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  • Feb 26th, 2012 @ 8:06pm

    Playing GOTCHA

    GOTCHA is a simple game. Someone flips a coin. Tails, the GOTCHA wins. Heads you flip again. Now you are going to tell me you would never play such an absurd game, but my friends, you play it all the time. You play it with SOPA types who propose things which threaten your rights, and who if they do not win will simply flip again. You play it with pols who chip away at women's rights, one chisel blow at a time. If the chip doesn't fall, they flip again. You need to change the game to one where when they lose they lose for real.

    For example, how about a new law where publication of any significant portion of a copyright work by the copyright owner, employer, colleagues, or agents, in digital form of any kind, voids the copyright and puts the published work in the public domain.

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