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  • Palm Finally Realizes It Needs To Help, Not Hinder Developers

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 06 Oct, 2009 @ 07:06pm

    Re: Man...

    Spot the sad, pathetic Cupertino Kool-Aid drinker in this thread. (Hint: He's the guy who has his identity wrapped up in a hunk of gadgetry that has a 30% dropped call rate considered normal and the worst carrier with the highest monthly charges.)

    When's multi-tasking coming to your toy phone, Bub? Tonight, I was running errands while using my FREE GPS navigation for directions, checking my emails at traffic lights, checking Facebook in a web browser, and (oh yeah) receiving phone calls...ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!

    Silly iPhone rabbit...Pre is for grownups!

  • Why Sprint Should Be Giving Away The Palm Pre For Free

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 27 Aug, 2009 @ 10:08pm

    Re: And what if the problem is you're an iPhone fanboy?

    Your post is nothing but blind Apple cultist fanboy talking points combined with a healthy dose of ignorance.

    "Plastic blob"? More like "sensuous pebble" instead of hard bar. It's smaller in the pocket; feels better in the hand; and when opened, it has a slight curve that fits the hand and face better.

    But because Lord Jobs didn't give it to you, you don't think you need it. Lord Jobs knows all.

    Doesn't generate excitement? I had someone who'd just bought an iPhone a few weeks before get a case of buyer's remorse when I showed him the multitasking, THE killer app of the Pre over the iPhone.

    As I bounce from email to multiple web windows to SprintNav while streaming Pandora via Bluetooth to my car's Sync system and, oh yeah, make phone calls, I wonder how the iPhone users get along with Apple's gimped one-at-a-time setup. (And no, running the iPod in the background doesn't count!)

    But because Lord Jobs didn't give it to you, you don't think you need it. Lord Jobs knows all.

    How's that $10/mo. GPS nav service working for you? Sprint users get that free. Are you able to send MMS yet? Nope, cuz AT&T's collapsing network can't handle it.

    You see, the facts are plain: it's Apple that's falling behind in innovation. If Lord Jobs ever deigns to let his herd have multitasking, that would make Apple the me-too company, wouldn't it?

    Apple's got a two year head start and plenty of status-over-usefulness sheeple willing to ante up to hop the hype train. But the Pre doesn't have to "kill" the iPhone - it just has to serve the needs of those more discriminating users than the iPhone typically attracts.

  • Why Sprint Should Be Giving Away The Palm Pre For Free

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 27 Aug, 2009 @ 05:40pm

    Re: Small Correction

    You beat me to this crucial point; one that Sprint cleverly points out in their "Dunkin Donuts in space" ad. The reason I never entertained getting an iPhone - in addition to knowing AT&T blew goats - was the cost of the service, which I figured to be ~$140/mo. Unless the phone could summon a life-sized Cortana to give me lap dances, I wasn't gonna pay that much.

    Because of my work discount, I'm paying ~$67/mo. for my Pre with the Everything Data 450 plan and insurance and taxes. With evenings starting at 7 pm and mobile-to-mobile calls unlimited and just about everyone I know on cells, I wish I could cut back to a 300-minute plan for even less.

    It never ceases to amaze me how much slack Apple gets cut by people who hold their competitors to an unfairly higher standard. "Palm should've foregone months of sales until they could get their App Store and SDK up to full speed. It was OK that Apple didn't have an App Store for a full year because, well, they're Apple and Apple is just the ginchiest!!! [swoon]"

  • Time For IT Guys To Unshackle Corporate Computers

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 27 Aug, 2009 @ 08:12am

    The Attack of Nat Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy

    I can tell by the unrealistic sneering tones of most of these posts that a lot of the supposed "IT professionals" spouting off have probably not working in an environment much larger than a LAN party. Nerd arrogance is so silly.

    In the REAL Big Corporate World - like Fortune 5 - trying to manage tens of thousands of users who operate in disparate spheres (i.e. the needs engineers are not those of marketing or financial people) and their machines is a constant pooch screw. That some applications from suppliers like PeopleSoft are coded to run in IE6 thus preventing upgrades to something more usable and secure and leaving open XSS and SQL attack vectors (don't get me started on McAfee AV!) doesn't help. That GPO doesn't prevent all software installations (hello, Google Earth) while locking people out of defragging their drives is fun.

