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  • May 3rd, 2021 @ 1:50pm

    community broadband

    here in Longmont, CO, after jumping through the hoops to approve community broadband and the bonds necessary to build it, there was an 80% pick-up as the fiber came through the neighborhoods. Comcast dropped their prices, even after the 'special' pricing expired and raised their speeds.Century Link finally started to get rid of their ancient DSL and lay some fiber. I am quite content with my 'taxpayer, socialist boondoggle' as my up time is probably 5 nines, i have 1 Gbps symmetric speeds up and down, no deep packet inspection or data 'caps' and no user targeted advertising, all for 49.95 per month inclusive!

  • May 22nd, 2020 @ 10:40am

    Community Broadband Success story

    after 3 elections thanks to 'captured' legislators, Longmont rolled out community broadband with 85+% uptake as the fiber rolled through our neighborhood. for $49.95 per month i get symmetric 1 Gbps service, great customer service, no 'unexplained' outages and no hidden fees. ironically after such a successful roll-out, Comcast lowered their 'advertised' price, boosted their default speed to 100 Mbps upstream, CenturyLink started to roll out cable to replace their dated and terrible DSL service. it was a win-win situation as now their is real competition in our broadband marketplace. if this was such a 'boondoggle' why are Comcast and CenturyLink even bothering to compete?


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