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  • Feb 16th, 2012 @ 9:55am


    So you say "without proof of who is actually uploading" and then go on to suggest that it can be assumed that the company itself is involved. Well, that's the thing about law is that you can't just go assuming without proof or the whole thing falls apart.

    I mean, I'm assuming you are responsible. I can't find proof that you aren't so I am going to assume you are and take legal action accordingly.
  • Apr 1st, 2010 @ 3:58am

    thank Iommi for that!

    I wrote to my MP several tımes and he ıs not pleased wıth the bıll either. he ıs pushıng for ıt to be debated before beıng passed. the irony ıs that pıracy wıll stıll happen even ıf thıs bıll is passed. the hubrıs of the entertaınment ındustry ıs matched only by theır stupıdıty and short sıghtedness, both of whıch are colossal!

    apologıes for the funny letters, ı am usıng a turkısh keyboard ;D
  • Feb 17th, 2010 @ 11:45am

    Re: Re: again?

    be my guest ^_^
  • Feb 17th, 2010 @ 7:50am

    Re: Re: Re: Ignorance is truly bliss

    what so you mean like the boycotts that are already happening? you mean like the boycott that is "fuck paying, lets download it instead?"

    the big media have already proven that they will invent statistics to prove that piracy is crippling them. they will just say that their lost sales are due to "piracy" even if it is a boycott. to think otherwise is to blindly ignore their past and current behaviour

    what happens when the media talks a lot about it, is people start seeing the rhetoric for what it is and the everyman ends up with a vested interest. now politicians are thinking "hmmmm.... my voters arent going to be happy about this" rather than "hmmm... my voters wont find out about this until im on my way to the bank"

    this is a war of attrition. it is the big media vs every man, woman, child and political organisation and i think i know who has more resources.
  • Feb 17th, 2010 @ 5:54am


    i dont even know why you bother posting about this stuff, mike. apart from the nauseating precedent set by this legal battle (although i expect it only applies in specific scenarios of infringement via the internet), i expected just as much from the entertainment industry.

    ironically enough, the only 'entertainment' these companies provide is watching them crash and burn!
  • Feb 17th, 2010 @ 2:35am

    im one of the 4%

    I work in a large corporate IT department in the UK servicing a good 20 buildings and almost 8000 users. i know why a lot of people hate the job and i will list why:

    1. often enough, poorly executed decisions from higher up make a huge mess for us at the customer service level. we have had a poorly implemented media encryption system that doesnt work properly and actually thwarts us when we are working, but offers no real security (as any drive over 100GB is automatically allowed with full access). this frustrates our helpdesk team who basically have to tell users that "yes im sorry it doesnt work but no we cant take it off"

    2. bullshit targets. we get lots of bullshit targets such as security based ones which, although a good idea, fail to stop the myriad viruses we get because we still use IE6 (goddamn legacy web based databases). this ambivalence leaves us all feeling like we arent working in the real world but in some insane manager's hallucination!

    3. shitty tools and licencing lockins: we can only use 1 antivirus tool (and it isnt very good) due to licencing. this means that if the antivirus program says the machine is clean when it isnt, we basically have to reformat the machine (we arent allowed to 'waste time' manually busting the virus) which takes a lot longer as we must migrate the data etc. we could fire up another tool but no: licencing issues (promote the progress my ass). if the auditors come and we have unlicenced tools, we could be bankrupted even though as a company we provide extremely important local services (the right for someone to make money trumps all of that).

    4. end users are f*cking stupid and we are literally expected to hold their hand as they cannot type their own son's name correctly (and it is their password... DOH!). they dont take responsibility for their own mistakes and everyone thinks they are a DIY networking genius and ends up screwing around with the cabling. this creates an "us vs them" mentality within the customer-facing teams which doesnt help lower anyone's blood pressure.

    5. we are undervalued as a service. when IT works, nobody notices and when stuff goes wrong it is just proof that "we dont know what we are doing". this is sort-of correct as well, as we dont get any training (even the trainees!) official or otherwise. i can turn up 2 hours after we were called by a user (even though our Service Level Agreement is up to 5 days) and they will still chew me out over how little work they have been able to do. we get a lot of good, friendly users as well but they are sadly the minority

    6. I.T.I.L is the biggest waste of time i could possibly imagine. great idea, very inflexible and treats IT as one giant entity rather than allowing seperate groups to self-direct a bit more. good ideas end up getting lost amongst the immense amounts of statistics that management has to look over every day just to be able to tell if everthing works ok or not!

    i love the job, all of these pointless obstacles make the challenge require more creativity. however, a lot of my colleagues who have been here for a lot longer have become very jaded and cynical about how things work here. i dont think they have any faith left in the IT world! i relish the challenge but after only 2 years i feel i am stagnating and the opportunities to learn and create new solutions to problems are running out fast!
  • Feb 16th, 2010 @ 7:42am

    im getting bored

    i have a great image in my mind of a big media building saying "closed due to bankruptcy" and a very posh, very new looking building next door owned by the big media's legal teams. it is clear to me that the big media is being misled. the lawyers are basically parasitizing their money away in legal fees. all that money that was spent to sue Jammie Thomas isnt going to be recovered because she doesnt have the money to pay it. this means that although they won in principle (albeit on a technicality) they havent actually won. and so we wait for the inevitable crumbling of the big media. also, as mike would say: "how is any of this going to make people buy CDs?" PS. this is my first post but i have been reading for years. damn good site you have here. :)

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