    Also, the nerd snobs forget that the users aren't there to be PC experts, they're there to do their work! The PC is just the tool they're handed to do their jobs. Is a carpenter supposed to know how the windings of their circular saw's motor were spun? Does a taxi driver have to know how the meter is integrated with the odometer? No to both; they just need to know how to cut wood and drive safely. The d-bags sneering upthread seem to think unless that cabbie changed the oil before his shift, he is just lazy and stupid. Get over yourselves!

  • Moldover Gives People A Reason To Buy His CD By Turning The Case Into An Instrument

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 21 Aug, 2009 @ 12:08pm

    What are you people? 12-year-olds?!?

    Reading the comments, it's not surprising that that in everyone's herdthink of "Who buys music? Who wants a piece of plastic?" no one has considered that CDs SOUND BETTER!!!

    I was reading in the new Wired last night - printed on dead tree product! SUCK IT!!! - about the "MP3 Effect" and how "good enough" quality was becoming preferred. They mentioned an experiment that incoming college students who were played music from various sources and nowadays, these kids preferred the distorted lossy sound of MP3s because they think that's how music is supposed to sound.

    I've always found it ironic that as digital recording has gone into 192KHz territory (e.g. ProTools HD), the final product delivery method may be a compressed audio format with no dynamics and everything abouve 16KHz lopped off. Yeesh. May as well record into a boom box if that's how it's going to end up.

    Hate to sound like a grumpy old man, but you kids with your sneering arrogance about music delivery methods are ignorant punks.

  • Apple Does As Many Expected: Kills Palm Pre iTunes Syncing

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 15 Jul, 2009 @ 11:23pm

    Smell that? That's rotting Apples!

    The fearful behavior of Apple betrays their knowledge that they've peaked and their lazy, arrogant business model of overpriced and underpowered hardware, limited software, and iron-fisted control of whatever they can clutch onto can't last forever. Sure, fanboys and the stupid - the primary customers for Apple - will still purchase their shallow image-first stuff for the time being, but with no new ideas in the works and crippling hubris all around, the end will come eventually, as much as the House of Jobs wishes otherwise.

  • Why The Newspaper Paywall Will Fail

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 08 Jul, 2009 @ 08:15am

    Why Pay For Propaganda?

    With the Treason Media's (as I call them) obscene cheerleading for the Obama Regime manifesting itself in blind stenography of whatever Dear Leader says no matter how false; the fundamental incuriousity about Dear Leader's college years, associations with crooks (e.g. Tony Rezko, Rod Blagovich) and terrorists (e.g. William Ayers, Bernadine Dornan), illegal fundraising; hypocrisy and bias in coverage (e.g. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were instrumental in pushing our economy into the abyss while reaping sweetheart deals from cronies they supposedly regulate, but, hey, that Republican is having an affair!); and brokering access between Administration honchos and fat cats, that they expect the people to pay to be lied to while they shill for the powerful elites whom they fellow travel with is to laugh.

    These latter day Walter Durantys proclaim themselves to be objective reporters of what happens at the circus when they're f***ing the elephants (and donkeys.) Ever notice how many "reporters" are married to government power players, like Andrea Mitchell and Alan Greenspan for two? When they are literally in bed with the other side, what hope do the serfs, er, people have of knowing WTF is actually happening? Fascism - REAL fascism, not the stuff the statist wingnuts were accusing Dubya of doing - is being imposed on America and the watchdogs are lapdogs because they endorse this upending of our culture in favor of something more Soviet in style.

    It's ironic that as a commenter on a blog I'm expected to provide links to my citations while the Treason Media presents their product as the Truth to be accepted on faith, no proof required. They say something is so and it is so! How dare anyone question the High Priests of the Temple?!?

  • How Difficult Is It To Post A Bill On The White House Website For Five Days?

