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03:31 The Governor Who Thinks Examining HTML Is Criminal Hacking Is Now Working To Make Missouri's Public Records Laws Worse (26)
20:10 'Diablo 2 Resurrection' Includes 30 Day Online Check In For Reasons Nobody Can Figure Out (21)
15:52 Add The United Nations To The List Of Entities Helping The Chinese Government Oppress Its Minority Uighur Population (11)
13:40 Harrison Greenbaum Latest Trick: Having Paul Levy Respond To Criss Angel's Thuggish Legal Threat (9)
12:05 The Fight For Anti-Censorship Tools Continues (1)
10:43 Totally Bogus DMCA Takedowns From Giant Publishers Completely Nuke Book Review Blog Off The Internet (40)
10:38 Daily Deal: The 2022 Web Development for Beginners Bundle (0)
09:26 10 Years Later: SOPA Protests Were A Turning Point, But Not The Beginning Or The End (1)
06:28 Airline CEOs Freak Out Over 5G Despite Limited Evidence Of Real World Harm (42)
03:24 Sedition Prosecution Of Oath Keepers Members Shows The FBI Can Still Work Around Encryption (12)
20:05 PUBG Corp. At It Again: Sues Garena, Apple, And Google For Copyright Infringement Over 'Free Fire' App (109)
15:42 Join Our Game Jam In An Hour With The Help Of Story Synth (1)
13:38 States' 3rd Amended Antitrust Complaint Against Google Looks A Lot More Damning (31)
12:04 SOPA Didn't Die. It's Just Lying In Wait. (5)
10:45 The UK Has A Voyeuristic New Propaganda Campaign Against Encryption (49)
10:40 Daily Deal: The Complete GameGuru Unlimited Bundle (0)
09:30 Demanding Progress: From Aaron Swartz To SOPA And Beyond (2)
06:28 DirecTV Finally Dumps OAN, Limiting The Conspiracy And Propaganda Channel's Reach (66)
22:25 Pennsylvania Says Legal Medical Marijuana Means Cops Can't Just Sniff Their Way Into Warrantless Searches (14)
15:31 Court Says That Travel Company Can't Tell Others How Much Southwest Flights Cost (26)
13:34 Court To Cops Who Caught Pokemon Rather Than Robbery Suspects: That's A (Justified) Firin' (30)
12:00 How The SOPA Blackout Happened (1)
10:47 India's Supreme Court Opens Investigation Into Targeting Of Indian Citizens' Phones By NSO Malware (4)
10:42 Daily Deal: LastPass Premium or Family Plans (0)
09:30 Remembering The Fight Against SOPA 10 Years Later... And What It Means For Today (14)
06:38 Why U.S. Robocall Hell Seemingly Never Ends (70)
12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (39)
12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: January 9th - 15th (1)
19:39 US Court To Gruyere Cheese People: No, You Can't Ban People From Calling Their Cheese Gruyere If They Aren't Your Neighbors (81)
15:37 Appeals Court Says It's Entirely Possible For Cops To Pinpoint Marijuana Odors In Moving Cars (19)
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