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  • Jun Tue, 2018 @ 10:02am

    Re: Re: Re: LMFTFY

    You might want to learn correct spellings first.

  • Mar Thu, 2018 @ 01:13pm


    I reside in Amodei's district in Northern Nevada, so I believe I have a right and duty to comment on these two incidents.

    Noah Christensen was not in school, nor participating in a school or classroom activity at the time of his call to Amodei's office. He was participating in the student protest, but it was not a school activity.

    So if Amodei's staffer was so offended, why did he call the school? Simple, the staffer was hoping and expecting to get Noah in trouble and punished.

    A. The staffer should have contacted Noah's parents, if he felt the act was so heinous.

    B. The school should have done NOTHING. Noah was not involved in a school sanctioned activity, was not representing the school, nor was he directly involving the school as any kind of supporter of his views at the time he expressed them, colorful language or not.

    On the basis that one of Amodei's employees complaint to the school caused the ruckus that is now international news, yes Amodei is indeed responsible and accountable. His employee mishandled the incident while representing Amodei.

    As for Amodei's potty mouth - not surprised -
    Having met him, I consider him an ass and a slime ball who is more interested in what his congressional position will do for him personally than in representing his constituents.

  • Aug Fri, 2017 @ 01:17pm

    Re: Re: LLC = Limited Libertarian Culture.

    You keep referring the the NFL as a business. They have 501(c)(3) status: that means they are classified as a not for profit entity and do not pay income taxes on all of their bottom line.

    They are freaking scam artists.

  • Mar Thu, 2016 @ 12:23pm

    Removing encryption from Fire OS

    Thanks for the assist, Amazon. You helped me decide to not purchase/own one of your devices running Fire O/S.

  • Feb Thu, 2016 @ 12:16pm

    Privacy not an Issue? Really?

    Obviously that Guardian reporter is not a student of history. The adage that "I am not doing anything wrong, so I have nothing to hide" is idiotic sophistry.

    There are always concerns that what you do now may be perfectly legal and acceptable, currently. BUT what about the future? What if some politicos pass legislation in the future, that outlaws some behavior you have taken for granted for years and years.

    And if you do not care about privacy, please share all your passwords including everything that relates to your finances, credit, sexual activities etc. etc. etc.

  • Feb Tue, 2016 @ 04:29pm

    HULU losing current episodes

    We cut the cord almost 3 years ago. Yes there are shows we would enjoy but miss and others we still enjoy via HULU, Netflix or Amazon.

    However, if HULU removes the current season of shows, We will drop it immediately. We can always read another book, play music, go camping and drink with friends to mention just a few things we already do with our leisure time.

    TV shows do not define our lifestyle, but sometimes they may enhance it. When a big megacorp is more interested in its ROI than servicing customers, we can help prove we have power too and just tell them to fuck off!. We do not NEED what they are selling.

  • Oct Mon, 2015 @ 03:20pm

    ebooks and ereaders

    I have been a fan of ebooks and ereaders since the early days of Palm devices and a wonderful website that was eventually swallowed, called PeanutPress. I prefer ePub format now because of its free and open format, but used Mobi before Amazon decied it absolutely must have it and make it proprietary.

    And I do still read paper books.

    But my wife and I like to travel and carrying 3 dozen ebooks on an ereader is a heck of a lot easier than an additional 30 pounds of paper, Sideloading is no problem - we both know how - it's not hard.

    We both also hate DRM and avoid it whenever possible. WE do NOT own Kindles and I doubt we ever will. For the moment our Nooks with Glow Lights are lovely - they may be replaced by Kobos later.

    I like the use of on the fly dictionaries, highlighting and notes, though I wish there were an easy way to export all of the same in a file - would really ease the job of an editor.

  • Jun Tue, 2015 @ 04:10pm

    TPP & TAA

    How quaint but appropriate, the topic involves T & A. However, the actual items in congress are not good things for the US, no matter what POTUS and certain repubs say. It signs away the sovereignty of our country and suborns our constitution to corporate interests and their constant greed for power and profit. Humanity and citizens rights have no significant value under that system. I hope and pray they never pass.

  • Mar Mon, 2015 @ 12:18pm

    Re: What's missing

    Another item not being correctly analysed here is that fact that most of us have already been paying for internet access BEFORE we cut the cord! So obviously we are not correctly doing a cost comparison. My internet bill is not a replacement cost for satellite or cable. I was already paying it.

    My Satellite bill had finally hit $100/month. When I called asking for a better rate - all they could talk about is reducing my service.

    With respe3ct to Amazon Prime, I already had that service because my wife and I buy a lot through Amazon. Based on our purchases in 2013, we predicted it would be either a break even or an annual savings of $20-$50. The Amazon streaming then becomes a no cost bonus.

    I triied Hulu Plus and killed it a month after my freebie was up. Does not add enough value to justify the cost.

    We already had Netflix streaming so that also was not an add-on cost.

    What did become an add-on cost of great value to us was Acorn TV on our ROKU Box. For $4.99 we get tons of British Isles, Canadian and Australian programming we did not have before.

    I did spend $250 for a Channel Master DVR+, so let's say amortized over 3 years that costs me $ 7/ month to have an OTA DVR that works similar to a TIVO, but I am not paying them anything extra each month for a programming guide.

    So before cutting the cord I was paying $ 100 for Satellite, $ 8 for Netflix and $60 for broadband. Tot $168

    Now we we still pay $68 for Netflix and Internet, + $5 for Acorn TV and $6 for the amortized cost of our DVR+. Now our cost is $ 79.

    A savings of $ 89 / month. As I said, we had Amazon Prime before the cust but did not get it for streaming.

  • Feb Fri, 2015 @ 12:40pm

    Re: Re:

    Government? Good point, the government is not working, or at least not for its constituents....