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  • Sep Thu, 2012 @ 01:31am

    Speaking of Pham, something I have been noticing a lot with patents is that it seems like the application work is good for visas or something:

    Primary Examiner: Chong H. Kim

    Primary Examiner: Toan Ton
    Secondary Examiner: Tai Duong

    Primary Examiner: Hung T Vy

    Primary Examiner: Thai Q. Tran

    Primary Examiner: Bret Chen

    Primary Examiner: Douglas Q Tran

    Primary Examiner: Vu A Le

    Secondary Examiner: Ifedayo Iluyomade

    Primary Examiner: Stephen Chin
    Secondary Examiner: Sam K. Ahn

    Anyone know anything about examiner work?

  • Aug Thu, 2012 @ 12:36pm

    "Then ICANN approved a new plan to allow even more unneeded and unwanted TLDs."

    What other options are there other than expanding the TLD address space? IPv4 is down to a few drops left and domain space is soon to follow if you limit it to things like .com, .net, .uk, .br, etc.

    The internet is expanding and the IP and domain spaces have to follow suit as well, otherwise it won't be able to grow.