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  • Aug Wed, 2011 @ 11:12pm

    Re: Didn't Sell Out

    Yup because having about 40 seats for a 630p showing and about 25 seats at 9pm is doing really terrible on a Thursday night. Selling almost 200 seats both nights is full of people not caring at all about his movies.

    People care about Kevin Smith because of his movies, he and his movies have huge followings and when he does something a lot of people pay attention.

  • Jan Tue, 2011 @ 09:34am

    Re: No adverts


    Randall Munroe sells books, t-shirts, and as I understand it both the original (?) and reproductions of individual strips on request.

    Furthermore, he has ads on a few other websites/webcomics, but the vast majority of his advertising is word of mouth, that's how I found out about it, and I've told a few dozen people about it personally and through facebook.

    Sometime in the future I'll probably buy his books to go into a collection, but that may take awhile as I don't really currently have space for them.

  • Dec Mon, 2010 @ 03:01pm


    The only thing I dislike about this article is the comment, "There is no such thing as a free movie" in terms of actual economics, there isn't. The filming cost someone something. It's possible to distribute freely, and that's a perfectly acceptable business model for some. Others it does not work for.

    That said, this is stupid, it's a waste of money that New York does NOT have and should be spending elsewhere. Can we pass a bottle of reality juice around? I think some folks need a shot.

  • Dec Wed, 2010 @ 12:51pm


    I really hope you're joking. Yes he leaked the documents and that's why he's being detained, and yes, he's part of the military which puts him into a different set of rules than the average citizen, but as a US Citizen he is still absolutely guaranteed a number of rights by the US Constitution. A fair trial by his peers for example. He may be and in fact is held to a higher standard than the average US citizen, but he is still guaranteed those rights.

    And yes, intent does have some bearing in cases like these. Especially as a whistleblower and someone who is trying to change something he viewed as illegal and wrong. He will likely still be punished unless it can be shown that he was in the right, but until that point he should not be treated with such utter disregard for the fact that he is a human being.

    Furthermore, your snarky comment about liberals is unnecessary and out of line. I'd hope that EVERYONE regardless of political stance recognize that people are guaranteed due process, and a fair trial. The point of the trial is to prove that a wrong was committed, even if the circumstances, before a trial, shows what happened. Lord knows your 'guy' could have been forced into what he did by some other party, and not taking the time to ensure he was solely responsible for what happened could have far worse consequences than having a fair trial for him.

  • Dec Tue, 2010 @ 07:16pm

    Re: Re: Re:

    I'm fairly certain that calling in and posing as someone else to get credit card disputes dropped qualifies as fraud, and pending a legitimate recollection, he sent counterfeit products and listed them as real products on a number of occasions.

  • Dec Tue, 2010 @ 07:14pm


    See the bits about mail fraud, wire fraud, making interstate threats and cyberstalking? Yeah, he's not being arrested because for being an asshole, he's being arrested for being an intimidating, threatening, and fraud committing asshole.

    Turns out that harassment, threatening violence, and fraudulent business practices will get you arrested. Usually.

  • Aug Mon, 2010 @ 11:52pm


    I dunno, I like Schrodinger's Cat. And sometimes I'm really curious as to what it has to do with some woman's chicken... Maybe if you put the chicken in the room with a cat locked up... Yeah, and a bit of radioactive wonderfulness that if it decays unleashes the cat upon the chicken... Hmmm, Schrodinger's Cat eats Strange Woman's Chicken, it's got awesome written all over it!

  • Jul Wed, 2010 @ 11:29am

    Re: idea

    Actually I think the ISP levy has been brought up before by a few groups. I think provided they didn't throttle my traffic based on my willingness to pay for it, and provided that my speed stayed the same I'd seriously consider an $X/month plan on top of my current plan. Within reason of course.

  • May Tue, 2010 @ 01:44pm

    Oh just you wait...

    And someday, you won't even be able to play through STORY MODE more than once without paying extra. Because they'll figure out that some gamers lend games among friends! You beat the boss? Congratulations! Now Pony up another $50 to play it again!

  • Mar Wed, 2010 @ 11:34am

    Re: Indie Sunday!

    This I could dig on a lot!

    I listen to the radio usually for at least an hour or two everyday, and I regularly pull a song every couple weeks or so that I really like (Ex: Last week I heard Hey Soul Sister by Train and as soon as I got home bought it on iTunes) radio is the only way I hear new songs because I'm not really interested in going out and buying CD's at random.

    And any major college area has a significant underground scene because of all the crazy music students and general crazies playing music just drooling over the potential for radio coverage!

    It'd be nice to see the major labels realize just how important the consumers are, and really think about how we learn about new music.

    I always feel like if those of us who are actually passionate about these subjects were in charge of making the rules we'd be more fair and effective at it.

  • Dec Tue, 2009 @ 05:41am


    Actually it's like saying you bought a playboy or penthouse, and flipping through it saw someone slipped a picture of a nude child in, so you go ahead and shred the whole magazine and then the FBI raids your shredder basket puts everything back together and THEN you get sent to prison... Joy of joys glad to know my kids are being protected from these crazy internet porn watchers!

  • Feb Fri, 2009 @ 09:11am

    Haven't we heard this before?

    About TV? And Cellphones? And the like? I mean really...