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  • May 13th, 2021 @ 7:02am


    Yeah, it says that on their website since last year, except, it doesn't work. If you actually try to sign up, it said and still says "this service has been discontinued"
    Their website is atrocious, circular and disjointed, but if you manage to win the maze, you lose. I tried to use it at end of last year, no dice, and again earlier this year, still nothing, and recently, nope.
    Another cool thing is that they used to let you connect to any of the xfinity guest hotspots if you paid 45 a month, or 5$ a day or so, even by the hour, but they stopped doing that also at some point this year, so they recommend you to get the comcast prepaid router, which I ended up being forced to get. I got that and it didn't work, so they sent a tech quite promptly to the house and ran a new line, which surprised me greatly.
    I submitted a complaint to the FCC about the false advertising for hotspot connectivity and received a call from Comcast executive offices to discuss the issue, but I missed it. Oh well...

  • Apr 17th, 2021 @ 4:21am

    content screener

    All right, I GUESS I'll help out here to screen and approve content, don't twist my arm please, I said I'll help already! Finally, a job to be proud of

  • Apr 16th, 2021 @ 5:56am

    swearing as a fucking god given right

    Ricky: Look, I can't speak without swearing, and I've only got my grade 10, and I haven't had a cigarette since I've been arrested, I'm ready to fuckin' snap. So I'd like to make a request under the people's freedom of choices and voices act that I be able to smoke and swear in your courtroom. Because if I can't smoke and swear, I'm fucked. And so are all these guys. I won't be able to properly express myself at a court level, and that's bullshit. It's not fair and if you ask me, I think it's a fuckin' miss draw.
    Prosecutor: This man can't represent anyone! Your Honor! He's a complete and total idiot!
    Judge: Now although I am opposed to that kind of language in my courtroom, I'm going to allow it, as unfortunately it is part of your right to a fair trial. So you may proceed, but please, I want to remind you that this is not a carnival. Richard, you have permission to smoke and swear.
    Ricky: Thank you. I just gotta get some cigarettes, actually.
    [Ricky walks over to the prosecutor's desk and snaps his fingers]
    Ricky: Let's go, smokes!
    Prosecutor: But I only got 2 left!
    Ricky: I don't care. You've been a dick all morning. It's the least you can do for me!
    Prosecutor: Oh, for the love of God.
    [Several members of the prosecution start to light cigarettes]
    Judge: Just the defendant, please.
    Ricky: My first order of business is to tell the prosecutor to shut the fuck up and wipe that stupid fuckin' grin off his face because it's distraculating my case. Next I want to announce that Lahey and Randy have been drinkin' all fuckin' day, they're wasted out of their fuckin' minds and they're both assholes. And the testimony they gave was total fuckin' bullshit. I can prove it and show you what really fuckin' happened here.

  • Mar 19th, 2021 @ 5:54pm

    Re: All of these attempts to overturn Section 230...

    Nice. Next up, someone writes a bot/website that accepts pasted links, and sends a takedown request for a small fee! Perhaps it could be totally automated, and simply crawl the entire net and sending notices every second?

  • Mar 17th, 2021 @ 1:30pm

    section 230 aka section 420

    Honestly, at this point I think the only way for people to get the point of 230's current benefits, is to just repeal it. Do it and see what happens. These morons won't understand until it directly affects them, or until they get 50,000 letters/phone calls from PISSED constituents. In short, repeal section 230 now! and have it spectacularly backdraft explode in their idiotic faces.
  • Mar 10th, 2021 @ 10:38am


    Any reasonable and prudent person's response:

    "Fuck the police!"

  • Mar 9th, 2021 @ 9:44am

    Re: uh oh

    Unfortunately, I patented that process, "Method of meta-copyright, an art for disingenuous syntactical technologies and processes" patent no. 31415942069

    You'll be hearing from my legal team shortly.

  • Mar 8th, 2021 @ 4:45pm


    USA #1!!!!!!11

    To be honest though, it is not hard AT ALL to believe this.
    Fucking thugs, cops are disgusting. I guarantee this 'policy' is spread nationwide too in some form.


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