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  • Jun 18th, 2020 @ 3:32am

    (c=tdp)  (c³=t³V.p+0-) (c³=ΔtΔxΔp) (e=c³) Thry Everythin

    Dear colleagues in science,
    Understanding that the void and the space time fabric are separate and that pressure is variable within areas of the fabric explains the speed of light.
    (c=tdp)  (c³=t³V.p+0-) (c³=ΔtΔxΔp) (e=c³) where e is the total energy in any enclosed system.
    The following excerpt has been added to the website with a Theory of Everything that has no loose ends, linked at the bottom of the email. 


    Here is why.

    The dynamics of the universe can be broken down into 4 different entities
    Space measured as distance in 3 dimensions x y z
    Time measured in the physical realm by intervals, seconds, which are fixed to one dimension of space for measurement but which cannot truly measure time. Though we can verify that time is 3 dimensional in variations of the double slit experiment. Einstein showed time is variable relevant to positions in space and it is also variable relative to consciousness in 3 dimensions physical length and quality defined by 2 values difficult to define in physical terms but I will use rich and poor. These 3 can each have positive or negative values.
    Pressure: 3 dimensions positive neutral negative again these each can have positive or negative values in the conscious realm.
    Energy: excess, sufficient, insufficient. With energy all 3 can have a positive or negative value.  A mid point can be fixed for physical systems but cannot be for conscious systems because it's value in consciousness is subjective. We can determine how much energy is needed to play a music at a certain decibel (insufficient energy will not produce a certain high decibel excess energy will exceed it) but it is subjective whether that volume of noise is sufficient, insufficient or excessive.

    To condense the essence of the theory we have four entities existing in the space time fabric: time, space, pressure and energy. in the quantum realm energy is a measure of the total number of impacts either by molecules in the ether or if these impacts come in great numbers they become waves which impact against the walls/skin of the spacetime fabric leading to what we detect as electricity and matter. Matter is because segments of these waves get separated from the main wave and stuck in loops/vortices. Electricity is because the waves impact and move through matter.
    Energy is determined by the value of the three others  time, space, pressure. This can be represented visually by one of each at each corner of a triangle t v and p with e represented by the space in the triangle. Hence why the triangle is the symbol for delta. All 3 have 3 properties time and space are both 3 dimensional while pressure can be + neutral or -. But we always measure using one dimension/property so c is measured along 1 dimension of time t, 1 dimension of space distance d and 1 value of pressure neutral. c=td and until now pressure has not been factored in because physicists assumed the pressure in a vacuum is constant but it is not. There is an ether in the space time fabric. So when light travels through the void which the space time fabric exists in it's speed is constant relative to the space within the fabric that it travels through and variable relative to the space in the void. This is because the spacetime fabric can be stretched or compacted within any fixed area of the void.

    Energy (number of impacts/pushes) increases or decreases dependent on the 3 others: any increase in time and/or space and/or pressure and the energy (number of impacts) increases. Likewise any decrease in time and/or space and/or pressure and the energy decreases.
    If the units of any 2 remain fixed any decrease in the other gives less energy, conversely any increase gives more energy. 
    If time and space remain fixed any decrease in pressure gives less energy, conversely any increase in pressure gives more energy.
    If pressure and space remain fixed any decrease in time gives less energy, conversely any increase in time gives more energy.
    If time and pressure remain fixed any decrease in space gives less energy, conversely any increase in space gives more energy.
    Energy is in essence the amount of movement in time and space dependent on the pressure marked by the number of collisions. So the speed of light is constant and any "object" travelling towards it causes an increase in pressure in the ether which slows the wave down relative to the amount of space in the void it is travelling through but equal in speed relational to the amount of space it travels through in the fabric. 
    Any "object" travelling away from the wave causes an decrease in pressure in the ether speeding up the wave relative to the amount of space in the void that it is travelling through but equal in speed relational to the space it travels through in the fabric.
    All have a relationship with each other. For the energy to remain constant an increase in value in 1 decreases the combined value of all the others. Adjust the angles in any ratio in the triangle and the proportions of time, space and pressure move with the others keeping the same internal energy. if we  keep the same proportions/angles but increase or decrease the size of the sides we increase or decrease the amount of energy within.
    If we increase/decrease any 2 of the 3 entities the third must increase/decrease in the opposite direct proportion to the other 2 entities overall change to maintain the same energy and vice versa. The only way we can truly increase or decrease the energy is to vary the overall length of the sides of the triangle.  Say we  increase the quantity of t we must decrease p and stay in the same volume of space to get the same energy. If p and V stay constant but we increase the amount of t we get more energy (occuring over a longer period of time).

    To understand this we must consider or understand that there is an ether INSIDE the space time fabric which is a lattice within a void and that energy is a measure of the frequency and momentum of collisions or pushes. Pushes either by molecules of the ether against each other or pushes of the fabric by waves of varying pressure moving through the ether.  The more pressure/momentum P in any specific volume V and/or the more volume in a specific pressure the more energy there is I.e. the more pushes occur within a fixed time. Increase any 1 of these and in order for the energy to remain constant the combined value of other 2 must decrease.  For example time is needed for the wave to travel from a to b. So the total energy or number of collisions increases by the rise in volume of a fixed pressure and it also increases with the rise of pressure within a fixed volume and in both cases with any increase in time so the speed of light is not just the distance by the time it is the distance by the time divided or multiplied by the pressure because pressure can be positive neutral or negative.  c=dtp where p is either a positive, zero or negative number. So the number of pushes (energy) is (e=d³ x p+0- x t³) we have a symbol for d³ which is V volume the value of p is defined by +, 0 or - but we have until now no value for 3 dimensions of time so here is what we could use. As time can be long or short in length it is also expressed in terms of "quality" which is usually associated with wealth in physical entities so we could use the symbol W for time in all it's dimensions or simply stay with t³. The less pressure (congestion in the ether) the faster the wave moves through a fixed volume of space in a fixed time. Energy is created in every RIK as a wave of collisions/energy passes through. Rather than being divided between the forward exits it exits all with the same energy it enters with through one entrance. That energy (number of collisions)  after exiting the RIK remains the same or decreases with the stretch in the TREDDs because while space in the void is constant everywhere the same space in the fabric becomes less when stretched. Less space means less pressure means less energy/collisions.

    So in an equation the speed of light is not just distance by time it is also by pressure. c=tdp
    when we use delta then x is in fact representative of space V because we know any point in space is 3 dimensional if we magnify enough. In pragmatic terms in quantum physics the position x is V quantized to the field particle, the RIK. So
    the speed of light is based on the values of these 3, dependant on how we want to express or define it. So regardless of how we wish to define the speed of light it remains constant within any system in the void so the amount of energy in any system or space within the void is.

    When there is equal volume and pressure in the physical the volume the pressure felt in time dilates in the spiritul/conscious realm not just the physical realm. As Einstein showed the measurement of time "the second" cannot truly measure time because the detected movement of the physical measuring device say the "hand" on the clock is variable relative to the observer the space between the hand and the observer, the amount of mass in the locality and as STT reveals the pressure between the 2 realms the physical and conscious/spiritual. So time and space also exert pressure on each other and as we see clearly in the video evidence of the double slit experiment time and matter have an inverse relationship.



    The Oldand Team


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