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  • Mar Sun, 2020 @ 07:11am

    I Disagree With The Final Conclusion?

    I like the article and I think Sonos's plan to walk back the recycle mode requirement for the discount is a good one but? This is NOT an example of "you don't own what you bought". It's not like Sonos remotely deactivated these devices when they went out of support or shut down a mandatory phone home server. Sonos offered customers something of value (a 30% discount) if they voluntarily put their devices in recycle mode. At least as I understand it from the article, they didn't force anyone to brick their speakers; they offered them a deal. Personally, I don't think it was a good deal and if I were a Sonos customer, I wouldn't have taken it even if I were planning to upgrade. I'd prefer to keep the old one around and repurpose it in another room. But that would still be my choice.