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 24 Jun, 2009 @ 07:21am

    • Obama promised to not have lobbyists in his Administration and then packed it with lobbyists and (when they could sneak through) tax cheats.

    • Obama promised openness and transparency and not refuses to release information on his meetings, doing exactly what he excoriated Dubya for doing.

    • He ran against the tactics of the War on Terror and then kept and expanded the use of the same tools, like the Patriot Act. The same people who shrieked about Dubya "spying on Americans" have fallen silent proving it was never about "spying", but them not having the power themselves.

    • Obama TALKS about how we can't spend money we don't have and then jams thru wasteful and useless spending which will double the debt in 5 years and triple it in 10 years - and this isn't counting the disaster that socialized medicine and carbon taxing will wreak.

    • When Dubya had 5% unemployment and $400 billion deficits, he was bashed for "jobless recovery" and running up the debt. Obambi is looking at 10% unemployment and $1.6 TRILLION deficits and the media and his sheeple followers are praising His Holy Barackness' "creating and saving" jobs.

    • He and his flunkies have insulted our allies, like the UK and Canada (wrongly saying the latter let the 9/11 hijackers in) while coddling tyrants and thugs like Iran and Venezuela and is praised for "restoring America's status in the world."

    • Claims he doesn't want to run banks and auto companies and then throws away bankruptcy laws in order to nationalize industries, pay off his fat cat friends and reward union constituents. Future capitalists will have to calculate whether they can do business in a country where a self-anointed Emperor can seize private businesses while demagoging investors as evil people unworthy of protection; they will obviously decide that somewhere else is where they'll create jobs and wealth.

      It goes on and on and on and anyone who wasn't guzzling the hopey-changey Kool-Aid last year saw this coming and has been horrified as it's been even worse than expected in only 5 months. But what's most distressing is that the day after Obama started to walk back his signature lie, er, promise that people would be able to keep their private insurance after he seizes that 1/5 of the economy, what really chaps Tech Dirt's ass is this trivial lie that he'd allow his subjects to have a peek at what he and the Dems have committed to imposing upon them. It's like watching a genocidal dictator killing millions of his people and pointing and shrieking, "Did you see that?!? HE DIDN'T WASH HIS HANDS AFTER USING THE BATHROOM!!!!"

      Obama has a RDF that makes Steve Jobs look like a piker. I actually had a discussion last night with someone who genuinely believed - here is her exact quote verbatim - "PRIVATE INSURANCE REFUSES TO PAY FOR TREATMENT ALL THE TIME! And people have died because of their COST based decisions. The gov't will not be involved in the decision making - only the health providers." This on the same day Dear Leader restricted cigarettes because He knows what's best for us and our health, adult choice be damned.

      It's like listening to a child explain how Santa Claus will bring them a pony except these are supposedly intelligent adults. They whine about how Evil Big Business has corrupted our noble civil servants and rail about the inefficiencies of the Post Office and DMV, but magically believe that health care will be free of all the flaws that they themselves ascribed to government and business before. It's madness.

  • iPhone Owners Discover, Lo and Behold, It's Just Another Cell Phone

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 10 Jun, 2009 @ 08:11pm

    I got the Palm Pre yesterday and it's really cool even though it still needs some polish and hella more apps. (It's been out 5 days, so iFanboys can get stuffed.) Biggest problem: It snarfs the battery like Kobiyashi eats Nathan's.

    Anyone saying that multitasking on a smartphone isn't necessary hasn't rocked a Pre. It's like having a tiny computer that makes phone calls, too. Streaming Pandora, using Sprint Navigation, checking your incoming email alerts at the light, leaving a web page up you were reading before, etc.

    It's snazzy and the service is dirt cheap: $70/mo. for unlimited data and mobile-to-mobile plus 450 mins. talk. (And I get a big work discount cutting it down to $54.) Since nights start at 7 pm and most of my friends are on cells, I'll never run out. I would've gotten an iPhone if AT&T didn't want ~$130/mo. and such manure service.

