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  • Aug 18th, 2020 @ 9:27am

    Re: Re:

    Good sir or madam, I hesitate to equate the prosecution (as of the time of writing not yet a conviction) of a single agency lawyer with the exposure of an entrenched, pervasive system of deeply interwoven and Byzantine patterns of criminal scheming - of whatever origins or motives - that would allow us to legitimately say anything alleged about a 'deep state', 'extrajudicial administrative structures' or 'law enforcement impunity' has been 'true all along' or even earlier deriding of such allegations as fabulist 'conspiracy theory' was not warranted.

    Note here that I don't necessarily make the claim here that no such underlying and long-lived conspiracy or group of conspirators exist - for the record, I don't believe either of those things - but even if they do exist this prosecution does not in and of itself confirm or reveal them. It'd be like a SWAT team raiding a suburban home with a warrant for investigating the owners as major drug traffickers of all manner of controlled substances and seizing any contraband or illicit funds inside, then finding nothing except an eighth of 'dro in the teenage son's bedroom he was going to sell to his buddy on the basketball team, and then claiming that somehow the original intelligence was therefore good and the original allegations congruent with reality (an analogy close to many IRL situations, e.g. the Charles DiGristino case out of Titusville, FL in 1989).

    Perspective should be maintained at all removes and certainty should come in stages, yes?


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