With 'MAGA2020!' Password by Timothy Geigner 12-18-2020 10:52 AM (65 comments)
DEA Ditches Location Data Vendor Currently Being Investigated By Congress by Tim Cushing 12-18-2020 3:41 AM (3 comments)
Secret Agents Implicated In The Poisoning Of Opposition Leader Alexey Navalny Identified Thanks To Russia's Black Market In Everybody's Personal Data by Glyn Moody 12-17-2020 12:27 PM (9 comments)
Schools Are Using Phone-Cracking Tech To Access The Contents Of Students' Devices by Tim Cushing 12-17-2020 3:36 AM (56 comments)
Security Researcher Reveals Solarwinds' Update Server Was 'Secured' With The Password 'solarwinds123' by Tim Cushing 12-16-2020 3:27 AM (49 comments)
Huawei Is Crafting Facial Recognition Tech That Will Make It Easier For The Chinese Government To Target Citizens It Doesn't Like by Tim Cushing 12-15-2020 12:04 PM (30 comments)

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