  • Video Game Companies Still Bitching About Used Game Sales

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 10 Jun, 2009 @ 03:00pm

    As avid a PC gamer I am, I find that console games have become a far better value proposition because you can buy them used at a huge discount and then turn around and sell them when you're done with them. PC games are "you bought it, it's yours...FOREVER!!!" deal and it's no deal at all.

    What I don't understand is why Steam doesn't permit resale of content through their system since it's just a matter of transferring OptimusPrime69's license key to "Bald Space Marine Movie Tie-In Game May 2007" to TehReelNeyo. They could even offer a PayPal-type payment setup where they take a cut of whatever it sells for. Gamers aren't stuck with old games; people get deals; Steam gets a taste; everyone wins and is happy.

    Which is exactly why it'll never happen.

  • That Blurry Line Between Commercial & Non-Commercial Use Still Troubling For Creative Commons

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 04 Jun, 2009 @ 08:05am

    I use a CC license on my Flickr photos allowing redistribution with attribution (my photos are watermarked at the bottom to make it automatically compliant), but no commercial use. I mostly shoot live bands and this allows them to use my photos on their web sites (helping them with good images and me by getting my name around), but if they want to use my work for CD art/merch, then they'll have to compensate me. Since most are poor, starving artists, it may be as little as a t-shirt and a pizza, but that's my option. (It's like what Steve Albini does, soaking major labels and cutting deals for indies.)

  • Dear Palm: The Last Thing You Want To Do Right Now Is Screw Over App Developers

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 22 May, 2009 @ 09:12pm


    INT -- PALM HQ - DAY

    The boss of Palm is talking on his speakerphone.

    PALM BOSS: OK, guys, I think we can really help each other. I'm emailing you the NDA right now. Sign and fax those back and we're in business.


    Dan and Gio look at each other and silently mouth excitement and mime giving each other high fives. Gio starts doing the Snoopy dance.

    DAN: Thank you very much. You won't be disappointed. We be, I mean, ARE professionals.


    PALM BOSS: I'm glad to hear that. The Pre is, as you can understand, very important to the future of Palm...

    In Dan's Mom's basement, Gio pulls a Blackberry out of his pocket and starts to peck away at the keys.

    PALM BOSS (CONT): ...and we want to keep a lid on some of what we're doing so that Apple doesn't...doesn't...

    His voice trails off as he stares with disbelief at his computer monitor.


    A web browser is opened to Twitter and the top post on the feed reads:

    GioDawg469 - ZOMG! i haz a TOP SECRET meating @ Palm. shhhh!!! iz sekret. lulz!!!

    The Palm Boss covers his face with his hand for a moment before speaking.

    PALM BOSS: Um...guys?

    DAN: Yes?

    PALM BOSS: Did Gio just tweet about this meeting.

    Dan looks panic-stricken. Gio has his back to him as he badly cycles through dances like the Running Man and the Cabbage Patch.

    DAN: Uh, I didn't. No. Why?

    PALM BOSS: Do you two know what NDA stands for?

    GIO (whispers to Dan): It's how Short Round cheers for Indy.

    Dan lashes out, punching Gio in the ear. Gio collapses to the floor in a heap and a dark, wet spot begins to grow on the front of his pants.

    DAN: Is there a problem?



    I know some people want to bag on Palm for not, well, not being Apple, but if someone doesn't act as the grownup, then boneheads like Gio are going to screw things up in the long run. This is Big Business, not Romper Room. Apple stomps all over their devs, but the Kool-Aid keeps people placated and they focus their anger at Palm instead.

  • EA Sued Repeatedly Over DRM

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 10 Nov, 2008 @ 08:15am

    Fallout 3 Is DRM Free!

    No activations, no limits, just a basic disk check (which can be cracked out for those wishing to store the game disc.) Good for Bethesda! I hope they sell a zillion copies. The Witcher EE was the same. I didn't even know you could register the thing for a couple of weeks since I'd simply installed and started playing on an offline laptop.

    I once downloaded the Quake 3 Team Arena pack to check it out and seeing that it was decent, went and bought a copy to enter the CD key to play online, which is what Q3 was all about. This is probably an exception to the SOP from people who claim to just pirate to "check it out", but screw them.

  • Old School Comedians Complain About The Internet

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 07 Nov, 2008 @ 07:07am

    Re: Potential Downside?

    Do we have to? XD

    (Actually, he was the example I was surprised the article didn't mention. I had no idea who Andy Samberg was before he was on SNL.)

  • How To Do Advertising On YouTube: Make It Awesome

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 02 Oct, 2008 @ 11:14am

    No joy here. I'm only seeing a big white empty page in Firefox 3 with AdBlock Pro on or off. No Flash or video windows or nothing. [sad panda]

  • NAB Trying To Cut Off Pandora's Air Supply

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 27 Sep, 2008 @ 01:23pm

    I wonder how many people whining about "lobbyists buying government" are hungry for the socialized medical system that "universal health care" would institute? Do they realize that the same shens that happen here (and everywhere) would happen with health care? (Probably not. I've never noticed much intellectual rigor on the left side of the political spectrum. CHANGE! HOPE! Yeah, that's deep.)

    The problem isn't that lobbyists are buying the whorish politicians, but that the government has the power and control authority in the first place that makes the purchase of these whores necessary in the first place. Because nothing gets down without Uncle Sam's say-so, pols have turned their offices into Mafia-like protection racket shakedown shops. "Youse wants some protections from doze Interwebs peoples? Drop off a sack of unmarked non-sequential bills and we'll, you know, takes care of doze guys for ya."

    If the government didn't control so much of our lives, then lobbyists wouldn't be able to buy advantage and pols wouldn't be able to sell it to keep their worthless asses in office. You want corruption and money out of government, strip it of its abusive powers! Otherwise, STFU and enjoy your serfdom.

  • Is Firefox Missing The Point In Its Response To Google Chrome?

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 16 Sep, 2008 @ 07:52am

    FTA: "He suggests new communication and collaboration features that only work if you have Firefox.

    When M$ "embraced and extended" the HTML standards with proprietary folderol that only worked in IE, they were rightfully called out for their behavior. Now we have people seriously suggesting that what Firefox needs to do is add proprietary folderol?!?!? WTF is that about?!?

  • Heart Demanding McCain Campaign Stop Using Its Song

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 05 Sep, 2008 @ 10:20am

    Spot the angry liberal...

    Liberals like you are so up your own arseholes spitting crap like "republitards" that you don't realize how ignorant you sound.

    FACT: Sarah Palin's nickname in high school was "Sarah Barracuda".

    FACT: Palin is such a big Van Halen fan that her youngest son is named Trig Van Palin. (Get it, idiot? Van Palin rhymes with Van Halen.) That's why they played "Right Now" at her announcement rally.

    FACT: You have no idea what you're talking about and you're so politically bigoted that you're embarrassing yourself.

    As for Heart's whining and crying, GET OVER YOURSELVES!!! Do you think Chrissie Hynde is happy that Rush Limbaugh uses "My City Was Gone" as his theme song, but obviously she can't stop it - just as Heart has no legal leg to stand on - and I'm pretty sure she's cashing the royalty checks that come from 15 performances a week on over 600 radio stations.

  • Universal Says It Can Ignore Fair Use In DMCA Takedowns

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 21 Jul, 2008 @ 07:32am

    I just posted a video of film reviews on YouTube using clips from a pair of Universal movies - Wanted and Hellboy 2 - culled from the trailers they had available at Apple? Under the insane strictures of today's extremist copyright jihadism, the video could be yanked because I used perhaps 30 seconds of their advertising materials in a fair use context?!? I don't diss them or even use the audio, but to these nutcases, it won't matter?

    Excessive and punitive punishments like this only breed deeper contempt for laws, not more respect.

  • Has Broadband Growth Stalled In The US?

    Dirk Belligerent ( profile ), 03 Jul, 2008 @ 11:29am

    Recipe for failure

    Compared to other countries, the U.S. ISPs seem hellbent on offering the slowest, most-restricted and most-expensive service possible at a time when the economic slowdown and spiraling prices for food and energy (thanks Reid and Pelosi!) are making discretionary spending tough.

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